Once in a beautiful garden hidden behind great stone walls was a little pond full of Koi fish.

The pond and garden belonged to a wealthy couple who were old and retired with two cats, six koi and a horse in the stables outside.

The two cats, Paou and Ling loved to laze about by the edge of the pond basking in the sun until it was dinner time or when they grew bored of watching the fish swim back and forth.

One day the cat Ling decided to be a bit cheeky.

"I'm going to play with the fish Paou, come join me" he beckoned his playamte.

"Oh, Ling, we musn't disturb the poor fish. It's bad luck!" he replied.

Ling trilled and rubbed up against his brother trying to persuade him.

"no, Ling, let's not. Perhaps we should go inside for lunch. Our masters call!" Paou jumped up and trotted off to the open doors.

Ling was stubborn.

"oh you fish, so silly. Look at you. You are so weird. Your slimy skin and your big fat ugly eyes. You silly and ugly fish. You smell." he batted at the water scaring them.

"Tsk tsk dear Ling, you should heeeed your brother." the horse Shin said to him disapprovingly.

The cat ignored him and continued to taunt the fish.

"smelly, i can smell you from here, and I bet if I got closer..." the cat leaned forward, his whiskers twitching and his nose crumpling in disapproval.

Suddenly he lost his balance, and fell face first into the pond.

"oh deeeear..." the horse exclaimed.

many weeks passed and no one knew what became of the cat Ling...

but swimming in the pond, was a brand new fish...