I know

I know what it feels like

When you're all alone

In the middle of the crowd

And when you drown

In the desert

I've been there

I still am there

But I'm here for you

Just you

The world is big and bad and mean

But not as big and bad and mean as you think

Every time someone says something

Does something

And you question your worth

You think you should be something else

You're ashamed of your beliefs

Just know there is someone out there who will stand by you

You are never alone

I will be by you

And so will others

Pick yourself up

Make a promise to keep strong

Just a small one if you have to

Just one for a day

But know I will back you up

I will stand

And so will you

Just move forward one day at a time

It's okay to not know where you're going

Neither does anyone else

All you need is to know you're going somewhere

And that you're going to make it.