"Give me a call or text me when you're about to finish" Steven said through the passenger window.

"Yup" I said "Drive carefully" and he nodded and merged into the traffic. I turned around and walked into the small little coffee shop that I use to love to go to. I really love their cameral macchiato that they make here, mmm I really miss it, I have to order it...with lots of whipped cream too! I thought to myself as I scanned the shop to find Cindy and Sandy and I saw them waving their arms near the back of the shop by the windows. I approached them and they both gave me the biggest hug yet.

"Oh, Al! We've missed you so much!" Cindy said and squeezed me as hard as she could.

"I miss you two too!" Returning them a hug, then releasing the embrace "how have you two been?" I said, sitting down on the empty seat they saved for me.

"Oh god, we have so much to tell you about." Sandy said. The waitress at the shop soon came to our table and handed me a menu.

"A medium cameral macchiato with whipped cream please" I ordered and she nodded and turned away. "Okay," I said returning my attention back to them. "Spill out all the stories that I've missed."

"Do you remember Edward?" Sandy asked "The one that always have different plaid shirts?" I sat there for a moment, trying to remember.

"The Edward that use to be in our Math class?!" I asked. "The geek?"

"Yeah him. He's totally stalking Cindy right now." I looked over at Cindy's disgusted face.

"Oh please, can we not talk about him. It makes me want to throw up."

"Well Cindy, you said that you've always wanted a boyfriend. Well ta-da" I teased.

"Please" she pledged "I am not that desperate for one. Even if I wanted a boyfriend, it will definitely, definitely not be someone like Edward."

"Waiting for the hot, drop dead gorgeous rich boyfriend?" Sandy teased and Cindy nodded with a dreamy face. "Well sweetie, dream on!" Cindy reached over the table and attempted to hit Sandy but she missed and Sandy stuck her tongue out at her.

"Al," Cindy said "Is there any cuties at Havendale that you could introduce me to or something? No one at North Union, or a matter of fact no one in this town is cute." Disappointed.

"Sorry, Cindy. Can't help you there. I'm still not very comfortable with guys." I paused and then thought about Kyle. "But there is this hot guy but he is sooo despicable" I emphasized and the waitress brought my drink to our table "Thanks," I told her and smiled and she smiled back at me and returned back to work.

"What's his name?" Cindy asked, interested now.

"Kyle Rabinovitch. He's the popular guy in school. I guess the most popular guy in school." I added, sipping my drink. Mmmm, I miss this drink so much.

"Is he filthy rich?" Sandy asked.

"Well, if you consider driving an Audi R8 rich, then he is" I said taking another sip of my drink.

"Done." Cindy proclaimed. "Introduce him to me immediately!" I rolled my eyes and sighed at her.

"I'm not that close with him though."

"You know him well enough to even bring him into the conversation!"

"Well, he's the only guy that I talk to...even though I hate his guts at times."

"Is he one of those arrogant jerks?" Sandy asked and I thought about it.

"I'm not sure since I don't know him too well. But for sure, he is despicable! I mean, what stranger, especially a guy, would look through your wallet without permission?"

"A stranger who found your wallet and looked to see who it belongs to?" Sandy answered my question.

"Let me rephrase that. What stranger, especially a guy, would look through your wallet without permission and he knew it belongs to you?"

"Did he actually look through your wallet?" Cindy asked in shock and I nodded. "What a jerk!"

"My thought exactly. And do you remember the other day you two called me and I told you I was at school? And then I suddenly grasped?" They nodded. "Well, he was eavesdropping on our conversation!"

"Wow, what a guy!" Cindy said, "I disapprove of this guy. Don't ever go out with him!"

"Oh, I won't" I said taking another sip of my drink. "But my new friends there are basically best friends with him. And they keep telling me that he's interested in me and that he was a great, nice guy."

"If they are your real friends, they wouldn't try to hook you two up!" Sandy said.

"They didn't try..." I paused "they were only telling me about his good qualities and the relationship they have together. That's all."

"Good!" Cindy said as she took a tip of her coffee.

"So is there anything else happening lately?" I asked out of curiosity. And they both looked at each other, wondering if it was okay for them to say it. They are definitely hiding something. "What is it?" I asked.

"You see...we don't know how to say it" Cindy paused.

"Jack is crazy." Sandy finished her sentence, and I sat there looking confused.


"Well, I believe it was last week. Jack attacked Cindy and I, trying to figure out where you went." Sandy continued "I mean, he was crazy! We have never seen him like that. He was grabbing onto Cindy and shaking her vigorously demanding her to spill out where you were."

"And of course, we were fighting him. We screamed and yelled for help until Mr. Heathers and Mr. Jones saw us and pulled Jack off of me and took him to the office." Cindy added.

"Then we found out from his Mom when she came to pick him up, that Jack's been going through therapy because he still can't control himself from what had happen that night. I guess that night also messed up him quite a bit" Sandy continued. "He hasn't been to school ever since, so we don't know what's happening with him." I sat there, processing of what they just told me. Jack is crazy? And he even hurt Cindy? What does he want from me still? I thought as I began to shiver in terror.

"Hey, Al! Are you okay?" Cindy asked and looked at me with a worried face. "Shit, we knew we shouldn't have told you!"

"Al? Is that you?" I heard a voice coming from behind me, a voice that is very familiar...Jack. I froze, I knew his voice. It was him. I didn't dare turn around and look at him, but I stared at Cindy and Sandy's faces as they were as shock as I was. "It is you isn't it Al?" I heard his footsteps approach us closer. Cindy and Sandy got to their feet and put their arms around me.

"What do you want with her Jack?" Cindy hissed. "She doesn't want to see you." Holding me tighter.

"Cindy, please. I have to talk to her. I really need to. In private." Jack continued.

"No way!" she started to shout. "Get out of here, get out of her sight." He didn't listen and I heard him approaching even closer.

"Don't come any closer!" Sandy shouting as well. "Someone please call for help, this guy's crazy!"

"Sandy, I'm not crazy!" Jack raised his voice. "Just god damn it, let me see Allison. Let me talk to her!" I felt him grabbing my shoulders and tugged hard. Ow!

"Back off!" Cindy screamed, but it was useless. Jack quickly over powered Cindy and Sandy and he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me off of my seat. I am now standing face to face with Jack. The Jack I haven't seen since the incident, the Jack that is in front of me now is different.

"I knew I'll find you here Al. I've missed you." Jack said and pulled me in for a hug. I fought him, still terrified at him, I tried pushing him away but he was too strong.

"Let go of her!" Cindy yelled and smacked Jack, causing him to release me from the embrace. He held my wrist tightly to the point where it hurts.

"Let go of me Jack, it hurts!" I told him, trying to loosen up the grip.

"No I won't!" He shouted "You'll run away again! And I'll never find you again! It took me all this time to find you! I knew you'll be here. Your house was emptied when I went, I didn't know where else I could find you. But I knew you love this coffee shop, so I came here and I found you!" Jack was definitely not himself right now, his eyes are cold, there were no warmth to them. "Let's go Al. Let's go home" He said and dragged me across the store with all his might, causing me to almost trip onto the floor.

"Cindy! Sandy!" I screamed after them. I saw them panic with a horrified face, Sandy quickly pulled out her wallet and left some cash on the table, knowing that she was over paying them but she didn't care and she quickly took my stuff and charged out the door with Cindy. "Let go of me!" I screamed at Jack, but he didn't listen and continue dragging me along the streets.

"Hey you jerk!" I heard Cindy yelling as they were trying to catch up with us. "Get your dirty hands off of her right now!"

"Jack this isn't funny!" I screamed at him. He continued walking and we were at the intersection, but he didn't stop and continued walking. "Jack! Slow down! You're going to get us killed!" I cried and continue to resist the drag but he was too strong, if I resisted anymore I felt like he was going to pull my arm off. I felt my vision getting blurry and I could feel tears falling from my face, I was terrified of what's going to happen next. At the moment, a car pulled up in front of us and I saw Kyle stepping out of the driver's seat and rushed over to where Jack and I were and cut us off.

"Move!" Jack yelled and attempted to push him aside but he didn't budge.

"Let go of her." Kyle said in a firm strict voice.

"This is none of your business dweeb." Jack shouted. Cindy and Sandy finally caught up with us and attempted to loosen the grip he had on my wrist but no luck, he held it even tighter.

"Let go Jack! You're hurting her!"

"If you let go of her, everything is going to be fine." Kyle continued, but Jack ignored him and shoved him aside and he dragged me along with him, yanking my arm. Ow. My whole body started to shake and the tears aren't stopping, Kyle ran and caught up with us and he put his hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Hey buddy. Let go of her" Kyle raised his voice slightly, giving him his last warning but Jack ignored him.

"Move it bitch." He shouted and with his other hand, threw a punch at Kyle. But Kyle, with his good reflexes dodged it and returned him the a punch, knocking Jack off his feet and releasing my wrist. "You son of a bitch!" Jack screamed, hand on his face where he got hit. He is pissed, he is very pissed. Kyle put his arms around me and escorted me to the direction of his car, and Jack got back onto his feet and went after Kyle again. Kyle released me and defended himself against Jack and threw him another punch.

"Hey you girls," Kyle shouted without taking his eyes off Jack. "Take Allison into that car over there, it's unlocked already" he said.

"Who are you?" Cindy replied. "We're not getting into a car of a stranger."

"I go to school with Allison, my name's Kyle." He replied in a firm voice, his eyes still on Jack. I could feel Cindy and Sandy look at me, but I couldn't say anything but just nodded to assure them that I did in fact know him.

"You bastard!" Jack got to his feet again and stared at Kyle.

"Hurry you girls." Kyle shouted. Cindy and Sandy didn't pursue him any further and listened to what he said. Sandy opened the back doors of a white BMW and climbed in first then I climbed in, and Cindy followed behind and shut the door behind them. I could see Jack going after Kyle again, but this time he landed a hit on his face, but Kyle recovered fast and returned him another punch, knocking him off of his feet again. Kyle took this opportunity to retreat and he quickly climbed back into the driver's seat and sped off without his seat belt even buckled.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay? You're bleeding!" Cindy yelled

"I'm fine." Kyle said and securing himself in his seatbelt. "Do you girls happen to know her address?"

"No we don't" Cindy replied. "What is your address Al?" she asked me, but I couldn't say anything because I was still shocked from what had happened.

"195 Jarway Dr." I finally muttered out. Kyle pulled out his GPS that was mounted on his dashboard and handed it to Sandy.

"Please type it in and hand it back to me." Kyle instructed and Sandy did exactly that and handed it back to him.

"Steven..." I muttered. "Call him please." Shaking.

"Oh right. He was with you today. I'll call him, don't worry" Cindy said and she went into my bag started digging for my phone, as soon as she found it, she quickly dialed Steven's number and brought the phone to her ear.

"Hey Steven," Cindy started "It's Cindy." and she paused to listen to what Steven was saying. "Okay don't freak out, but Jack found us and it was crazy, we were totally making a scene on the streets" Cindy paused again but this time I heard Steven's voice on the other side of the line but I couldn't make up the words he was saying. "Don't worry everything's fine. A friend of Allison from her new school happened to be nearby and he saved us." she paused again "Well, hurry up and head back home. Her friend is currently driving us back home." Paused. "Yeah okay see you there."

"Tell him to drive safely" I said, finally calming down.

"Al told you to drive safely and don't rush." and she hung up, she put my phone back into my bag and focused her attention to me again. "Are you okay now?" She asked and I nodded, wiping my tears off my face.

"That scared the shit out of me!" Sandy yelled and hugged me tightly.

"I'm sorry you two. I'm so sorry" I apologized.

"There's no need for you to apologize Ally." Sandy said "We should be apologizing to you, for not being able to save you from him."

"No, either way. I'm sorry" I told them.

"It's okay. As long as you're not hur-" Cindy paused "What the fuck did that jerk face do to your wrist?!" she shouted, I looked down at my wrist where he held his grip on, it was red and slightly bruised. I saw Kyle look at his rear view mirror and our eyes met but he quickly focused his eyes on driving.

"It's okay Cindy" I told her "It doesn't hurt anymore." Cindy of course didn't believe me.

"Cindy, forget it for now, let her rest" Sandy told her and she agreed. "Are you tired? Have a nap for now, we'll wake you up when we're home." I nodded and rested my head on her shoulder. I stared at the back of the driver's seat and wondered why Kyle was here, I saw him look at his rear view mirror again and our eyes met, but he quickly looked away. Neither one of them said anything and was quiet, so I slowly closed my eyes and soon dozed off.