Chapter 4: A Day with Jessi

Kiki's Point of View:

Jessi and headed to the mall talking about many things.

"So… Jessi. Who do you like?" I asked curious if it was another boy in our group.

"I'm so not telling anyone…" She said suspiciously.

"Ok so how about if I try and guess?" I really want to know who she likes.

"Ugghhh you're not going to stop until you know am I right."

"Yup, your right."

"Ok, I will just tell you…"


"I like Brandon…" She said carefully.

"Awwwee… you two would be sooo cute…" I squealed. It is now my mission to see if he likes her.

"Please don't do anything… I told Sammi about it but she wasn't ok with it." Jessi was saddened by this.

"Awe, Jessi lets go shopping now and get our minds off of everything."

"Yeah let's go." We both had our parents' credit cards because they refuse to take us shopping but refuse to let us pay for anything. It was like this for all of us girls and the boys. We walked into American Eagle and went straight towards the jeans section. Jessi went to look at the skinny jeans while I myself preferred the artisan style. I had found 3 pairs of artisans, one in dark wash, one in light was and the other was a normal wash. Jessi had gotten 4 pairs of skinnies, one in dark wash, two in light wash, and one in yellow; she also had a pair of yellow for me and the girls.

Yellow was our class color and us girls were quintuplets every year. The boys did the same; they all had on the same pair of jeans and same plain yellow shirt while we girls went all out. We haven't decided what to do yet and spirit day is in 2 weeks. Jessi and I were the ones in charge of the outfits so we decided to also shop for that now also.

We walked into PacSun and went into the clearance section. They had a sale for skirts, buy one get one free, so Jessi and I looked around. I had found two skirts; one was a black pencil skirt while the other was a back loose skirt. Jessi also found two skirts; one was a short denim skirt while the other was a mini leather skirt. We paid and went to the food court.

"Do you think the girls will be mad that we went shopping without them?" Jessi asked worried.

"No I don't… and if they are we can tell them that we were getting stuff for spirit day but it turned into a full blown shopping spree." I said.

"Ok… I guess that's kinda true… because I didn't plan on buying anything other than stuff for spirit day." She reasoned with herself. We got in line for pizza. After we had eaten we continued shopping. "Where to next, Kiki?" She wondered. I had an idea.

"Vicky's" I needed new bras and underwear, and I also wanted to shop for Kenzee because her birthday was tomorrow.

"Ok I was just thinking that."

"Let's go."

We walked into the store and went off on our own. I went to the Pink section to search for Kenzee. I had gone a little crazy I got a backpack, the pink bed set, a phone case, and couple pairs of sweats for her. Then I went shopping for myself. I had found 4 bras and thong sets, 3 pairs of sweats and a new purse, and then met Jessi at the counter. We had paid and left the store.

The next store we went into was Aeropostal. We walked to the girls section and split up. I had found a new plaid shirt, a new ruffle shirt, a new dress, and two new skirts. Jessi had found the same and a new pair of jeans. We walked to the desk and paid.

"So I was thinking for the rest of the spirit day stuff we should go to Wal-Mart." I suggested.

"Yeah, that works because I need to get the paint and fabric there."

"Ok, let's go." We got into the car and went to Wal-Mart. We got there and went to the shirt isle and got five plain yellow shirts. Then we went to the fabric isle and got the paint, sparkles, and glue. I went to the book isle and got the Hunger Game series. Jessi and I went back up front and paid then went home.

When we got home we pulled out all of our bags and went into the living room.

"Where were you guys?" Kyle, Jason, Brandon, and the girls asked.

"We went to the mall and Wal-Mart." I told them.

"YOU WENT SHOPPING WITHOUT US!" The girls screamed.

"Chill out, we went originally to get stuff for spirit day then it turned into a shopping spree. It was not intentional." Jessi said.

"Oh ok. So can we see the stuff?" Kenzee asked.

"NO!" Jessi and I shouted at the same time.

"Why not?"

"You know the tradition. Jessi and I are making them and they are not revealed until spirit day morning."

"Fine." Jessi and I went upstairs to put our stuff away; little did we know we were followed by Jason and Brandon. We got into my room and dumped the stuff onto the bed, when all of a sudden we were pushed onto the bed. I looked up and saw Jason on top of me and Brandon on top of Jessi. I looked back to Jason and looked into his eyes.

"Hey babe." I felt the butterflies enter my stomach. I love it when he calls me babe.

"Hey back at ya." He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine.

"Ugggggghhh…. Guys….. That's my brother…. And my best friend." We pulled apart and I giggled looking at Jessi.

"Sorry Jessi but your brother is so damn irresistible." I looked up and winked at Jason.

"Kiki." Jessi whined.


"It's ok." I looked over to her and saw that she was cuddling with Brandon.

"I suggest that the four of us watch a movie."

"I like that idea." Brandon said, speaking up for the first time.

"Ok, so what movie should we watch?" Jason asked.

"How about we go see Breaking Dawn part 2?" I asked.

"Yeah that works." Jessi said and Brandon and Jason nodded along.

"I know that we are the only ones who want to see it." Jason stated.

"Ok let's go tell everybody else." Brandon said.

"Oh… Brandon, Jessi go call your moms and ask." I told them.

"Ok." They said simultaneously. Jason and I walked downstairs to ask my mom.

"Hey mom."

"Hello Mamma Hewette."

"Hey kids, what's up."

"So there are a few things we need to talk about… well one thing to talk about and one thing to ask."

"Ok so talk."

"Well… first thing is that Jason and I are dating." I paused to wait for her reaction.

"Well that is amazing. Mrs. Mills and I were wondering when you two would get together. Now what was the other thing?"

"Well, Jason, Jessi, Brandon and I wanted to go see the new Breaking Dawn part 2. Can we go?"

"I don't see why not. Why aren't the others going?"

"They don't like the Twilight series."

"Ok. Do you still have my credit card?"

"Yeah. But I took $40 out incase this happened. So here is your card." I told her handing her the card.

"Thank you, now go tell the others where you are going." She told us. We walked into the living room and saw Jessi and Brandon nod at us meaning they got a yes from their parents as well.

"Hey guys, so we are going to see Breaking Dawn part 2." At that we got a collective groan from the rest of the group. "I didn't mean all of us. I meant me, Jason, Jessi, and Brandon. I know you guys don't want to go." Sammi looked furious.

Jessi's Point of View:

I saw Sammi's look. I walked over to her.

"Can we talk?" I whispered in her ear.

"Fine." We walked into the theater because I knew it was going to get loud. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT YOU DATING MY BROTHER!" I knew it was going to get loud.

"Sammi, I am not dating your brother, I am going to the movies with my friends who want to see the same movie." I said trying not to lose my calm.



"Ok, I'm sorry Jessi." I calmed down after that. "I know you really like Brandon and I'm sorry for keeping you from telling him. You should tell him tonight at the movie."

"Thank you, Sammi." I hugged her and walked out while pulling my phone out to text Kiki

(A/N bold kiki normal Jessi)

Hey Kiki, Sammi said that I could date Brandon, but I don't want to take the chance to ruin a friend ship if he doesn't like me.

Well we are waiting at the car, I could ask him now if he likes you.

Would you please?

Yeah no problem.

Thank you!

Kiki's Point of View:

"So Brandon, do you like anybody?" I asked.

"Yeah there is this one person who I like, but doubt she likes me."
"Who? Who?" I asked excitedly.

"Well… she's coming with us to the movie…"

"Oh my god… I knew it. It's Jessi."

"Yeah…" I pulled out my phone and texted Jessi.

He likes you.


Yeah. He just told me.

Yay! Ok I'm on my way out the door.

Jessi walked up to us and smiled at Brandon.

"Are we ready to go?"

"Yeah, so in the car we go."

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