Author's note:

Hey everyone! Wow, I've actually posted a few of this story's chapter online years ago. And I was cleaning my room the other day and I found my notebooks of the story that I have been handwriting a few years back. I seem to have quite some free time lately, so I thought that I might just edit up this story and publish it online again. I may not be good at story writing but I hope you guys would enjoy it, please R/R!


Ding dong. I was awoken from my nap on my sofa in the living room ding dong it goes again. I glanced over at the clock 9:39pm, ugh who could it be at such late time? I opened the door and I saw my recently dumped ex-boyfriend Jack.

"Jack what are you doing here?!" I exclaimed.

"Why Allison? I thought we were happy together." He asked me, his breathe reeks of alcohol.

"Jack, are you drunk? Where the hell did you get alcohol from?"

Suddenly he grabbed my wrists tightly, "Allison... you know that I love you right? You do know that right?"

"Ouch, Jack let go of me, you're hurting me" I try struggling out of his tight grip, but he wouldn't budge and held a tighter grip on me. He slowly pushed me back, inching himself into my house.

"Stop it Jack, stop it!" raising my voice, hoping that it would get to his not-his-mind state.

"Please Allison, please don't leave me" He pledged, still pushing me back into the hallway.

"Jack! Calm down!" I shouted

"I am calm! I am calm!" He yelled "Why? We were so happy together...why? Is it that kid that's been with you frequently? George was it? Is it because of that kid that you broke up with me?!"

"What are you talking about? No, of course not. This has nothing to do with any guy, I just don't think we are going to work anymore, we always argue, and we don't get each other anymore. Gosh I thought I told you this al..."

"No! That's a lie!" His voice raised significantly, tighten his grip around my wrist even more.

"Ow! Let go of me Jack!" I yelled, still trying to loosen the grip, but no luck. He suddenly pushed me against the hallway wall and pinned my arms down and forcefully started to kiss me. I struggled, trying to avoid his lips. "Let go of me! Stop it!" I kicked his shin and managed to escape from his grasp.

"Ugh!" He moaned and held his shin. I turned and ran into the kitchen, but it didn't take him long to show up. I saw him fiddling around in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out what I believe to be a pocket knife.

"Jack, what are you doing with that? What are you planning to do? Don't come any closer..." I started to freak out, I could barely say anything anymore. I looked around the kitchen, seeing if there was anything I could defend myself with. The first object that I could reach within my arms length and without taking my eyes off of Jack was a frying pan. "Calm down Jack, please"

"What's going on Allison?" I looked pass Jack to find my little brother, Samuel standing there. Shit, I thought not now Samuel... get out of here. Jack turned away, looking behind him and saw him standing there and started to approach him slowly. I could see Samuel's terrified look as he slowly backs up as well. Now is my chance, now or never I thought. I lunged myself at Jack, holding the frying pan and whacked him across the head with him as hard as I could.

"Samuel, get out of here now. Get out! Find help!" I yelled at him, Jack now focusing his attention back to me. I could see Samuel slowly backing up and then soon he dashed through the doors. I backed up slowly and realized what I've just done, made him less himself even more...

"Allison, Allison, Allison..." He approached slowly. I never thought that he was this crazy when we were dating. He is seriously not the Jack that I've been dating from eight month... definitely not. I backed up as back as I could, and I couldn't go anywhere anymore. I looked left and right to find an escape route, but too late, he lunged himself at me, knocking me off my feet and he was on top of me. He ran the blade of the pocket knife on the side of my cheek and down along my chin. I started shaking viciously, I was terrified. Am I going to die like this?! I thought to myself. "Oh Allison, I always wanted to do it with you, you better behave or someone might get hurt." Running the blade down to my throat, I gulped. Tears began to fall down the side of my face. I was speechless, I wanted to scream for help but nothing was coming out.

"What are you doing Jack..." I muttered as he pinned me down on the cold tiles beneath me.

"Shhh.. Let's just enjoy this." He whispered and put down the pocket knife on the left side beside me. He slowly moved one of his hand onto my waist and the other lifted my chin up so his lips met mine. I pulled away and began to fight him again.

"Stop it Jack! Stop it!" I yelled. He slapped me across the face, throbbing. I felt his hand at the top of my jeans, trying to unbutton it. "Stop it!" I continued to cry, but he didn't listen and began to kiss down my collarbone, lower and lower. I was helpless. I didn't know what to do; I just started to kick and scream. He slapped me across the face again.

"Shut up will you? I told you to enjoy this!" He yelled at me, and now trying to take off my shirt. I felt his hand caressing my breast, I feel violated and I screamed and yelled even louder, trying to press his hands off of me. Sadly, nothing was working. I closed my eyes wishing that this was just a terrible nightmare and when I wake up, none of this had happened. I continued to cry and scream hoping that someone would come help me soon. "Shut up!" He yelled at me again and I felt a sharp, excruciating pain on the left side of my waist. I screamed at the top of my lungs I felt my tears flowing down my face, my voice cracking from the scream. I felt like I was going to pass out very soon, my vision is starting to get blurry, and the last thing I heard was the voice of my older brother.