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I don't believe in fairy tales, it's a plain and simple fact about my life. In most cases it wouldn't be a big deal and in fact it would be normal, because reality proves fairytales don't exist. Except as luck would have it, in my life not believing in fairytales is something that is not possible. I come from a royal family that enrolls all of their children in this stupid school, in this school is where fairy tales are born and created then told across the lands. See in my family you are either the beautiful princess or the prince charming. It's hard to see how I am related to them because my sisters who already found their happy ever after and love their fairytale life. I have only sisters, being the only guy in the family it's hard, my sisters include; Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Belle. You must be wondering how can all of those princesses be in one family. Easy when you go through the Saint Heatfull's Academy for the gifted youth you go through many trials to graduate with your story growing every day. I am the last of the Bridgeman family to go through their time at the stupid Academy. My name is Nolan Von Bridgeman, I am fourteen years old and about to enter my own version of hell.

"Nolan get down here now! You're going to be late for the opening ceremony," yelled my mother as I frown and straighten the tie of my stiff uniform. It was plain khaki colored suit pants, to me that is an ugly color on pants, or in general for that matter. The top is a usual black blazer with white trim with the school crest on the right side of my chest, and to complete the horrid outfit a black and white striped tie.

"Mom. I am think I am sick with a deadly disease and I can't go to school." I said as I faked a cough as I dramatically went down stairs as I pleaded with my eyes to have me stay and go to a normal school.

"Haha, funny. Come on. I know you will be the a Prince charming class, like your father. You will bring us great fame just like your sisters." My mother scolded me as she pulled me by the ear to the carriage. "Sit straight," she ordered as I slumped down in anger. I see my father as he scanned me.

"Look at how you. Reminds me of my days at Saint Heartfull. I meet your mother my first year there." He said as he started to retell me the same story, and brag about him being the top of the Prince class. I ignore him as I look at the window. The academy is built to be a giant castle that is the main building where the classes and the dinning is. The dorm buildings are built to look like a little village. So you could see taverns, cottages, and some market store looking buildings. The whole campus surrounded by a large forest, that I bet is enchanted or something cheesy like that.

"Then your father ask me to marry him in his speech!" My mother cried out in gleam as my attention pulled back to the overly cheesy love story.

"Ah! That is so romantic" I said in a monotone voice showing my excitement for the topic.

"You won't be saying that for long young man. You will be a great prince and find that one princess that makes your heart whole" My father told me holding hands with my mother who smiled brightly. Ewe... That is just what I wanted to see old people love. We get out of the carriage other families are bringing their children here, all nobles that I met before because of my siblings. I look around bored out of my mind, 'It's so stupid here' I thought as I began walking the stone stairs leading up to the entrance opened up by servants.

'Find the truth'

I look around I swear I heard something talk to me, no one else noticed it so I ignored it, but got a gut feeling whatever that was wasn't good. The seating arrangement for the opening ceremonies slash welcome party, you sat with your family and the tables were arranged with the matching family crest. I sat down at my table, I look around I saw a boy sitting at a table all alone his table didn't have a crest only a name. Lyttelton, that is a fisherman's name, he isn't royalty. I looked at him, he had black hair and what looked to be gray eyes what was most different about him was his skin color it was dark not super dark like a light tan. All nobles had white skin to show how they didn't need to work. He looked up at me and our eyes met, he smiled and waved at me. I looked around and noticed disgusted looks, I smiled back and gave a small wave, not like I care what others think about me.

"Don't talk to him." My mother grabbed my hand I looked away to look at my mother surprised at her actions. "He is a commoner. Apparently one teacher saw some potential him and he is on a scholarship here. Disgraceful having a commoner near my son." She added as she sat down. I frown at her words the boy didn't seem so bad in fact he was very attractive compared to most normal people, being that nobility had the right to take all the beauty from everyone else. That is why being a noble sickens me, they think they are so much better than everyone else.

"Look it's the Andreassens," My father smiled as I saw their daughter Melody, we had been friends since birth. Our parents like to tease us about becoming lovers or some sort of couple in the near future. I thought of her as a sister, she was different like me. For one thing all her sisters are beautiful princesses, while she a delicate flower like them, she had a tough gene inside of her and that is why we were friends. Our parents greeted each other as I waved to Melody, she had cut her wavy auburn hair into a short choppy boy style. Her hazel eyes glittered as she walked up to me. I noticed something she was wearing pants under the girl's uniform.

"Hey. Pretty Boy." She said grinning as she gave me a hug.

"Nice hair cut. Rents must of hated it, by the way what are you wearing?" I asked motioned to the pants under the skirt.

"You bet. Almost got sent to the dungeon. The rules I had to wear a uniform, they didn't say I couldn't wear pants." She said smiling as she spun around. "Besides this skirt is too short, I would bend down and bam! My panties everywhere." She said lifting the skirt up dramatically.
"Your such a spaz" I smiled as I watched her play with the skirt as she noticed the glare she was receiving from her parents. "That is why your my friend!" We laugh and soon we are ushered to sit down at our respected tables. I see my sisters and their husband sitting at the table now, they apparently want to see what stupid class I am put in.

In Saint Heartfull's academy, there are three categories; Good, Evil, and Supporting. In the good categories you can pretty much guess at what is in that section. The list goes from the basic prince and princess, but also includes classes such as damsel in distress, knight, and princely knight. I will explain each class so you're not lost okay. The Prince class is for those who are good looking and are basically there for eye candy, so conceded A-holes. The princess class are for the good looking girls, they are the stuck up girls in the world. The Damsel in distress class for students, who are a hopeless romantic and don't really have any sort of independence, so the ditzy blondes. The Knight class are for males or any student that has physical strength and some sort of special charm, a jock. Then there is a Princely knight someone who has strength, but very good lucking, a stupid good looking jock pretty much.

Then we have the Evil category, most of these guys find their own evil happy ending so don't worry too much about their happiness. There is step sibling class, someone who gets jealous easily, pretty much a spoiled brat who always wants. Then we have conniving manipulator, the type of person who makes others do their bidding and convince. Then we have spoiled narcissus someone who thinks because they have beautiful looks they should get anything they want, and everyone should serve under them. Then we have our lovely Evil Queen/King someone who takes charge for power and wants to control everyone.

Lastly we have the Supporting class, without them our story would be so bland right as if these stereotypes aren't already. First off we have our henchmen, they are easily manipulated and have a sinister sense of humor. Then we have the godmother class, these people are willing to do anything to make the people who they hold dear happy. Then we have the best friend class, they aren't willing to take the spotlight, but willing to help their friends. Then we have the wise guardian, someone who mostly is a dreamer, who is very wise and smart prefers to be in the background.

Soon a woman in her late fifties walked into the room, she smiled as she nodded to each respected family. She had her salt and pepper hair in a loose bun with a few stay strains that cascaded down in slight waves. Her eyes an amethyst color eyes that sparkled with kindness and wisdom. She seemed important. I don't know why, but I feel that her eyes lie, I don't think her kindness is real.

"Welcome, new students. I am head mistress Caindra Abiliana, I am here to welcome each and everyone one of you our academy. Here at Saint Heartful's we believe that everyone here has a story to tell and will achieve greatness. " She smiled as everyone clapped during her pause, I clapped as well. "As you know, we have dorms here. We have many shops and fun things for students to do, so getting bored isn't a problem here. When you get your class assignments that will determine your dorm area. " She explained a man came out holding two purple stain dyed pillows, whatever was put on the pillows hidden by a silk sheet. placed both on two pillar in between a small throne. The man looked exactly like the head mistress. "This is my twin brother Abel Abiliana, he is in charge of all student affairs." She explained. Cain nodded as he uncovered a princess tiara and a male crown.

"There are three main gems on the crown. Purple for good, red for evil, and blue for supporting. There are smaller gems in that shade that will light up for your class." He explained in a surprisingly soft voice, he looked nicer than his sister. "I will call each name by alphabetical order." He got a scroll up and scanned the names, I look up at Melody, her last name is an A so I am excited to see what she will get, I soon space out. "Melody Andreassen." Abel called out, in a confident walk she sat down at throne. She closed her eyes the tiara was placed on her head. I watched as the purple gem first lit up, she is a good class as expected. Then the violet gem around it lit up. I hear gasps all around, what color is violet. "Knight Class?" Abel looked confused he took off the tiara and placed it again only for the same one to light up again.

"The first girl to be in the knight class Melody Andreassen. Congratulations," smiled Caindra as she clapped, everyone followed as others mumble as well. Melody smiled as she walked back to her seat,

"Look at that. Huh? I am special." She whispered in my ear as she smiled as she sat down. I smile at least she got a good class, since being a princess isn't her type at all.

"Margret Braye." Yelled Abel snapping my thoughts from my head a girl who came from a table full of villains that I recognized from my siblings yearbooks. She seemed different from her siblings. Instead of the red gem lighting up, the purple lit up and then the lilac gem lit up right after. "Damsel class." Her family could be heard gasping in shock. Margret seemed to be overjoyed as she jumped up and down. I started to fall asleep until I feel my one sister nudge me.

"My best friend's brothers up." She said smiling as she shook him even more, I swear this woman was going to give me some sort of brain damage.

"Elden Gehrig." He got up and he looked like a bookworm he wore glasses, but just looking at him, he seemed like someone like me who doesn't belong just like Melody and that Margret girl I feel that something is different about them. Soon the crown was placed on his head and the purple gem lit up. His family shocked at this. Then the lavender gem lit up and some people started to giggle.

"We have our first female knight and our first male Princess." Smiled Caindra as Elden blushed walking back to his chair in shame, poor kid. I thought I hope my choosing of classes aren't as drastic as those three. I am interested in seeing that commoner I don't know his name or remember it, but I want to know it maybe he will understand me.

"Astor Lyttelton" Abel yelled, He stood up his gray eyes sparkled with determination, he walked up ignoring the mummers of how he will most likely get a supporting class or even evil. I hope not, I want him to prove those pompous jerks who is who. The purple gem lit up, and then an indigo gem after it.

"I knew there was something special about you. Welcome our new prince Knight." Smiled Abel as he took the crown up. Astor smiled as he went to go sit down, I swear I clapped the loudest, He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back before my mom hushed me. I wanted to tell her to shut up, but I care about my life so I won't do that after all she gave birth to me. I am the last person on that list I just know it all because of that stupid Von in my name. Well lets space out. I look outside the window the view of the forest is quite lovely. I feel my mom pinch me.

"Ouch, Mom what was that for" I said as I rubbed my arm.

"Once again Nolan Von Bridgman." I got up and started walking not caring whether or not I look confident or shy or anything. I just want to get this over with already. I sat down on the throne, the seat looks softer. Its hard and not even comfortable at all. I felt the metal hat thing also known as a crown is put on my head. I waited for Abel to yell out my assignment. Only to hear gasp and mumbles. I look confused as it was placed on my head three times more.

"A No class category." Yelled Abel in a confused as my eyes widen, 'Is that even possible?'

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