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Lauren was getting anxious. She was marrying the man she had been in love with since college in a week. Joe Walker. The name that made fangirls swoon, the guy who made people love Voldemort, the guy who played a dick, did an entire concert tour in tiny shorts, and yes, the guy who had an entire monologue about his balls getting cut off while sitting on another guys lap. Okay, so they were all pretty crazy, but it was all that crazy that made her love her friends. They were even helping with the wedding. And by helping, that meant doing everything and refusing to let her see a single detail, besides her dress and the bridesmaid dresses….

Well, there was one thing she had insisted in taking care of….. "JOE! WHERE ARE ALL THE PHOTO ALBUMS?" she yelled upstairs, where her husband-to-be was peacefully sleeping. Well, not anymore. At her shout he murmured "Where's the cannon?" before groaning and walking down to find a freaking out Lauren. For someone so tiny, she took up so much space. Her nervous energy filled the room; he started getting worried, too.

"Lo, what's the problem?" "The only thing the others would let me do is get the slideshow together, the one we're gonna play at the reception, and I have no idea what I want to do! What pictures to use, what music, the order!?"

"Lauren, calm down. I'll help you, remember, I'm part of the wedding, too"

"Really? I knew you had something to do with it, but I couldn't remember….."

"Ha-ha, very funny"

"Aren't I?"

Twenty minutes later, the couple had found a bunch of photo albums and sat down with them spread out in front of them. Lauren was flipping through when one of her favorites caught her eye. She was in her Draco costume for A Very Potter Musical and she had been getting into character. She had decided walking for was the underlings, but she couldn't find Jim to carry her; Goyle was her lackey, after all. She had sat up on a table, very loudly talking about how mudbloods and such had touched that floor, so she shouldn't. Eventually, Joe had walked over, slung her on his back and run around yelling in his Voldemort voice curses at anyone in the way. In the picture, she's laughing manically while holding on for dear life, while Joe is pointing a wand at a terrified looking Darren. The best part was, they had only just met each other. This was the first time they had met, "it was so long ago" Lauren thought to herself.

"Joe, remember this one?"

"Yeah, this was from the first time we met, man, you were insane even then."

"Says the guy with more body make up than Edward Cullen."

"Whoa, low blow that one hurt."

At this, Lauren just stuck her tongue out at him.

"Let's just keep looking"

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