A girl swung her legs from the top of a skyscraper. No one stopped her, the girl with wings of pure white. They didn't call to her from below, the teen with curly strawberry blonde locks. No one worry about her, the beauty with bow and arrow. She had pink binoculars slung lazily around her neck. She lifted them to her wide blue eyes and spied a pair chatting away casually. The girl had on a high waisted skirt in blue and a white tank top tucked into it. Her thick brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and hanging delicately around her neck was a silver chain with a chunky blue butterfly crystal. She had a sweet smile and an innocent disposition, even from a distance. The girl above smiled. She knew Saturdays were always the best to do her job. The guy next to her was tall with scruffy red-brown hair. He seemed to be in preppy-style clothing – a formal shirt and striped tie - and the girl spying on them wasn't sure whether he chose them, or someone else. The girl above turned a dial on her sight enhancing instrument and saw them both light up gold – perfect match. The cupid could tell that the girl hadn't been touched by love before. How sweet, she thought. She pulled out a double target arrow with silver tip and aimed for the space between the pair. She let it go and quickly lifted the binoculars back to her bright eyes. The arrow split in two and hit the two of them. She saw them stumble and the arrow vanish. They locked eyes and the young girl shuffled closer. Then, like a symphony for the eyes, the pair kissed. First step complete. The girl brushed back a strand of pale orange hair, notched another double arrow and tacked on two little beacons. She fired them then stood up. Holding her arms out, she dropped from the tall building in the sun and dipped back up with her parchment thick wings raising her higher. She started for the amusement park.

Ah, she thought with a blissful smile, gotta love matchmaking Saturdays.