Having a great time camping on the farm, my sister and I were watching the clouds. it was a long way from the main house where Mom and Dad were right now.

We begged and begged them to let us use our brand new camping gear, but they said it was too early to do that yet. We couldn't wait for the weekend though, so as a compromise we were allowed to set up in a nice clean area all the way back here.

"look Justin, a shooting star!" Cassie smiled and pointed. I looked up following her finger.
"no... it looks like an airplane Cas." I said.

It was moving and shiny, but not like a shooting star would. As a matter of fact it seemed to be getting lower...

And lower...

"Hey, Justin, I'm not liking the look of how low that plane is getting." she said worried.

"I don't either. C'mon, let's get in the tents. This is freaking me out." I said finally.

In a hurry, we clambered into the two-room tent and sat with our knees against our chests for a while. we heard no sounds. the light was still shining brightly through the fabric of the tent.

"what do you thin it is?" I asked her, though I was sure she was just as clueless as I was.

"I dunno... a flying saucer?" she giggled. Of course, for her that was funny. It wasn't for me.
I would never dare let her know that I really believed in aliens. I shivered a bit.

"well, of course it isn't. Let me go out there and see." I said.

I froze. Had i really just said that?

What was going on? for some reason my body began moving itself. I tried to tell Cassie that something was up but she would never hear those words as my mouth remained shut on it's own accord.

I ventured out of the tent, and zipped it closed.

there it was... a bright circle the was very big now in the sky. It began to lower itself further as i drew closer.

"what do you want?" i thought in my head hoping they could hear me.

I was lead into the ship... it was a flying saucer. the aliens on board looked like little people, but with no ears and very small noses. one of them had heaps and heaps of strange objects in his hands...

"what are you gonna dissect me?" i thought. They all turned to eachother and began hysterically laughing, the one with all the objects dropping the things in his hands.

"no, of course not. come with us." he beckoned me to the other room.

"wow...HEY! I can talk agian!" i said. i smiled, but was still shit scared and pretty nervous.

"well, young justin, for years my kind have seached and scoured the planet Earth for various reasons. we like to hide in the ground instead of flying about like this and have often been mistaken for dwarves and garden gnomes, but in fact we are a super intelligent race who hungers for more knowledge and information. we are a peaceful race, and we have chosen you, justin to answer our latest question." he looked at me very seriously

I was filled with a sudden joy and self importance. this wonderful race wanted MY help. how wonderful...

"well okay then. What's your question? Fire away!" I was eager. They all gathered around me and smiled.

"have you got any barbeque sauce? we've been out and the BBQ isn't the same without it..." he said.

Oh... my... god.

So i went to the house, and fetched some barbeque sauce feeling like a total dufous.

Pfft, important research and information... whatever. you just wanted our sauce.

"Thank you! Justin, please join us for dinner!" he smiled.

i sat down at the table and stared at the empty plates on the table. where was the food?

"oh no justin, we have a better bigger chair for you. our small chairs might break with your weight. come with me and i'll find one for you." he beckoned me to follow...

three hours later.

"Justin... JUSTIN... Helooooo?"