It was a normal day in the pantry. Sitting in a dusty old cup, with no one around but the spices to the left, an the cups and medicine to the right and the wooden door in front of us all.

Who are we? We, are the toothpicks.

We once were used and used daily, until people got a clue and realised that toothfloss was much better for their dental health. We once feared extinction, but now live freely... if you can call being cooped up in a tiny little dusty cup as being free... as a simple decoration in the pantry.

At seven o'clock sharp, the alarm clocks all went off, and we listened to the muffled voices and footsteps of the grumpy humans. One opened the pantry door and glared menacingly across our shelf looking for a cup.

Finding one, it grumbled and then closed the door. The cups and mugs were lucky. They could be washed and then used again and again. Some cups lasted for generations. We just got slobbered on and chewed and then snapped in half after less than a minute.

The dreadful humans finished their breakfast and then all left for either school or work.


It was better this way.
Thank God for toothfloss.