A/N: This is a collab story written between me (Treasuring) and my best friend Lena. We came up with all characters, places and settings held in this story. Please don't steal. The name of this story is undecided, and may change later on.


Chapter One

Elise trudged through the woods, her black boots crunching on the newly fallen leaves. More swirled around her as she brushed the pink strands of her bangs off her face, the dye making it's way down the large wave of it down her chest. She sighed as she grabbed a tree so she could step around it, her backpack slung around her back as she made her way home.

Birds whistled around her and she smiled, bringing her phone out to check the time. Realizing she had to get home sooner than she thought, she picked up her pace, careful not to trip over the protruding roots on the forest floor. As she weaved her way through, jumping over roots and sticks, her boot snagged on one. Her body fell heavily and, upon instinct, she reached out and pressed her palms against the earth.

"Shit," she mumbled, the force making her thin limbs tremble. She regained her balance on the ground, retracting her feet and sitting back on her heels. She twisted her wrists, brushing the dirt and grass off her palms as she tried to get the ache in her wrists to pass.

After recovering, she looked at her hands before standing up. "Hmph," she mumbled, realizing her phone wasn't in her hands anymore, nor was it in front of her. She looked around on the ground, brushing away leaves and patches of grass as she looked for the little black object. She moved around a bit more, leaves rustling as she brushed away some more of them, but instead of finding her phone, she found a small, furry animal.

The animal looked like a mixture of a squirrel and a deer. It had a long, fuzzy tail and round, twitchy ears. Small antlers swirled around it's head and one of it's hooved hind legs seemed to be bleeding. The creature squirmed and whimpered in pain, looking at the girl that had fallen before it. Elise examined the creature for a moment before turning her nose away from it with a "hmph." It cried out softly in pain, but Elise ignored it and continued to search for her cell phone.

"Girl," a voice called in her head. Elise whipped around, trying to find the owner. "Have you no heart?" the voice continued. It sounded as though it were multiple voices speaking as one, and it echoed in her mind. "Have you no compassion to help an injured creature as it begs for your aid?"

"Who's there?" Elise grumbled and turned around, looking at the creature.

"You must learn to have a heart. You must learn to care for others than just yourself," it continued, the creature stood and stared Elise square in the eye. "You must mature, only then may you return."

A blinding white light surrounded Elise, and her eyes went wide in disbelief. The wind picked up, causing the leaves to dance and spin around her. The light expanded, shooting up into the air and died down. Elise was nowhere in sight.

Elise's eyes slowly fluttered open. She seemed to be laying on the hard ground outside, and noted that the air smelled fresh and foreign to her nose. As she opened her eyes, all she could see was a light blue, almost white, light. It slowly faded to show a hand resting over her eye, she could feel the soft skin on her face. She closed her eyes again, thinking: "I must be dreaming..."

Elise slowly opened her eyes again when the feeling of the hand had left her face. She was greeted with the sight of a boy. In comparasin to her, he seemed much larger in size. His skin was a peachy tan color and his hair - a light brown, almost cream color - was shaggy over his mossy green eyes. He blinked a few times and tilted his head, revealing a long ponytail that fell over his shoulder from the back of his head, and a black headband around his forehead under his hair, several strings of beads and feathers hanging from it. Elise closed her eyes tightly, then opened again, snapping wide opened as she noticed the strangest part of his features: two long, pointed ears. They had to be at least a few inches longer than any normal human's ears, and stuck out from the sides of his face. Almost like... An elf.

Elise blinked and gulped a few times, slowly rising herself onto her elbows as she looked around her. Where she was was much similar to where she was before when she dropped her phone, only she was in a clearing, with large trees surrounding her. Incredibly green grass swayed in gentle wind, bright green leaves rustling in the trees around the clearing. She cleared her throat, turning her gaze back to the male above her.

"U-Um. What..." she started, once again leaving him to look around. She sat up further, her legs stretched out and her black and pink hair sticking out into her gaze. She reached up to fix the part, but was only rewarded with a sharp stab of pain. She winced lightly as she brought her hands back down, squeezing her her eyes shut tight as she shook her head lightly, trying once again to let pain pass.

"What... Where am I? Who are you?" Elise asked quietly once the feeling had drifted away from her head, which was instead replaced with a dull thump. "What's going on?"

"You're in Forthyr," the male replied, his face covered with the same confused expression as Elise's. "I'm Rayne, who are you? You look like... A human." He moved to his feet, standing well over eight feet tall. He extended his hand to help her to her feet as well.

Elise stood up after hesitantly grabbing his hand. "I'm Elise," she said quietly, now realizing that her vision was kind of blurry. Considering recent events, she hadn't entirely noticed. Looking down at her feet, she noticed her glasses were lying there, sitting comfortably in a patch of grass.

Leaning down to grab them, a strong wave of dizziness washed over her. She stumbled slightly, her boots sinking slightly into the soft earth. After regaining her balance with a huff, she snatched her large glasses in her small hands, standing straight up again to place them back on her face.

The boy, Rayne, tilted his head slightly and watched her. "Elise? Does your head hurt?" He kneeled and picked up a large bow and a quiver of arrows, putting them in their proper places around his chest and shoulder.

Elise wanted to nod, but decided against it. "A little," she mumbled, lightly adjusting her hair once again, the black and pink strands falling back into place. She lowered her head to brush some stray dirt off her black shirt, as well as dust off her button-up shorts and lace tights. "I'm kind of dizzy, too. What the hell happened?" she asked.

"I only have a guess, though you probably wouldn't believe me," Rayne replied and placed one hand on the back of her head, holding the other above her forehead. "Don't move," he flashed her a reassuring smile and closed his eyes, the same soft blue light appearing from his hand. The light faded and Rayne released his hold on her, his arms falling back to his sides. "How's that?"

Elise raised an eyebrow, confused as to what just happened. She took a minute to breathe, and realized that the thumping had completely stopped. So did the pain. So did the dizziness. "What... Did you just do?" she asked, staring at him with more confusion than ever.

"Heh," Rayne chuckled softly, flashing another smile. "I healed you... Again." He looked around a bit, adjusting the bow that hung over his shoulder. "Where did you come from? I thought humans didn't exist anymore..."

Elise, completely taken aback by everything he just said, shifted her weight to one leg so she could collect her thoughts. "Healed me? And humans... Not existing? Anymore? What nonsense are you talking about?" she asked bluntly, staring at him. "But if it helps any, I came from Canada," she added.

"Ca... Canada?" he mumbled to himself, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "I believe you've come here from a different world. Perhaps... You should see the elder. She may be of some help to get you home."