The fight broke out as fast as the first drop of rain. It burdened me to watch but it hurt a lot less than to participate. The two boys, which they were, fought violently and without rest and although they were both similar—in dress and manner—they wanted to kill each other. That much was clear.

The one boy, with the blue eyes that could be seen from the distance and the blonde hair, wore a shirt that seemed like a regular old baseball shirt with the blue quarter sleeves and the white midsection but for some ungodly reason there was a triple six painted on the back as if by demons. He had been sitting on a bench in the park, the little park between the coffee shop and the elementary school, the one surrounded by chain link fence. He was up to no good you could not tell but could infer by the blank stare he had that not so much watched the young children playing but looked through them to a kernel cloud that dived into his inner workings and struggles. How much struggles a seventeen year old could have, I don't quite know. This boy is Jason.

The other boy, of dark eyes and even lighter hair, came through the opening in the fence as if from a high speed foot pursuit. He was disheveled in every sense, with his shirt hanging loose from his body and covered in what could possibly be urine stains. His hair was in a tangled heap on top his head, the red almost blonde curls in disarray. He wore a shirt that said "Free Earl" and from the depiction of this "Earl" character all that can be inferred was that he was locked away for the ultimate crime—being a black man in a white man's world. This boy is Rodney.

When Jason saw Rodney the first thing he did was dive to his right to escape Rodney's blow from the left. He had collapsed completely onto the bench and his only other course of action was to roll off the bench and onto his knees to escape a downward kick as Rodney jumped backward to escape a punch to the knee. Jason tumbled into a fighting stance with his hands up to protect his face and his body crouched at a 5'1" even though he was easily 6'5" at full height. Rodney was slightly higher at a 5'6" even though he was just about the same height as Jason.

Rodney wore this smile that covered the right side of his face and no other. His hands were strong solid fists while Jason's were loose curled slaps waiting to be propelled. They inched around their little circle, maybe waiting for whatever children that were in the park to scatter. Whatever it was it didn't take long for Jason's hands to whirl forward toward Rodney only to be deflected by Rodney's wrists. They stepped toward each other only to step back until Rodney sent a sudden round house kick to Jason's chin.

Jason flew backward into the plastic jungle gym and hit his back hard on the multicolored surfaces. He dropped down onto his hands and knees with a grunt that allowed Rodney to jump forward again for another blow. His fist came down hard but landed on asphalt because Jason had rolled under a slide and was then jumping over it to climb up. Rodney slipped between two poles that were way too close for a kid to get through but not for this boy. He was on his back on the small hole-covered level and Jason was now able to throw a sharp kick at his left side sending Rodney flying until stopped by two metal poles that guarded the bridge.

He doubled over into himself and was only able to slip through two more poles before Jason got there. Rodney recovered himself as he dodged punches that were being sent through the level he hid under that supported Jason. The plastic metal material buckled under Jason's fists and they sent out shards of whatever it was flying in all directions. Jason got a few nicks, Rodney got a few nicks—there were nicks all over the place. Jason finally jumped over the bridge to get onto Rodney's level but Rodney took this time to jump on. Jason used this moment of slight confusion to grab for Rodney's ankles and pull him through the weak chunks of wood. Rodney cried out loud allowing Jason to come at him again.

But this cry was just a tease. Rodney had grabbed one of the slabs of wood and just as Jason was coming at him he swung it at his face. Jason crumbled to the ground with blood wetting his light blonde hair and the side of his nice pale face. Rodney leaned against one of the metal poles holding up the jungle gym for a breath. This short interaction was much fiercer than he had anticipated. He took in a few breathes as he tossed the slab away to the side. Jason was on his back and looked unconscious while Rodney stumbled forward and looked almost the same way.

Rodney leaned over and asked a question that could only be heard by them and God. Jason gave a reply in the same tone. Rodney pulled out a weapon from the back of his shirt that must have been concealed in his waist band. It looked like a gun but a much bigger chrome one, maybe of the Men in Black variety. He pointed it at Jason's poor brain and said another comment. One that looked like: "Bye Jason."

Jason's face suddenly turned into a smirk as he might have murmured, "No. Bye Rodney." Jason coin dropped and as he spun he sent his legs flailing out to kick the gun out of Rodney's hand. Rodney's eyes were wide and in shock as Jason got to his feet with a similar gun styled in black pointed at the bridge of his nose. Jason pulled the trigger and a bright white blue light filled the atmosphere and then was gone.

When my vision had come to I could see that all that was left of Rodney was his clothes—loose and tattered on the asphalt floor. Jason picked them up and looked around to see if anyone saw. When his search came up clean he began a short jog that turned into a full on sprint and he was gone. They were both gone.