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Ch. 1: The End: Prologue

You have one choice. One choice, to save the world, or save yourself. Which will you choose?

I was trapped. There were no quick, easy, exits that I could get to. Why? 'Cause I was on a freakin' boat! A deep sea fishing boat! In the middle of the ocean, far, far away from civilization. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

The crazy (crazy, as in needs to be put in an asylum for his well, crazy, thoughts of ruling the world) short, Chinese guy said that I would have to either save the world, (meaning I would die for his 'cause', or I would run away.) Once again, the second option didn't seem very promising. My only option, right now, seemed to be to sit tight, and wait for the rest of the gang to come get me. Right now, I wasn't feeling so good. Sea sickness. And my ADHD was not helping. At all. I really wanted to punch this guy in the face. Which, sadly, I couldn't because 1. He was aiming a gun at me to make sure I didn't do just that, and 2. Because I hurt all over. I couldn't lift a single muscle to defend myself no matter how much I wanted to.

The Chinese guy (he still wouldn't give me his name, so I called him The Chinese Guy. He didn't seem to like that very much), told me the choice again.

"You have one choice. Once choice, to save the world, or save yourself. Which will you choose?" he said, with a thick, well, Chinese accent. He was still pointing his gun at me. It seemed like there was no choice, really. If I ran away, (if I could) I would just end up in the ocean with the hungry sharks. If I said, save the world, he would kill me. I was about to say something smart, like "Kiss my ass bye-bye" or something along the lines of that, when I heard a low buzzing noise. At first I thought it was a fly. Nope, no fly. I looked up at the sky, and there it was, a helicopter. Mr. Crazy Chinese Guy looked angry and confused. And me? I was smiling. So were my friends. I had no idea where they had gotten the helicopter, and I probably didn't want to know, but right now, I was glad for them. I was proud of them to. Were the most unusual group of kids you've ever seen, but it doesn't matter. Were family. And family's stick together.

I ran to the edge of the boat as fast as I could, before Mr. Crazy could figure out what was going on, and jumped onto the rope that was hanging from the helicopter.

"Kiss my ass bye-bye!" I said. I felt like screaming in pain. But I couldn't. Not in front of my family. I was the leader, and leaders have to stay strong, no matter what.

-End of chapter one-

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