Midorean Times

As a follow-up to last week's missing person's article, Miu Himehas been found. The girl went missing last week, last seen going out to get party supplies. According to multiple sources, Hime's adopted brother Alu Kemnebi had been leading the search, and was very effective. Authorities say that Kemnebi found Hime with the weaponsmith, Uro Khenti, in the midst of rallying and arming a small army to attack the monstrous horde who stole her…candy.

Hime is unavailable for quotes, but a student found our reporter and was able to give an idea of the scenario.

"Well," Tray, 18, said, "Alu was looking for Miu when I ran into him, and we went to the outskirts and found this cave swarming with crawlies; dragons, gargoyles, you name it. A sword was there, and Alu recognized is as one of Uro's, and hightailed it straight back. Miu was there, being all pissy about the fact that she got a bunch of candy. She shoves this sword in my hands, and tells me to go kill a spiffy shit or something."

Our investigators took a look at the cave that was supposedly crawling with monsters. We're still waiting on them to regain consciousness to report their full findings, but we can tell that the cave is very dangerous, and the police are warning all citizens of the Great Gated City to avoid the outskirts unless absolutely necessary.

The Midorean Times will continue reporting as this story unfolds. Keep checking for updates.