I got caught today;

Pulled down by chains

To the depths of the sea.

I choked on saltwater,

And soon lost my own sight.

Death told me a secret;

One I was not ready to hear.

"You'll get lost down there,

And I won't spare you mercy."

I freed myself from my brand new chains,

And I swam towards the surface,

Allowing the blood to stream from my lips.

The day I saved myself

Was the day I discovered

I could be more than

What others thought of me.

I ran to the shore,

And shoved my body into the sand.

My eyes went to the sky,

Glad to never say goodbye.

I will walk this beach

Until the angels take me home.

The scars I have gained

Will teach me to thrive.

The friends that I make,

Can learn from my mistakes.

I won't go home without you.

Don't lose yourself like I did,

In this cold, dark sea.