He fell to the floor as his heart broke his ribs.

He cried out to the unfeeling ceiling,

"What's the reason for all this?"

Blood traced his eyes and dripped past his nose.

The light singed his hair and chapped his screaming lips.

The light changed his world from average to blue.

But he found he could walk if he stood on the cobblestones.

The path was built on the memories he made;

The people he loved, the sentiments he gave.

His left foot lifted harsh, searing pain,

While his right foot revealed a more nostalgic scar.

He headed towards the beginning of Time.

He confronted her with angry confidence and cried,

"Do you find joy in all this?

I thought you were divine.

You force me to walk over all that I've loved,

Never stopping,

Never pausing

To hold on to the rare goodness I've felt.

Why do you mock me,

Oh, selfish Time?"

She turned towards him with fresh tears in her eyes.

"Mock you? I've helped you,

Don't you see what I've done?

I must keep things moving;

You must experience it all.

The depression you've felt

Has lead to the joy you're so in love with.

Being static will not satisfy a mortal, or any being.

Step off from your throne, Man.

You have no business here."

The man did not back down from the adamant goddess.

He took a step forward and replied,

"How can you take me from the good

To the bad with such impassive force?"

Her eyes threw their tears away

And the environment thickened.

"I cry for you for nothing.

You cannot treat me like this.

I love you, human.

I've watched you grow from an innocent infant,

To a handsome young man.

You treat your gifts like promises,

And your burdens like curses.

Why can't you realize how temporary this is?

Love what I've given you,

For I have taken nothing away

Without your consent."

His mouth twisted and he spoke with pure fury,

"Do you imply that I wished myself to fail?

I've worked my entire life to maintain

The love I've felt for so many.

It cannot possibly be my own fault

When they are taken from me."

"No, it is never your fault.

Don't you get it?

Nothing is taken.

It is simply moved.

Check the stones you stand on.

Each one is a piece of your own past,

Written permanently on your lifespan.

You've lost nothing, my love.

But it can't stay with you forever, you know.

But you can always go back.

You may even find yourself smiling

Brighter than you did when it first stood before you.

The man was confused by this logic.

He picked up a nearby stone from the path.

He once again gazed into his late mother's shining smile

Past the rock's dusty surface.

He smiled back at her,

Forgetting for a moment,

That Time herself stood before him.

"Do you see what I mean?

It's all still here.

You just didn't think to look back on this path."

The man looked up from the stone at the beauty before him.

"Time, I apologize.

I guess I never realized…

Thank you, sweet goddess,

For your wisdom and guidance."

The goddess took his hand,

For she loved this man.

She told him she would never stop moving him forward.

She forbade him to give up

In these trying times

That will soon be behind him.