"Kyle, wake up!" I heard a female voice talking to me, but who? Wake up? Wake up from what? Everything around me was pitch black and I felt myself lifting up my arm but I could see nothing in front of me. Where am I? I thought to myself. "Kyle! Wake up! I love you silly, do you not know who I am?" I heard the voice again, the voice was familiar yet I don't know who it belongs too. I looked around and saw nothing but darkness. This voice? Who is it? Allison?"You stupid brother! How can you forget about your own sister?!" The voice yelled. Sister? Elizabeth? I thought to myself and soon everything around me was bright and soon I realized that I was in my backyard back at home. I quickly scanned the place and I saw Elizabeth standing by the little pond where we use to play together when we were kids as she was smiling at me. She was dressed in a beautiful white floral dress with her hands behind her back.

"Elizabeth?" I finally managed to say and I slowly approached her while she just stood there without moving an inch.

"Yes it's me! Who do you think I was stupid? Allison?" She replied and I was now in arms reach of her.

"Elizabeth..." I muttered, I was speechless. I haven't seen my own sister for years and she was now right in front of me. I felt tears filling my eyes immediately and they soon started to fall down my cheek. My sister smiled disappeared and she lunged herself at me and embraced me with a big hug. She hugged me so tightly as I couldn't help myself but to return the favour. I held her tightly in my arms, never wanting to let her ago.

"There, there now, you're okay Kyle." She patted my back as I buried my face into her hair.

"I missed you Elizabeth, I missed you a lot." I replied and I stroked her hair. Suddenly she pushed me away with all her might and whacked me across the arm. Oddly, it didn't hurt at all. I've been living with my sister for over ten years, and I should be aware of how much it hurts when she whacks me. So, how come it didn't hurt? Am I dead?

"What you did was so reckless! But I'm glad you're okay and not dead, it's not your time to go!" She replied, is she reading my mind? Or am I saying this all out loud? This is all really weird I thought to myself as I stared down at my sister who was glaring at me with anger.

"This is a dream?" I asked and she nodded.

"Yes it is!" She exclaimed as if it was obvious. "So hurry up and open your eyes! Mom is waiting for you as well as Allison! So open them!" I just stared blankly at her, what is she talking about? I thought I am already awake and I'm staring directly at her. Suddenly she took a step towards me and grabbed my arms and stared directly into my eyes. "It's time for you to wake up Kyle," she started and then suddenly she pushed me with all her might and everything around me was dark once again. "I love you Kyle, and I'm sorry to leave you so suddenly." I heard my sister's voice still. "And bring Allison to meet me one day okay?" Then everything was quiet and I lost consciousness again.

I slowly opened my eyes, the white light blindly me. Everything I was seeing was blurry and everything was quiet around me. I blinked a few more times and my vision slowly started to come back and I was staring up at the ceiling with the bright fluoresce light above me. My body felt stiff and numb, this was such a weird feeling I thought to myself, what happened to me?

"I see that you've awaken Kyle," I heard a man's voice and I slowly moved my head towards the direction the voice came from. Believe me, it took me all of my energy to do so and I saw James standing on my left as he smiled kindly down at me.

"Where-where-where am I?" I muttered softly, my voice was barely there plus this oxygen mask on my face doesn't help either. I saw James reaching above my head and pressed a button. My mind stared to clear and soon I remembered everything that had happened.

"We're at the hospital right now." He replied "Do you know what happened to you?" I nodded, taking another large amount of my energy to do so.

"How's Rachel?" I muttered once again, my energy slowly regenerating and my mind slowly becoming clear and more alert.

"She has also been admitted into the hospital but she is fine." He replied, "she might just be a little shaken of what happened." Soon there was a gently knock on the door and then a man with dark hair and in a white gown came through the door. James was now by the sofas in the room and then I saw my Mom slowly sitting up and her eyes widened, eyes filled with tears as she came bolting towards me.

"Oh my god Kyle, you're awake. My baby!" She exclaimed, how long was she here? Did she stay here with me this whole time? I smiled at her gently and I lifted my right hand, hoping to hold her hand but something caught my attention, something was on my right hand. I glanced down at my right hand and I was shocked to see Allison sleeping on my bed while one of her head is resting on top of my right hand. Was Allison here all night too? She must have been so tired, as well as my Mom.

"Well, I see that you're awake now Kyle." The doctor spoke loudly and he was now standing beside my Mom by my bedside looking down at me. "I'm Dr. Henry Kavonic, and I'm the one in charge of you. Do you know why you're here?"

"Please," I started, "don't wake her up." I muttered and then I finally got my right hand free from Allison's grasp and I started stroking on her hair gently. The doctor looked at me and smiled before he nodded. I watched as my Mom gave the doctor room as she took a few steps back from my bed.

"Do you know who you are?" The Dr. Kavonic started and I nodded. "Do you recall being in a car accident?" I nodded once again. "Do you recognize the people in this room?" I nodded yet again. "Well that's good to hear, it seems like you don't have any memory loss but we will still monitor that for the next forty eight hours. Do you have any trouble breathing?" He asked and I inhaled and exhaled a few times before I shook my head.

"Can I take this mask off?" I muttered and he nodded as he assisted me. As soon as the mask came off, I felt more energized. Funny thing is, I felt like I was suffocating in the oxygen mask, ironic isn't it? I feel more alive and awake now, the numbness in my body started to fade and I could move my fingers a little bit better. I took this opportunity to look at my body and I found myself all casted and bandaged up. There was a cast on my left leg that covered basically my entire leg and a cast on my arm. I knew that I had broken bones and amazingly nothing hurts, probably the amazing pain killers I have in my system, morphine does wonders I thought. Suddenly I felt Allison shifting a little bit on my bed, oh no is she going to wake up? She should sleep more I thought but Allison didn't move any further. Phew I thought, she should rest.

"How are you feeling?" Dr. Kavonic asked and I turned my attention back towards him.

"Like I just got hit by a car." I replied and he let out a small laugh.

"I see you have a sense of humour." He replied "Let's sit you up slightly, you must be tired lying there." He continued and then he slowly reached to the side of my bed to press the remote and soon the bed slowly ascended. I quickly glanced at Allison, who was still just resting her on my bed sleeping, to see if it woke her up. Thankfully it didn't, as she still looked so peacefully sleeping there. Dr. Kavonic started to do a post operative examination on me to see that I was completely fine.

"So what happened while I was unconscious?" I asked.

"You've been through quite a lot in the past twelve hours." Dr. Kavonic replied. "When you were brought it, we did immediate first aid to stop any external bleeding before pushing you through MRI scans and x-rays." He explained. "That was when we found severe damage to your left leg as there were many fractures and a scattered patella. We also found fractures to your left arm as well as some ribs. What concerned us the most at that time was that your left kidney had also been traumatized and it was bleeding profusely. There also found a small hemorrhage building up in your brain where your head landed on the pavement which caused you to have a concussion. We had to do immediate surgery to stop the bleeding from your kidney as well as the repair of your left leg."

"Surgery?" I was shock to hear that. "I went through a surgery? How long was I out for?" I asked.

"From the time you arrived at the hospital, you were already unconscious, so I would say at least twelve hours." Dr. Kavonic replied. "The surgery took seven hours and Dr. Olaya was the one repairing your left leg as she is our orthopedic surgeon." Wow, damn I did go through a lot I thought to myself.

"And how's my leg?" I asked.

"Dr. Olaya placed several rods and plates to allow your bones to heal itself. However your patella was completely scatter therefore she had to fully remove it and an artificial one was placed in."

"Well this affect my walking in the future?" I asked.

"It may or may not. I believe with proper treatment and rehab, you can walk like you use to. However it will be a very long process, it will take a few months most likely. There is a high possibility that you won't be able to do anymore athletic activities." He replied and I sighed, great I would be crippled for who knows how long. Sports, I wasn't much of a sports person to begin with anyways besides soccer, well I suppose I will miss it.

"And my arm is fine?" I asked and he nodded.

"You are one lucky man." He replied. "I believe you tried to dodge the car at the last minute, that is why the majority of the damage is to your left leg. There wasn't any signs of your spine getting injured but we will still be doing several of tests later on in the day to check. We would also like to keep an eye on the hemorrhage in your head as well as monitoring the kidney." Great I thought and I sighed heavily. "I know this is tiring but we have to. Ideally we do tests within the first six hours after a patient wakes up from anesthetics so that we could catch things early before it gets worse."

"No, I understand." I replied.

"You do seem like you're recovering quite well from the anesthetics." He stated. "Do you feel any discomfort anywhere?"

"Minus the fact that my body feels very stiff and numb. But thank god for the morphine or else I'll probably feel like crap without it." I joked and he smiled down at me.

"I'm glad you have such a positive attitude despite all you've been through." He replied. "I'll start to schedule you for some tests. A nurse will come by to tell you everything that's set up so rest up for now. Is there any other questions you'll like me to answer before I go?"

"How long will I feel the anesthetics for?" I asked.

"It will still probably remain in your body for the next couple of hours and then you'll probably start feeling the side effects of all the drugs in your system. It's common to feel nausea, headaches, dizziness."

"Great, now I rather feel like this more." He laughed.

"You'll probably have to survive all the effects for a day or so." I sighed heavily and he returned a smile at me. Soon Dr. Kavonic left the room and my Mom immediately huddled over me as she was still bawling her eyes out. She sat down by my left side and placed her hands onto of my casted left arm and she stared at me. Her eyes were filled with tears and happiness and I smiled at her gently.

"Don't ever do something like that ever again Kyle!" She exclaimed, "do you know how reckless you were? What would happen to me if I lost you too?!" She placed both of her hands over her face as she cried out louder and harder. I took my good and non crippled right hand and grabbed one of her hand and I held it tightly in mine.

"Mom, I'm sorry I worried you. But I'm fine now, I'm alright so please stop crying." I tried to comfort her.

"My heart stopped when I heard about your accident! I thought I was going to die Kyle."

"Mom, it's okay now. I'm fine, everything is going to be alright." I repeated myself and it seems like she slowly calmed down and her tears were drying up.

"Thank god nothing happened to you Kyle. I've already loss Elizabeth and I don't want to lose you too." She grabbed a tissue and she wiped her tears.

"I think Elizabeth protected me." I started and she stared at me. "I had a dream about her when I was unconscious. She's still the same Mom, still the same old violent Elizabeth." I smiled at the thought and I saw my Mom's frown turning the opposite way. It was really weird, even when Elizabeth passed away, I've always wanted to see her through my dreams but I never got to no matter how much I wanted to. This was the first time that I've dreamt about Elizabeth ever since she passed away.

"Really? What did she say to you?" My Mom asked, her waterworks finally stopped and the Elizabeth topic got all her attention.

"She said I was stupid and very reckless. But glad that I was fine and said that it wasn't my time to go yet." I replied and my Mom seems happy to hear what I've told her.

"Well I guess your sister has always been with us hasn't she?" I nodded and we smiled at each other as we reminisce the past about Elizabeth.

For the next hour or so my Mom and I were talking and she kept on bugging and nagging me if everything was alright with me. I kept assuring her that I was fine and I even managed to get her out of my room so that she could get some rest back at home. I sent James along with her after the nurse came in and told me the schedule for the day as I need to be doing some MRI scans, ultrasound as well as a few more x-rays and some blood tests that is to take place after the anesthetics in my body was out of my system, so in a few more hours. As soon as my Mom and James were gone, I looked down at Allison who was still sleeping peacefully on my bed. How could she possibly sleep through all the commotion that went on? She's probably super tired and is out cold. I started stroking her hair as I sat there staring at her and I started to think. I could have swore I had Allison say she loves me before I blacked out after the car accident, or could it have been a dream like Elizabeth was? Seeing Allison here sleeping on my bed is still unreal and feels like a dream to me. If Allison says that she doesn't love me at all, why would she be here right? I suppose to really does confirm that she loves me or can I think otherwise? I suppose one good thing came out of this accident of mine, and that's Allison. For some reason, I feel like we can be back the way we were, I feel the distance we've gained was slowly becoming closer. When I first met Allison, I never expected our relationship to be such a roller coaster. How would my life be if Allison didn't stumble into the auditorium on the first the of school? I think I wouldn't give any second thoughts about the engagement with Rachel as romance and finding myself a girlfriend wasn't on my priority list. I don't know what it is about Allison, I just fell instantly in love with her without any preparation whatsoever. Seeing her lying down beside me right now makes me feel at ease, to know that Allison means this much to me.

Suddenly Allison shifted a little and then I watched her as her eyes slowly opened. She blinked once and then a few more times before her eyes widened at the sight of me. She immediately shot up from her spot and just stared at me, her eyes filling with tears quickly and I smiled kindly at her.

"Good morning sunshine" I said softly and then the tears in her eyes started flowing down like a fountain and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon. I quickly placed my right hand on her cheek as I tried to wipe away her tears as fast as I could but she wasn't stopping and in fact, she started crying even harder. "Oh no, stop crying. I can't wipe away all those tears with one hand." I joked and then she suddenly pulled back and started wiping her tears away with her sleeves. I stared at her as she hid her face away behind her sleeves as she started to calm down. She took a deep breath and then shot up from her seat, following by a whack across my right hand. What? What was that for? I thought to myself and I stared at her as she glared down at me. What is this all about? What is with the sudden change of emotions?! Damn girls...

"Ow! Why are you hitting a patient for?" I cried, but the whack didn't hurt one bit, I just felt like over exaggerating. I stared at her hoping that her expression would change but it didn't. She still remained standing beside my bed and glaring down at me, what did I do wrong? What am I suppose to say to her? I don't know I thought to myself and I just ending up giving her a smile, hoping that it would fix everything.

"Don't think you could get away by smiling at me." She finally spoke, what? My smile is getting me away from something? I don't even know what I did wrong!

"What do you mean?" I asked and then a second whack came from her, slightly harder but I still didn't feel anything. "Ow!" I exclaimed.

"Don't scare me like that ever again." She demanded and then everything was clear. She was worried, she was probably scared to death after witnessing something like that. I felt myself softening up yet I knew this is going to be a serious conversation. "Do you know how worried and scared I was?" She continued and I watched her as she started to tremble. I reached my right hand up and I grabbed her gently by her hand and I pulled her down so that she was sitting down on my bed instead of the chair. I stared at her, this breaks my heart. To know that she was this worried about me that she stayed at the hospital for who knows how long. But if it was Allison in my position, I think I would be just as crazy as she was and stay by her side, without going home or even go to the bathroom.

"I know, I'm sorry." I replied, speaking softly. "If it was you that was hit by the car, I wouldn't know what I would do. I think I'll go crazy, crazier than the whole engagement thing with Rachel."

"But I'm glad you're okay." She replied, her expression softened up. "I'm really happy that you're alive."

"I am too." I replied and I placed my hand on her cheek. "I'm happy that I could see you again." I gently pulled her head closer to mine so that our noses were touching and we just stared at each other, our eyes locked. I felt her breath steadily increasing and she bit her lower lips, does she even know what she's doing? I felt her cheek getting hotter by the second and at times she tried to look away but ends up looking back directly at me. I would be lying if I say that my heart isn't racing as fast as hers. I couldn't help it any longer, it seems like I haven't kissed her or said I love her for so long but truthfully, it wasn't. "I love you Allison." I break the silence between us and then I softly kissed her on the lips. The softness and warmth of her lips made my heart race even faster than it was. I don't want this moment to end, never. I deepened the kiss a little bit because I just missed her and love her so much. She didn't show any signs of resisting my kiss but I had to pull back because I just remembered a little scene after my accident before I went unconscious. I need to hear it from her directly. I smiled at her and I saw her face getting redder and she looked shy.

"You know," I started "I heard you say I love you before I went unconscious." Her face became even redder at the moment. I love teasing her, but truthfully I really want to hear those three words coming out of her mouth.

"What are you talking about?" She replied, hoping to deny everything.

"I heard you say I love you."

"I didn't" She argued.

"You did. Say it again." I am not going to back down on this, I will pry her mouth open if I have to.

"But I didn't!" She protested.

"You did."

"No!" She shouted. "You must have been dreaming." She shot up from my bed and she started walking away, towards the bathroom. I know what I dreamt about when I was unconscious and Allison saying I love you to me wasn't part of it. "I'm going to the bathroom!" She exclaimed and she stormed off to the bathroom in my room and slammed the door behind her. I chuckled to myself, have I ever seen this side of Allison before? I don't think I have and I love this side about her.

"You're just too cute Allison." I called out to her. I know that I was loud enough for her to hear me but she didn't reply. Does she really need to go to the bathroom or is that her excuse of getting away from me? Whatever it is, I really love the feeling that I have right now, we're back. We're back to the way we use to be. I leaned back on my pillow and stared out the window, the weather outside is a beautiful sunny Spring day and soon Summer was going to come. I never felt such joy like I have today for the past few months, and I feel like things are just going to get better between Allison and I. I smiled to myself at the thought of it, can we finally have a future together now?


It's been two days since I woke up from my accident, and Allison haven't seen me since then. She stayed with me for a little bit longer that day until my Mom and James returned after getting a little bit refreshed. My Mom wanted to stay with me when I went through all the tests that I had to go through that afternoon even though I told her it was unnecessary and I hoped that she was telepathic because she was in the way of Allison and I. Even though I wanted her to stay longer with me that day, but I had to tell her to go home to get some rest. I told James to take her home and she immediately accepted that offer, doesn't she want to stay with me for a little bit longer? Dr. Kavonic was right, as soon as the anesthetics was out of my system, everything hit me and I felt like I was going to die. All the side effects from the drugs hit me hard and I just pasted out for the past two days, not willing to eat or even move for that matter. Some of my friends from school ended up visiting me since everyone in school probably already knows what happened that night because they were telling me about the word going around in school. Some people from the company also visited, mainly the secretaries of this or that director but still, they brought over a lot of gifts that I don't even know I could finish. Tracy and Kelly even visited, although none of them stayed long because they could sense that I wasn't feeling up to par which was very considerate of them. Well on the good side of things, the hemorrhage in my head was decreasing but I still have to do MRI scans every day until it's completely gone. The incision and the placement of the plating in my left knee looks like it's healing well. There was a little bit of infection as my body was rejecting the plating but nothing a little drug can't fix I suppose. The left arm would probably heal faster than my left leg so Dr. Kavonic told me that I could remove the cast in a few weeks. Believe me, being in a cast is the last thing anyone would want to be in because do you know what's the worst part is? You can't scratch yourself especially if the incision site itches like crazy and it drives me insane.

The nurse, his name was George I believe helped me get onto the scanner for the MRI scan and I wished that I didn't get out of the wheelchair because after that small movement, my body was sore and stiff. Life sucks right now I thought as I entered the MRI scan. I stared up at the scanner and soon I saw lights appearing above me for the next ten to fifteen minutes, scanning from head to toe before I was ejected from the machine. Once again George helped me back into the wheelchair and how I wished to just lie there on the table instead. Every single movement brought my body a lot of discomfort and I hate it. George slowly wheeled me out of the room and in the hallway, my Mom and James were sitting there and they immediately stood up when they saw me.

"Are done honey? How are you feeling?" My Mom started and I sighed.

"I just want to roll over a die." I joked. "Every time I move, I feel like crap." George wheeled us into the next room and Dr. Kavonic as well as Dr. Olaya, the surgeon that performed the surgery on my leg were in the room, as they studied the images on the computer screen. James shut the door gently behind us and the two doctors smiled kindly at us as we approached.

"Well the hemorrhage in your brain has gotten even smaller than before. You are making such a fast recovery Kyle." Dr. Kavonic started.

"That's good to hear," my Mom started. "What about his leg? How is the healing process?" And the motherly instinct kicks in, do I look like I can't take care of myself?

"There is still inflammation especially around the patella. His body is still not use to the plating that was placed there." Dr. Olaya replied.

"Is everything going to be okay?" My Mom asked and I sighed, okay fine you take care of it Mom. I'm tired anyways I thought to myself and I stared at James who was staring down at me. Clearly, he knew what I was thinking as I saw him smirking.

"From what I see right now, yes." Dr. Olaya replied. "His body still thinks the plating is some foreign object and isn't accepting it. But we can only know for sure that the plating isn't working out with time."

"What if his body isn't accepting it? What is the next option?" My Mom continued.

"The plating we put in Kyle's leg is one of the best, it's a good product we have and has a very good review and success rate of the human body accepting it. If on the rare case, that Kyle's body doesn't accept it, we will have to try some different plating." Dr. Olaya explained.

"So he would have to go through surgery again?" My Mom asked.

"Yes. But let's hope for the best."

"It's best that Kyle doesn't move that much to allow his leg to properly heal." Dr. Kavonic started "I know it's inevitable since we have to keep an eye on that hemorrhage but once that's clear. We can space out his future tests."

"I see." My Mom replied.

"Kyle would still need to continue his antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. I will also prescribe a lower dosage of pain killers as well." Dr. Olaya added and my Mom continued to ask them more questions but I zoned out on the majority of it. I guess this is the only time that I don't have to look after myself because my Mom was always there to tend to my needs. Whatever, I guess I can be a spoiled prince for once right? After who knows how long, we finally left the room and George pushed my wheelchair back towards my room. As we passed the windows in the hallway, I noticed that it was pouring like crazy outside and it wasn't like that when I started my scans. Oh mother nature, at least you didn't decide on pouring snow and keeping your nature in its right season. Soon we finally arrived at my room and James went on ahead and opened the door, once the door was opened, I saw Allison standing in the middle of my room as she stared at all the gifts I've received in the past two days. I felt myself smiling at the sight of Allison, this is the best moment ever in the past two days.

"Allison." I called out to her and she turned around to look at me and I gave her a smile.

"Hey Kyle," she replied. "Just went out for a check up?" She asked and I nodded as George pushed me into my room and towards my bed. He helped me into my bed and secured me tightly in there, especially my left leg before he excused himself and left.

"Yeah, seems like the hemorrhage in my brain has gotten smaller." I started and I smiled at her and she smiled back at me while I adjusted myself in my bed. God, this feels awful every movement kills me.

"Hello James, Hello Helen." She greeted them and they greeted her back.

"Well I guess Kyle's back." I heard someone say and I looked over towards the bathroom and I saw Ron heading out of there. What? She was with Ronald? This is not the best moment ever in the past two days.

"Do I really want to see you here?" I started and Ronald completely ignored me. What is with him? This is why I don't like him, but I suppose he's better than Jack because I don't see Ronald hurting Allison like Jack has.

"Are you one of Kyle's friend?" My Mom asked.

"No he isn't." I replied and all Ronald did was smile at my Mom. Jerk.

"Jealousy is another bad quality in a guy." Allison told me and I looked at her, who's side is she on anyways? What gives? Why is she defending Ronald? "This is Ronald, he's a good friend of mine and we're in the same math class as Kyle." Allison introduced Ronald to my Mom and James. "This is Kyle's Mom Helen and James, his house care taker."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Rabinovitch and James." Ronald reached his hand out and my Mom as well as James took it. What gives? Really? This is really irritating.

"Oh please, Helen is fine Ronald." My Mom replied with a smile and Ronald returned her a smile as well.

"Ma'am." James started. "Your driver is downstairs waiting for you already."

"Oh my, yes I totally forgot." Yes...because you took your sweet time talking with the two doctors as well as Ronald. "I need to get home and take care of Brandon. I'll leave you youngsters alone now." My Mom turned towards me. "Rest up okay? You had a long day doing so many tests."

"I will Mom." I replied and then she suddenly kissed me on the forehead. Oh god, Mom really?! In front of Allison?! No, especially in front of Ronald?! This isn't a side I want anyone especially Ronald to see. I quickly looked over at Ronald to see his reaction and he was smirking. That asshole I thought, what the hell is he doing here?

"Well I'll see you all next time okay?" My Mom focused her attention back on Allison and Ronald. "Come on James, please escort me so that we can give some space for the young people." She ordered and James nodded, Allison and Ronald both said their goodbyes to them before they walked out of the room and shutting the door gently behind.

"So," I started immediately after they left and both Ronald and Allison were looking at me. "What can I help you with Ronald?"

"Just seeing how you are." He replied.

"As you can see I'm fine." I replied. I quickly looked over at Allison to see her expression but she was just staring at me and then I looked back over at Ronald. "Why did you two come together?"

"We just had a little date." He replied, I knew it was a joke but it wasn't very funny to me. "Relax man, I'm just playing with you. I just picked up Allison from work." Work? Yes I remember hearing her on the phone the other day when Rachel was in the hospital. Does she still work? Where does she work? I looked over at Allison and she looked shyly away, is she still trying to hide her work away from me?

"You're still working? That's why you weren't here for the last two days?" I asked, I was clearly very upset and displeased with all this and she sighed.

"Today was my last day okay." She replied.

"Well," Ronald interrupted us. "You seem fine just like you said. I guess I should get going now, you do know that hospital parking is crazy expensive." Ronald started to turn around and headed for the door. "You're not worth me playing $5 for thirty minutes. See ya!" He continued and then he was out of the room. As soon as Ronald left, it was the happiest moment because I could finally be alone with Allison. Suddenly Allison let out a small laugh while smiling at the door before she looked over at me.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing." She replied, a smile is still written all over her face but I rolled my eyes at her. What is this thing going on between Ronald and Allison? I just don't get it.

"Come here." I started and I shifted over a little on my bed and patted an open space on my bed for her to sit. She slowly came over and then sat down beside me. I reached for her hand and I held her hand tightly in mine, our fingers locked together and I looked at her. "I don't like it that you're so friendly with Ron." I started and then she burst out laughing. What is so funny? I didn't say anything that will cause her to become this hysterical.

"We're just friends and we're not going to be anything more than that."

"I don't trust him." I told her. The way that Ron looks at Allison, it doesn't seem like it's just friends especially what I've experienced with him when Allison and I weren't on good terms. The way he protects Allison, the way he looks at her. "And I still don't know how you feel." She raised her eyebrow at me.

"Ron has someone he loves. I'm just like a sister to him." She replied.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"How do you feel about him?" I asked.

"He's a good friend. I love him." I twitched but not enough for her to see. She loves him, she could say it so easily to someone else but me.

"How do you feel about me then?" I asked and she raised her eyebrow again.

"What are you trying to get at?"

"You can easily say you love Ron but you can't say you love me?" I pulled her closer, hoping that the pressure and the atmosphere will get her to say it.

"I-" She paused, yes she's going to finally say it! "I-" Knock, knock then we suddenly pulled back and looked at the door.

"Damn it." I muttered under my breath and then the door slowly opened and my eyes widened when I saw Rachel in a wheelchair with Uncle Martin pushing her from behind. Today is the first time I've seen her since the accident and she looks terrible. She was paler than I have ever seen her and there were more bruises over her body. Her hair was shaved off and she was wearing a hat to cover it. She looked over at Allison but quickly looked back at me, our eyes locked and then I felt Allison getting up from my bed, her hands untangled.

"Um, am I interrupting?" Rachel started.

"Oh no," Allison replied. "We were just talking." Rachel gave her a weak smile.

"I'm sorry to ask you of this, may I speak to Kyle?" She asked softly. I looked up at Allison who was looking down at me, I looked at her and telepathically I wanted Allison to leave so that I could talk to Rachel. I owe Rachel that much that we really need a serious conversation with each other. I knew that Allison knew what I was thinking as she turned her attention back to Rachel.

"Yeah, sure." She replied and I watched her as she made her way towards the door.

"Thank you." Rachel replied as Allison walked pass her. Uncle Martin pushed her towards me and stopped when she was by my bed side. Uncle Martin looked down at me and gave me a kind and gently smile before he made his way out the door as well. I looked at the door one last time as I saw Allison looking directly at me before Uncle Martin shut the door behind him. I looked over at Rachel and she looked at me. She was very weak, and I know that things were getting worse for her as well. What is it that she wants to talk to me about?

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