beacon of light

there is a coldness,
sweeping through me,
as i shudder and tremble,
and it's no longer from my heart,
but from the weather around me,
as i sit and smile and reminisce,
on an old, park bench,
surrounded by beauty and glamour,
of shades in emerald and gold.
i can recall those moments,
in the midst of chaos,
and when all was dark,
there came a beacon of light,
dim at first, but brighter at last,
and it tells me i'm not alone;
i'll never be alone.
those beautiful rays of light,
warmed me from inside out,
each one a symbol of you,
the friends i love so dearly,
and whom have loved me in return,
some the longest known,
and others just begun,
but nonetheless,
through thick and thin,
we share in each other's joy,
and cry with each pain,
and we make it through,
yet another day and,
during this time of year,
i just wanted to say,
you are what i am,
most thankful for today.

A/N: the holiday moods and cheer are beginning to take over me...