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"What do you mean, he is a no class. He is of noble blood!" My mother demanded after the shocking news about my class assignment, they continued the rest of the ceremony like normal. Afterwards, my parents dragged me to talk to head mistress Caindra, who apparently wanted to talk to me as well. What can you expect, I am the first person ever not to get a class.

"It means that he doesn't fit any of the classes we have. The crown chooses classes based on a person's heart. " She explained as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. 'Please say I can't go here. Please say I can't go here.' I repeated to myself over and over again. "He can still attend here for the year. He will take classes for each category. I am afraid if he is still no class at the end of the year, he will need to transfer." She explained.

"Damn it!" I said, disappointed I wanted out of this world.

"What did you say young man?" My mom asked as she stared at me with scolding eyes. Shoot did I say that out loud, come on Nolan think of something.

"I mean dang it. I really wanted to be put into the prince class like dad." I said in a fake disappointed voice. I hope I never have to say those words again in my life time, I think I just died a little inside when I said that out loud.

"I know its disappointing, but I know you will get a class by the end of the year and make our family proud with a prince class." My mother said rubbing my back. That is all she cares about, is my position in the world. That's nobility for you.

"Nolan, I am sure you will get a class next year. I sense something great in you, You will still be housed on campus so don't worry about that." Abel smiled as he told me, oddly I believe him after all he was right about that one kid.

"Nolan. The tour of the campus is about to start. I will put you in the Good group for the tours. The servants put all of your things in your dorm cottage. Have fun." Smiled Caindra as we said our good bye. Then I left with my mother to find my family and say my good bye to them till we have holiday break.

"I bet it was that commoner who took your spot. Soiled blood took what is what is yours. Stay away from him understand." My mother told me. This is exactly why I don't want to go home ever again, my mom thinks only nobility is worthy of anything. Personalities like this make me never want to find my happily ever after if it means acting like her.

"I will. Tell everyone good bye for me, the tour is leaving. See you during the holidays." I said as I waved away before I get physically sick once again. I look around and saw Melody walking in the back of the tour group, I look at the group. Great full of people just like my family, this place rocks already.

"Hey Babe, can I have some fries with that shake." I whisper in Melody's ear in a deep voice when I saw she didn't notice me. I see her freeze and turn red, she turned around her face almost the color of her auburn hair. She noticed me, and then frowns. She punches me in the arm playfully... It still hurts, Melody can hit like a dude I swear.

"Nolan. You're lucky I noticed it was you before I kicked you in between your legs." She said as I rubbed my arm. Well just imagining that kind of pain made my arm not hurt any more. Wow it's funny how things work. "So, what did Caindra tell you?" She asked as we waited a few minutes.

"I still can stay here for the year to "discover" my true self and my true class." I said using air quotes.
"Awe. Poor baby, your still stuck here." She teased as she pinched my cheek I pushed her hand away. Pouting I rubbed my cheek and pouted a bit, she is too physical.

"Attention. I am your tour guide and the Good Class rep, Emily Goodsdale." A girl with curly blonde hair said as she stood up on a chair. "I will show you each around then tell you what dorm cottage you will be in." She added as she got down. We began walking I noticed people already going into clicks.I saw three other people who didn't belong, the same as Melody and I.

"Let's go make some friends." I whispered as I walked towards one of them. Of course the first person I decided to talk to is, Astor I think that's his name, the commoner, also the person that my mom told me not to talk to at all. Yay for breaking all the rules my mother gave me. "Hey. My name is Nolan. Nice to meet you." I said smiling in a friendly manor. I looked at him, He must be at least three inches taller than me. Our eyes met and his eyes were a pretty gray color, most commoners have dark eyes because nobles have the light colors of everything. His black hair complimented those eyes perfectly and his tan skin everything blended perfectly, Astor is very attractive.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Astor, Your the first person to talk to me today. It's nice to see not ever blue blood is the same." He said his voice like sweet satin to my ears. We shake hands, I feel calluses on his hands from hard work, they fit his character though.

"Not all of us nobles have our heads up our own anus." Added Melody as she shook his hand as well "Nice to meet you, I'm Melody." Astor laughed at her comment.

"Well it's good to hear that." He added as we walked to the courtyard in the back of the castle. There was a small path that lead to tons of buildings.
"The Building on the left the one that looks like a giant stadium is for jousting, horse riding, and fighting for those of you in the PK or Knight classes. The stables are behind it, the only animals we have on the campus are horses, the other animals are wild and do not approach them at all. " She explained as we walked further down the path lined with wild flowers that gave the place a sweat smell. "The building on the right, is closed down. I am not able to answer to what it was previously." That is something off. I know this whole place is super weird, but I look at the windows of the place trying to see anything. When I saw a small round blue light floating closer to the window, I felt drawn in.

"Hey. We are going to be left behind." My thoughts were snapped back to reality as I looked at both Astor and Melody who both looked at me weirdly.

"Are you okay?" They asked as we begun to walk around once more.

"Yeah. Just peachy, I just got distracted." I laugh as I look away once again to the window only to see darkness. I don't know about anyone else, but something about that building is weird. I just can't put my finger on it. I noticed that, we had to cross a bridge to get. So they have a small creek running though the campus. I guess to add to the scenery, I liked how it looked.
After crossing the bridge, we walked down to a town square looking area , a fountain spewing sparkling water that glistened in the sun marked the very center of the circle. Around the fountain sat several small round tables that all had poles that connected to lanterns that where all over the place for night time light. Then on the edge stood a stage, where I guess music or plays are preformed.

"This almost looks like the town square, back at my home town." Stated Astor as he looked around. They did model this campus off of a town, by the looks of it. I actually like the looks of this area after all, I never been to a real town square.

"Really. That is cool, so I guess you can feel at home here." Smiled Melody as she looked around as well. Astor nodding in agreement.

"This is the main courtyard. These shops vary from; books for classes, weapon maintains, clothing for special events, and food. The bakery is the last shop on the right. They have amazing bread and pastry. For food on the go or quick snacks they are both served on booths that change regularly.: Emily pointed to some empty looking booths. "For drinks both hot and cold, the cafe tavern is a great place in my opinion. On certain nights, they have fun events for everyone to participate in. During the weekend this place also serves as an on campus bizarre. For must who don't know its where you can buy lots of cute or rare things. The main cafeteria is in the castle, but this place is for those who don't have time to eat or wish to eat in their rooms. Remember that, you all have an account at our bank that holds money that your parents put in for the semester. The bank is located here, so you can check your balance. You get five minutes to explore." she explained

"Come on lets go." Said Melody as she pulled my arm off. Okay, well almost. We looked around the fountain. "You too Astor." She said noticing he stayed behind. "I am going to the amour place!" She yelled running off.

"I want to check out the bank." Astor said waving good bye. Great now I am all by myself, great friends huh.

"Gosh. Women, she didn't have to pull so hard on my arm." I mumble to myself as I walked to the book store and noticed someone who was also there.

"You like books too?" I asked. We were the only ones in here.

"Oh. um... Yeah I love them." The person turned around, oh it's that Elden kid. I took a better look at him. He had a medium shade of blonde hair, and some really dark blue eyes. He wore glasses so it made his eyes stick out more to me.

"Same here. My sister Belle loves book too. She got me into them. My name is Nolan." I introduce myself to him. I already knew him, my sister Ariel and his brother are best friends so she talks about his family all the time.

"Elden. You know my brother, Flounde" He asked. I nodded, we shook hands. "Well, I am glad I can meet someone else that loves books. I thought everyone here is an air head." He joked.

"I am sure, the mass majority is." I replied we laughed.

"All right! Come one Everyone. Time to go to your housing." Yelled Emily as she rang a bell.

"Want to walk with me?" I asked, Elden nodded as we met up with Melody and Astor. Who introduced themselves to Elden, who did the same. I hope all four of us can be friends with each others. Uhg. More walking, that is just what I want to do right now is walk. We reached a three way fork in the road and that is where we stopped.
One path made of black stones lead to some creepy looking buildings, the middle path lined with yellow brick, lead to some cottage looking buildings, the last path a simple gravel path lead to some hut looking places. "The dark path is for the bad class sleeping area, the gravel is for supporting class, ours is the middle path lets go." I like how they added the clich├ęs to the paths, though it would suck to be a supporter in the rain, since I bet that gets really muddy.

"I feel bad for the support class, they get those small looking dorms." Said one girl as she looked at huts walking.

"They are bigger then my home." Mumbled Astor as he looked at the floor as if wondering, what made the yellow sparkle so much. I look down and see the sparkle as well. Maybe its gold or something. Of course they would pave something with gold like money wasn't scarce enough, lets pave this in the most valuable thing in the world. Great idea...not.

"Okay. All of your sleeping arrangements will be posted in front of the building you are assigned, the keys will be given to you on your floor. If you are in the prince class, please go to the right. Your building for freshman will be the Lance Cottage. Princess class please go to the left you will be in the Glass Slipper Cottage. PK and DD please go straight ahead of me, PK you will be in Shield Cottage and DD will be in Tower Cottage." She said dismissing everyone. "Wait! I forgot, silly me. If your name is Astor Lyttetton, Margret Braye, Melody Andreessen, Elden Gehrig, and Nolan Von Bridgeman please come with me." The four of us exchanged glances with each other.

"I do not want to be in trouble on my first day being here." Whispered Melody as we walked.

"I am sure we are not, if you think about none of us really fall under the right area to be in normal housing." Astor replied as we walked.

"Look at mister smarty pants over here. Care to explain?" Asked Melody as she tried to think of a reason.

"Let's see for you, your class is the Knight class right. Which is all male, they can't have a female room with a bunch of males can they? Same goes with Princess Elden." He explained

"Hey. Don't call me that." Retorted Elden as he frowned. Poor kid.

"I'm here because I don't have a class." I added in, it made sense. That was find, but what about that Margret girl. She seems to be able to room with her class so why is she is here.

"That is for me to know." She replied. Oh my stars above when did she get there and can she read my head. Is that why she is with us.

"I can't read your thoughts. I can just see it on all of your faces. I am not able to be in my class because of my family requested it. " She explained. She had curly thick red hair, but had soft light brown eyes like caramel. "I have been here the whole time, I just sort of blend in. My name is Margret. Nice to meet all of you." She said smiling brightly, so this the daughter of the most villains produced family. She isn't all that bad or mean.

"Astor. What about you?" Asked Melody as she waved at Margret.

"I'm not a noble. I bet all the other royalty requested I not stay in the same area as their children. Afraid I would taint them or something." He said in an upset tone.

"That is so stupid. With that kind of thinking the world will always be backwards." I stated, the others surprising all agreed. We were all different, all five of us. I guess it's true what they say misfits do tend to find each other.

"Here is your dorm." Said Emily, behind her stood a small one story cottage it laid so far away from all the other dorms, and the closest to the forest behind it. "No students are allowed in the forest. The two girls will room together, in room 101. Elden and Astor will room in 102. Astor since your parents requested a single you will be by yourself in room 103." she added before handing each of us two sets of key. One of the main door and one for our own room.

"Looks like we get a fancy name for our dorm." Said Melody as she jumped and pointed at our symbol.

"A spinning wheel?" We all said in a tone that only spoke of disappointment. Oh this place gets better and better every second. Well at least I got some friends now, I hope that will be enough.

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