I sat on the big loveseat, scrolling through her text messages. Nothing new; not even from my parents. I frowned, trying not to cry. I wanted to go home. These girls were vicious. Well, not Gigi, but Alyssa? She was terrible. Just acting so cool; like the world revolved around her or something. And to make it worse, everybody loved her. Whenever the three of us were together, Gigi totally followed her. At school, she went and hung out with her soccer friends instead of me and Gigi, because we were just the nerds. But the thing was, she was too! She was in all of the same classes as us, every single advanced one. But everybody adored Alyssa. Even the popular girls.

I rolled my eyes. "Popular" was not a term used at Barkley Middle School. It was just that group of about fifteen people who were just so... cool. I'd tried to be like them before. I had dressed in their skinny jeans and Aeropostale hoodies, but it still never works. Maybe I just didn't have the right shoes. Maybe it was my curly hair, or lack of sportiness, or the fact that I was a "smart kid."

But then how could Gigi know them? I mean, she went to the same elementary school as them, but everything changed once we hit seventh grade. True; Gigi had straight hair and Vans, also the hoodies and skinny jeans, but she was also a "smart kid."

Maybe I was just a geek. I did choir, and was a total drama kid. I did every plays possible, and got the lead in all musicals. This was my sport.

Sports. All the girls who were athletic, or girl-jocks as I called them, seemed popular. I didn't do a sport. I could try out for volleyball; that's a good one. I knew Gigi and Alyssa were going to try out. I don't know... I just wasn't as good as them.

"Leah! We're going to my room," said Gigi. She smiled. I sighed. She knew how I felt; everyone has felt left out before. Almost everyone. I looked at Alyssa.

"What?" she asked. She raised her eyebrows, and I just stared at her eyes. Her blue eyeliner was smudged.

"Nothing," I muttered. I followed Gigi to her tiny little bedroom. I sat on the ground, and looked up at Alyssa, who was sitting on the bed. Gigi was the middle-most elevated, on her petite little emerald green chaise.

"Okay," said Alyssa. "Gigi, truth or dare?"

I swallowed. This game. It always made me worried, and I knew people always got upset. But backing out would be weak.

"Um... dare."

"Okay. I dare you to..." Alyssa tapped the touchscreen of her Android. "Eew! Gross! I accidentally hit 'naughty dares' and... oh, nasty!" She showed us the screen, and we collapsed in laughter. "Okay..." She tapped another link. "I dare you to get me some black nail polish."

Gigi laughed. "Oh God, Alyssa, that is soooo easy. Like seriously, can't think of anything better?" She got up, ran to the bathroom, and within 30 seconds came back with a little bottle of black nail polish. She threw it at Alyssa, who caught it and started painting her nails in her signature nail color.

"Alright," Gigi said. "Um, Leah. Truth... or dare?" She made it all dramatic, and Alyssa rolled her eyes.

"Truth," I said.

"Who do you like?" The question seemed to come to her way too easy. My heart thumped, and not because I was thinking of my crush, Brendan Marlin. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks.

"Uh... I don't like anyone right now." I looked at the ground.

"Liar!" Alyssa screeched. She pulled her head really close to mine. "Look into my eyes. Who. Do. You. Like?"

"No one."

"Your pupils shrunk! If you don't tell me who it is, I am so posting The Picture on Facebook." Alyssa smiled. I started to freak out. Wasn't blackmail illegal?! Oh, well, this was just middle school girl drama...

"Fine. Brendan."

"Marlin or Wilkinson? Cause Wilkinson goes to Brooklet; it'd be pointless," Gigi explained.

"Yeah, and he's gay." Alyssa laughed.

"Um, Marlin, obviously!" I rolled my eyes. Somehow the cool effect didn't work for me.

"Cool." Gigi giggled. "Okay, your turn."

I grinned. "Alyssa, truth or dare?"

"Truth," she replied, shining with confidence.

I asked her the question of eek-I-don't-want-to-answer. "Who do you like?"

"Kevin." She answered, like, thisfast, like it didn't matter at all. "Well, Gigi, now we have to know who you like!"

Gigi gulped. "Ummmm... Well... Brian?"

"Oh my GOD!" I yelled.

"Gigi, he lives next door to you! Serious?"

"Yeah, it's not a crime, gosh!" Gigi lowered her voice to a whisper. "Besides, I'm not gonna like, sneak into his house. That would be soooo... WRONG!"

We all kept laughing, and I was surprised. This was a little less dramatic than it usually was. These were the times when I was confused about my new friendship. It was established only last year, in sixth grade. I had been the new kid, times were hard; I basically jumped onto any train that came my way. But now...

Did I hate these girls, or did I love them?