I decided like, forever ago, that I wanted to do a short thing on these two, and how they got together.

William and Jayden are two characters from my J/T chronicles, but I guess you don't have to have read that to know what's going on, because there's like, ten of those things. But if you want to know the shooting that led to this, then just read the one titled, "Senior Year."

Thank you!

In this one, you get somewhat of a closer look into Jayden and William's personal life.

Jayden's POV

In a way, Tommy getting shot was the best thing that had happened to Jayden. Or at least, the guy coming in with a gun was the best thing to have happened to him. Because if that kid, Tyler, hadn't come in with that gun, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't be laying in some random hospital bed, holding William's hand, dozing off into a contended sleep.

1 hour earlier

William's POV

They had all been in the waiting room, Jayden, Katy, Abby, himself, and of course, Jason, Tommy's boyfriend. Jason wasn't pacing the waiting room, the way some people in movies and stuff always did. He was in a chair, completely devastated, still as a rock, holding hands with some woman, who William figured was his mother. He realized a minute later, when Jason's parents showed up, that the woman was actually Tommy's mother.

Abby and Katy were holding hands, looking worriedly at the door that Tommy had disappeared through almost two hours ago. He'd been unconscious, not a word or twitch since he'd gone under at the school, after taking a shot to protect Jazz, Jason's ex girlfriend, who was actually sitting a few chairs away from William. He wanted to glare at her, and go over there and bitch her out, since it was indirectly her fault Tommy was shot. If she hadn't been a bitch to the two shooters, they wouldn't have shown up at school craving revenge, and Tommy wouldn't have gotten shot.

But right now, she looked so guilty, and worried, that William couldn't find it in himself to go over there and yell at her.

With nothing else to do, William's only choice was to relive the shooting that had just happened. He'd never in his life expected something like that to happen to his school, especially in his classroom, to his friends. But it had happened, only inches from his face. William looks over at Jayden, and smiles lightly, the memory of Jayden jumping in front of him still fresh in his mind.

One of the shooters, Tyler, the one that had seemed like maybe he had a chance, had pointed his gun at Katy, and William had instantly jumped to defend her. Tyler had turned his gun on him, and his heart had pounded in a fear he'd never known before that moment.

And then, to his astonishment, Jayden, the boy he'd been trying for almost his whole life to get to notice him, had done some incredible. He and Jayden had met when they were in the sixth grade, and Jayden had moved in to a house not far from William's. Thinking he might be lonely, William had gone over to his house, and introduced himself. Instantly, he was attracted to Jayden's cold demeanor, the way nothing had seemed to affect him. But at that point, William wasn't yet totally aware of his sexuality, so he'd thought it was just a desire to be his friend.

So he'd followed Jayden through his life, happy to just stand there and smile, being the hot to Jayden's cold, until he realized in ninth grade that he was gay. At first, he couldn't do anything, since he thought Jayden was straight. But then Jayden had come over one day, and confided to him that he was bisexual, and William's heart had soared. He instantly told Jayden that he was gay, thinking this was the moment they would get together, since they knew no other gay boys at that time.

But to his horror, Jayden had just raised and eyebrow and said, "Really? Cool."

And highschool had gone on. William made no effort to hide his crush on Jayden, hoping that Jayden would take the hint. He'd show up to Jayden's unannounced, and told Jayden he was welcome when ever he wanted to come over. And even though Jayden did show up, sometimes also without warning, and in some cases, in the middle of the night, nothing ever happened between them, even though they were comfortable enough to share the same bed. In many ways, their relationship was much like the one between Tommy and Jason before they'd gotten together. But none of his friends actually knew any of this stuff. He assumed they just figured that William and Jayden were friends who mostly only saw each other at school. He bet they probably didn't even consider the two of them friends, since Jayden showed no sign of even caring for William in any way.

But why? William couldn't help but wonder. Why didn't Jayden feel for him the way he felt? Why, no matter how much time passed, did Jayden see him only as his slightly annoying best friend that he could never get rid of?

Did he really not see how much William loved him? For God sake, he knew that Tommy, and Jason, Abby, and Katy knew, and probably the entire school knew! But Jayden didn't seem too, always stuck in the world of the music he was constantly playing from his iPod. William knew it was his escape, the music, away from his strained family, but sometimes, he wanted to take that damn iPod and crush it, since it was stealing all of Jayden's attention.

But today, Jayden had shown he cared. When Tyler pointed the gun at William, it was only for a split second, because a moment later, Jayden was there, pulling William away, and jumping in front of the gun. He'd protected William. And suddenly, all of those dark moments that had taken place in William's mind, where he sat around hurting, knowing that Jayden would never want to be with him, vanished.

Nobody had seen it, because they'd all been focused on Tommy, but William had seen it. He saw the look in Jayden's eyes when the gun was trained on the two of them. That was the look of somebody who knew he was about to die, but didn't care, so long as the one he loved, was safe.

Suddenly, Jayden was standing in front of him, and William looked up, and gave him a shaky smile.

"Hey." he said, and Jayden motioned with his head for the two of them to walk away from the group, and the large amount of students that went to their school, even though some of them probably didn't even know Tommy. William smiled and got up, and nobody even looked up as they exited. Jayden had always been like that, using actions instead of words. He followed his silent friend, wondering where they were going. Jayden didn't really seem to know either, since he kept looking into rooms, obviously to see if anybody was in there.

Finally, they found an empty room, and they took a seat on the bed. Neither of them said anything for a moment, and William lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling, not rushing him. Sometimes Jayden got like this. He wanted to say something, but at the same time, he wanted to say nothing, so the two of them would just sit in silence until finally, Jayden found the words needed to express what he was feeling.

"Are you okay?" he finally heard Jayden ask, and a moment later, Jayden's handsome face appeared over him, looking down at him.

"Yeah. You?"




And then they were silent again.

Jayden's POV

He needed to say something. Anything. No, not anything. He had to say what he was feeling, the words he most wanted William to hear from him. That he loved him. To thank William for being his friend for a long time, and being there when ever Jayden had run from his home, sick of all the screaming, and needed a place to be. He wanted to tell William how hard it had been for him to not make a move those nights they were asleep in the same bed.

He wanted to tell him he wanted to be with him forever.

But years of silence made it hard. He'd been this way for as long as he could remember, silent. It was because of his parents. Whenever they fought, he had never known what to do, so he'd just sat there on the couch, silent, but watching, just in case his mother needed him. Some nights, she did, and always, after, Jayden's father would kick him out of the house, and always, he'd go to William's, wanting to cry, but instead just knocking on the window and silently crawling in after William opened the window with a sad smile, asking, "Can I help you, stranger?"

Now, even though he wanted to say something, he couldn't find the words.

He knew. Of course he knew. All along he'd realized how much William liked him. But he'd chosen to ignore it, because he couldn't stand the thought of one day doing to William what his father did to his mother. He didn't want to someday be the reason the light that William constantly carried with him burned out. The reason his smile died. The reason tears would fall down that beautiful face. He would kill himself before that happened.

He knew that all his friends thought he was being a heartless bitch, but he didn't care. As long as William was safe, he didn't care what anybody thought about him. Not even William.

And then today, not even three hours ago, he'd watched in horror as the one thing in his life that he considered to be good, besides his friends, of course, was put right in the path of danger. So he'd done the only thing he could think of. Because he'd also kill himself before he let somebody else hurt William.

Jayden opened his mouth. Words, he told himself. Say words.

"William..." It was a good start.

"I have to tell you something."

William sat up, looking at him curiously, and the courage he'd been working up went away again. He swallowed.

"Seeing that gun pointed at you...it hurt." he said. It had hurt. He couldn't imagine what Jason must be feeling right now, since it was his love that had been shot. William smiled gently and leaned against Jayden.

"Me too. It hurt me too, to see the gun pointed at you."

Words weren't coming to him. He looked at the hospital bed, and lay down, pulling William with him, who went without a word. After all, for them, being in the same bed was in no way a big thing. But this time, they were face to face. Usually, when they slept in the same bed, Jayden had made sure he was looking away from William, to stop himself from doing anything inappropriate. And it was a good thing he had, because now, with William's gorgeous green eyes staring right at him, he couldn't stop himself.

He moved forward, and kissed William softly on the lips. He watched William's eyes widen, then close. He closed his eyes too. The kiss lasted a few more seconds, and then they pulled away,

"I love you." Jayden said. "I loved you all along."

William smiled and said, "I love you too."

And they kissed again. Jayden realized he didn't get to say any of the other stuff he'd been hoping too, but he had all the time in the world to say it later, so he wasn't in any rush.

"Want to take a nap?" he asked, and William snuggled up to him. Both of them were exhausted after the days events, and within minutes, they were asleep, and they stayed that way up until they were awoken to go see Tommy, even sleeping through the photo shoot that Abby and Katy performed of them.

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