"Mr. Gomez," I spoke into my business BlackBerry. Sadly, the order for my new BlackBerry hasn't been shipped yet as well as the one I got Allison since she is so difficult to reach without a cell phone. "Please email me the academic records for Allison Hopkins."

"But sir, that's not the proper procedures. There's no way I could give other people's privacy out." He replied.

"I know it's not. But I need them, you don't want a talented and smart girl to not get into the University of her dreams do you?"

"No, of course not. But by law, I can't do that."

"True, but if I use the authorities I have as the owner of the school just to check up on the academic stats of my school, I'm pretty sure that I will be granted to see those records." I told him and he remained quiet. Suddenly I heard a sigh on the other side of the line.

"Very well sir, I will get to it immediately." He replied.

"Thank you so much, our kind principal." I replied and then hung up the phone. I busied myself back onto the screen of my laptop as I continued to research on, Riverdale, the University that I remembered Allison looking up at my house during Christmas. I picked up my BlackBerry once again and I dialed Charles number because it's time for him to do his job.

"Why hello there Kyle, nice to hear from you again. How are you?" He spoke into the phone and I sighed, I don't need chit chats right now.

"I'm fine now Charles." I replied, "now let's just get down to business."

"You work me too hard Kyle." He replied and I laughed.

"Well I didn't call you for quite some time now so you should of had enough rest away from me. Plus I pay you quite a decent amount you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just playing with you Kyle. What's up? What can I do for you? More stalking of a guy or something?" He joked.

"Well, I suppose so." I replied, Allison's Dad, Steven, and Samuel are guys. "First thing first, can I get a full history for Steven, and David Hopkins. I also want their career history and the information on the company they're working for."

"Being a creep yet again?" He continued his joke.

"Laugh all you want," I replied, "but get me all the information in two days."

"Two days?! You got to be kidding me!"

"Stop being lazy, I know you can do it Charles so stop complaining."

"Yeah yeah, got it." He replied.

"Thank you, I probably will need you to help me more later."

"The last boy? Samuel was it? You are too in love with this girl Kyle." He teased.

"Shut up Charles. I don't think this is how you should be talking to your boss." I joked back.

"Well, I do have a pretty lay back and chill boss."

"Sweet talk all you want Charles, the two day deadline isn't going to change."

"Yeah, yeah I'm on it. I'll call you when I'm done everything."

"Thank you Charles." I replied and we hung up the phone. I looked over at James, who was sitting by the sofa with a laptop in front of him as he's also helping me do some errands.

"James," I called out to him and he turned to look at me. "Have you set up a date to meet up with the dean for Riverdale University I want to get Allison into?"

"Yes, the best time he said he could come to the hospital is in two week." Two week? Why so late? I want to get this done as soon as possible.

"And the meeting time?"

"On a Wednesday at 11am, Allison will be in school at that time, so there won't be any issues of her coming to visit you at the wrong time." James replied.

"Good." I replied, "James, I want you to contact Donna Dixon and set up a meeting with her in the next few days."

"Why?" James asked.

"Because Allison's brother wants to become a lawyer, I want him to work for my family law firm." I replied. "I want the meeting to be a few days after I received the documents from Charles. I need to review it first so I know what needs to be done to organize this."

"Very well, is there anything else?" James asked.

"Yes there is. Look into which University offers the best law program. And since you're at it, find an University with a good technology program as well."

"Sure thing." James replied and he began to dial numbers on his BlackBerry. Very soon, I can finally make Allison smile the way I love her to smile. All of her worries, burden will be gone because I took care of everything, that way she will have no excuse.


It has been a little bit over a week since my accident, and I've been through countless tests and been poked several of times. Fortunately, I am getting better and Dr. Kavonic told me that I might be able to get discharged in a few weeks as well as taking the cast on my left arm off. Sadly thought, I wasn't able to get much done for Allison's surprise as she did visited quite often as well as my Mom and Brandon. I wouldn't hear the end of it if my Mom found out that I've been doing things instead of resting. There were times when Allison came to visit and she found me on my laptop working on proposals and profiles for her Dad and Steven's company as well as all the paperwork that needs to be done for her University application. My heart always felt like it fell out of my chest because I didn't want her to find out what I was doing, so I actually preferred her to get angry at me. After reviewing the documents I received from Charles, Steven's case seems to be easier to deal with because it was just a matter of get him fired and oh look, an opportunity for you to go to law school appears. Allison's Dad's case is a little bit more tricky even though I found out that my family has quite a large amount of shares for his company, but I would have to deal with their board of directors.

"Kyle, Mrs. Dixon is on the phone." James started and I took the BlackBerry out of his hand and placed it on my ears.

"Hello Mrs. Dixon, it's been awhile. How have you been?" I started the conversation.

"Oh I'm fine. I've heard about what happened to you from your Father, how are you feeling? Thank god nothing happened to you."

"Thanks for your concern, but I'm alright now." I replied

"That's good to hear."

"I hate to do this but shall we get done to business?" I asked.

"Yes of course. It's rare of you to be setting up a meeting with me when there is no legal case involved."

"Yes and I apologize for that, but have you read over the profile and proposal I sent to you?"

"I have, his marks are quite impressive. It's a sad thing that he didn't attend law school, he would be an outstanding lawyer in the future."

"Mrs. Dixon, that is why we are here."

"Right, I have went over your proposal but it sounds easier than putting this into action. First thing first, we will have to deal with the company he's currently working for. I believe that he's under contract with his company and it can't just be voided just like that. The company he is working for has quite a good reputation, would he easily just leave that job to go to school?"

"That's why I'm here Mrs. Dixon. I have no problem dealing with the penalization for breaching the contract Steven has with his company. However, what I need from you is just to lie a little bit."

"What exactly do you mean?" She asked.

"I just want you to tell him that you would be paying for the tuition when clearly I will be. I've already done the necessary research for the law school I want him to attend and I will be sending you the documents very soon."

"Of course I have no problem saying that, but the problem we have right now is with human resources, there is no position that he can take."

"I'm not asking for a very high position from him, look at his profile of what I got someone to find out about him." I told her as I looked at the profile Charles sent me about Steven, everything he could find possible is written on the screen of my laptop. His personality, his school, career, academic marks, and all that, I have it all. "Judging from his character, I believe he would be willing to start all the way from the bottom without complaint."

"Yes, I do see that. But don't you think it's going to be difficult for him because of the reason he got into the firm?"

"Yes, I have already taken that into considerations, that is why I want you to put him into the lowest possible position you have in the firm. I want the others to see his ability, not how he got hired."

"Okay, I get it. I will try my best."

"Thank you." I replied, "there is also something else I would like you to help me with."

"Does this have to do with the other profile you've sent me?" She asked, she's on top of the game and I love it.

"Yes, do you think you can do something about the company for David Hopkins? As you can see, my family has quite a large amount of shares but legally speaking, how much authorization would I have to do a little human resource change?"

"Technically, you have none. You are just a share holder and you do have some percentage of the company, it does give you the opportunity to vote in any board of director meetings and you earn a certain amount from the company at the end of the year. I'm not sure how much they'll listen to you since you have never done anything for the company."

"Is there something you can do?"

"I can try, but give me some time to sort things out." She replied.

"Okay thank you so much, I know I asked quite a lot from you."

"It's okay, just doing my job." She replied.

"And what about the case of Steven Hopkins?"

"I'm sure everything would go smoothly with him. The only problem is the company he's working for." She replied and then suddenly there was a knock on my door and Allison popped her head in. Shit I thought to myself, not now! I kept my eyes locked on hers and she glared at me, probably upset that I have a laptop in front of me and I'm on the phone.

"Please do something about the company, I would like him to be transfer as soon as possible okay?" I told her, my eyes still watching Allison's.

"Yes, of course. I would look more into the legal side of the contract first."

"Yes, also get everything prepared with the law firm. Okay bye." I hung up in a haste, feeling back that I didn't let Donna say anything else. I guess I would call her again and apologize to her later. I focused my attention on Allison as she was still standing outside of the room, with only her head inside.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to work and rest instead?" She nagged but her voice was strict and firm. I looked down on my lap and I quickly shut down the monitor so that she wouldn't get any glimpse of what I was planning and immediately handed it over to James.

"What work?" I gave her an innocent smile, and she rolled her eyes at me. I would rather let her think that I am working, seriously. I worked so hard to plan all these surprises for her, I can't let it get ruined already. "Are you going to come in or just stand there by the door all day?" I asked, trying to change the topic.

"Well, I'm not going to be staying for long." She replied, what? Why? It's the weekends today is it not?

"Why not?" I asked.

"Cause I have plans." She replied and then she turned around and I heard her muttered something but I couldn't pick up what she said. Is she with someone? Who's there right her?

"Plans? Who are you with?" I asked.

"Um-" She started, and she's hesitating. "Don't get mad okay?"

"Okay..." I replied, trailing off my sentence, what is she planning? Suddenly she swung the door opened and Cindy and Sandy came storming into the room. What is there for me to get angry about? It's just her friends.

'Hello Kyle!" They exclaimed and they let themselves into the room.

"Hey you two." I replied. It's been a long time since I last saw them and it's good to see them again. They put a smile on Allison that I could never put on her. I looked over by the door and Allison was still by the door, as if she was gesturing someone else to come in. Suddenly she disappeared into the hallway and when she came back into sight, I felt a rage of anger boiling inside me because who I saw was Jack, Jack the crazy bastard. Allison dragged him into the room and then shut the door behind them as they came closer to me.

"Eh, yo." Jack started without making any eye contact with me. Does he know what he just did? Does he know how upset I am for him to be here after all I've done for him?

"Allison..." I trailed my sentence off again, I'm not impressed and I knew Allison could see it in my face. "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

"What?" She replied as if she did nothing wrong. "They all decided to visit me before school starts again, I wasn't planning on coming today but when I told them about you they thought it was a good idea to visit you." She explained, but her explanation doesn't mean that she could bring Jack in front of me.

"Allison, I thought that we talked about this last time."

"And that didn't turn out to be a very nice conversation." And she was right, it wasn't. But I just can't let Jack near Allison, I can't trust him.

"Can't you just listen to me for once Allison? Why are you being so stubborn?"

"I'm not Kyle, I thought I told you that you have no rights to tell me who I can or can't be friends with." I sighed, I don't want to fight with her especially after I know that things between us are getting better. I looked over at Jack and he was looking directly back at me. Oh Jack, what on earth are you thinking about? I feel so uncomfortable for him being here, and if Jack does do anything to Allison right now, I can't protect her in the state I am in now.

"Jack leave this place immediately and I don't want to see you anywhere near Allison ever again." I told him.

"Kyle!" Allison yelled at me. "You said you're not going to be mad." Mad? I am mad, but I did say I wasn't going to be, so I am trying as best as I could to hide the anger I have right now.

"I'm not mad Allison, I'm displeased." I looked at her and she was looking directly at me, she was angry. Why is she angry at me for? "If I can't get it through your head, I'll try getting it through his." Suddenly Jack chuckled and I looked over at him, what's so funny?

"Don't you think you're being a little bit controlling?" Jack asked and I just stared at him, where is he going with this?

"What?" I replied.

"Allison isn't yours to control. I understand why you're acting this way because you would like to protect Allison from me, someone who did horrific things to her. However it was Allison who decided to forgive me, if she at all doesn't want to see me I'll disappear immediately and never appear in front of her face ever again. But that doesn't seem like the case, so shouldn't you at least respect her decisions?"

"I'm not controlling Allison in any way. I just don't want her to get hurt anymore." I replied.

"You've hurt her a lot more than I did Kyle." Jack replied and I clenched my hand into a fist but I know what he said was true. I did hurt Allison a lot, I'm just being a hypocrite for saying that I didn't hurt her as much as Jack did. "If you love her you wouldn't have done what you did to her, it seems like you still haven't fully understand Allison nor do you know her well enough." He continued and I saw Allison nudging him but he ignored her.

"I acknowledge that what I did to Allison was painful for the both of us, and I'm not proud of it. But I would never physically hurt her like you did, no matter how crazy I get." I replied and then neither of us said anything. The tension in the air was thick and I knew everyone felt it, if I wasn't stuck in this bed I think I would probably go throw a punch across his face. Suddenly Allison walked in between us, and the tension disbursed.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought Jack here. I was wrong to think that you'll accept Jack, I just thought that you guys could get to know each other better." Allison started. I stared at Allison, does she seriously think that I could be friends with Jack? I don't know, that's quite a very difficult request. However, for the first time, I have never seen Allison admitting that she was wrong, she was always stubborn to her decisions and it took all my efforts to try to change her mind, yet she did it on her own.

"Wow, Allison admitted she was wrong." I joked, trying to get her to smile back and lower the tension in the room but all she did was shot a deadly glare at me.

"I know, she's the biggest hot head there is, and she's so violent." Jack added and we laughed at the same time. I never really seen this side of Jack before, yes I have read the reports Dr. Irwin gave us daily on his progress, but it was all just a piece of paper and I would never believe what was written on it until I see it. I know that James has been telling me that Jack isn't what he seems to be and all that but I just couldn't believe it, or I should say I didn't want to believe it.

"Clearly" Allison sarcastically said. "I am not understanding something, so therefore I'll be leaving now." What? Where is she going? What doesn't she understand?

"No, stay here." I called after her, "if I could see you for a little bit longer, then I don't mind Jack staying here. I rather you stay here so that I could see what you guys are doing."

"Are you spying on her then?" Sandy asked me and I laughed.

"No, I just feel more relaxed if I'm there if Allison and Jack are to be together."

"But who said I was okay with it?" Allison asked and I shrugged, I did?

"Whatever the case is," Cindy added, "we're here to visit Kyle right? We can't just elave since we just got here!" I watched Cindy as she made her way over to the sofa and sat down, making herself comfortable.

"Well for sure I don't want to be out there right now." Jack added as he made his way over to the sofa as well and pointed out the window. I looked out the window and it was pouring dogs and cats out there. Yes, mother nature is on my side today.

"Guess we're camping in for a bit." Sandy also agreed and joined Jack and Cindy in the sofas. I looked over at Allison and she was staring at Jack as if she was thinking about something, but what?

"Come here," I told her and James pulled a seat next to my bed. I watched Allison as she unzipped her jacket and draped it over the back of the chair and sat down.

"James," Allison started.

"Yes Allison?" James replied.

"Can you please, please kill Kyle if he ever works again?" She told him and he laughed. As if James would kill me, he loves me too much.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I will be able to kill him." He replied.

"Then please, stop him from working. Stop giving him this laptop of his back to him!"

"Sure thing." James smiled and he made his way over to the sofa and sat down as well, laptop in his lap as he finished up the work that I didn't manage to finish because of Allison's sudden visit. I stared at Allison and then she turned her head so that she was staring at me as well. I gave her a gentle, kind smile, hoping to get away with all that happened earlier.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing." I replied.

"I'm angry at you." She continued with a glare.

"Why?" I asked, but clearly I knew why she was mad. It was either one, she thinks that I'm working or two, the way I behaved towards Jack.

"If I ever see you work again, I sweat I'll never visit you again." She threatened, yeah I was write, it was number one.

"Yikes, I can't have that happening. I promise I won't ever work again while I'm in the hospital resting." I smiled, and of course this was an easy task because I wasn't working for the company, I was working on a surprise for you.

"Wow, this is a nice room. I don't think I ever seen such a fancy hospital room before." Cindy started, hoping to start a conversation in the room.

"It's nothing special." I replied and soon I regretted saying it. As Allison always say, not every seventeen year old kid is a CEO of a company.

"Psh, says the one that's filthy rich." Jack joked, but I ignored him because it seems like he just read my mind.

"What were you all planning to do today anyways? Did you know the weather was going to be this bad?" I asked.

"No idea whatsoever. We just wanted to see Allison again since it's been awhile." Sandy replied. "we kind of wanted to sightsee, since the last time we were here, all we went to were malls and cute cafes."

"Well, there's still summer. There's more things to do in the summer time anyways." I told her.

"Really? Like what?" She asked and I sat there thinking of all the fun activities that I use to love doing when I was a kid, way before I started helping my Dad with the company.

"There's a lot of festivals on the beaches and stuff." I replied, and it was one of the favourite things I love when I was a kid. Who wouldn't enjoy a day at the beach with a festival going on with lots of food?

"Really? That sounds so cool!" Sandy exclaimed and suddenly Allison stood up from her seat and walked over towards the sofa where everyone else was sitting.

"I'm going to go get something to drink, want anything?" She asked.

"Oh sure! Anything is fine with me." Cindy replied.

"Me too." Sandy replied.

"I'll go with-" Jack started.

"No, you should stay here." James interrupted him and he got up from his seat, turning the laptop off. "I'll go with her, it'll be my treat." Job well done James, I think I would have an anxiety attack knowing that Jack and Allison are together alone. Yes, I might be willing to open up to Jack a little bit, but I don't think I'm fine with them being alone.

"Well, anything is fine with me too." Jack replied after he looked at James and Allison for awhile.

"What about you?" Allison turned to me and I shook my head. Soon James and Allison walked out of the room and shut the door behind us. The room was quiet, if there were crickets in here, I bet that's all we would hear and it seems like I'm not the only one that feels awkward. I looked over at Cindy and Sandy and they were whispering things into each other's ears as they kept looking back between Jack and I. I looked over at Jack and he was just doing his own thing on his phone, as if nothing was bothering him or did he sense the awkwardness in the room.

"So how are you girls? It's been awhile hasn't it?" I asked, hoping the break the ice.

"We've been good, school and all is a bit of a drag you know. Especially when University applications are due just around the corner." Sandy replied.

"Have you girls finished your applications?" I asked.

"Yeah we have, but it's all the waiting game I suppose." Sandy replied.

"And the pressure for us to do well on the final exams is a killer." Cindy added and I laughed.

"I'm sure you two would do just fine." I replied. "What are you two going into?"

"English." Sandy asked, "we really want to get into Riverdale University. We found that they have such a good English program there." Riverdale University? That's the University that I want Allison to get in, I will be meeting with the dean in a couple of days, maybe I will put a word or two for Cindy and Sandy as well, secretly of course.

"I see, I'm sure you two would get into the program." I replied.

"I hope so." Cindy added.

"So, you two known Allison since you were all kids?" I asked and they nodded.

"Yup, since kindergarten." Sandy added. "All three of us just somehow clicked and well, we're still here after all these years."

"Was she always like how she is? So protective?" I asked, truly curious on how Allison use to be.

"No, she was never guarded, in fact she was such a care free person and outgoing." Cindy replied.

"She was very cheerful and her smile was the prettiest out of all three of us. The only reason she was so guarded and lost all trust in boys was because of the incident with Jack." Sandy added.

"Excuse me, I'm right here too you know." Jack interrupted and he seemed displeased with where the conversation was heading. I looked over at Jack and he was looking at me as well, neither of us said anything and once again the tension became thick. For crying out loud, I think I should seriously have a conversation with Jack to get this tension over and got between us. I know that the two of us has problems and I know that Jack wouldn't back off from Allison nor will Allison just forget about Jack. I should respect Allison and hope that she made the right decision to be friends with Jack once again. Since that's Allison's decision, I would be meeting with Jack probably a few more times so might as well make peace right? Even if I don't ever see Jack again, I know that Jack and Allison would hang out like today, so might as well get this over with and really see what kind of person Jack really is.

"Sorry to ask you girls for this, but can you two give some privacy for Jack and I?" I asked them. They looked at each other and then they slowly nodded before they got up from their seats and heading out the room.

"What's the deal?" Jack asked as soon as we were alone.

"I just want to get this over with."

"Get what over with?"

"Get over the fact that I won't be able to change Allison's mind to being your friend. So I might as well just accept the fact."

"You? Accepting the fact? That's a surprise." He replied, clearly his respond is still guarded and offensive but I understand because I'm just like that as well.

"Yes, it's also surprising to me that I'm willing to do this. I know that Allison cherishes you as a good friend, but it's clear that I don't see that because of what you did to her. I have to accept that fact but I don't truth you a hundred percent yet."

"So I need your stamp of approval now?"

"No, it doesn't matter if you have my approval or not and it sure doesn't seem like Allison cares if I approve of you or not. It's just that I want to see what everyone's been telling me, how Allison sees you."

"How everyone sees me?" Jack asked, confused at where I was going.

"You do know that I get a daily report on your for your progress don't you?" He nodded. "Dr. Irwin saw you as a kind gentleman, same with James yet I don't see any of it. Yes it's written in the report but from the encounters I had with you, they aren't very pleasant ones, that is why I refuse to believe any of it. Allison of course, knew the real you that is why she was so forgiving about you during the last time you were here."

"So from what you're saying, you want to be friends?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Friend is a strong word at this point." I replied, "friend might come from us later, but for now, I'm willing to open up to get to know you better because you are an important friend to Allison. And after this whole process, if I manage to get the crazy image of you out of my head then that's all the better for everyone. But of course there is a chance that I would still remaining not liking you, but that wouldn't make a difference because Allison is the one that trusts you and I can't do anything about it but to just accept that fact."

"I understand where you're going with this, and I appreciate that you are willing to go through all this because of Allison. But I want you to know that I don't trust you either."

"Fair enough, I expected that." I told him.

"But I understand where you're coming from dude." He started, "I know that if I was in your position, I would be doing exactly the same thing for Allison. I know how difficult it would be to even suck it up and talk to me, like have a serious conversation with me without trying to choke me to death while doing it. I really do appreciate you doing this for Allison, and as for me, I could have cared less but I will try to get to know you too."

"Thank you," I replied, "well let's see how this works out then."

"I suppose so." He replied, "but I do know that I fucked up, I fucked up big time. That is why I'm trying my best to fix and do whatever I can for Allison."

"And I appreciate that from you, I know how much you mean to Allison so I just want her to be happy, and if she's happy being friends with you, then I'm good with it. Of course, like I said early, I don't trust you."

"And I don't trust you too." He replied, giving me a slight smile.

"Sadly to say, Allison loves you for who you really are." I replied.

"Yes, sadly to say but Allison is in love with you, I mean crazy in love with you even after what you put her through recently." I flustered. I don't get why I always hear other people telling me that Allison is in love with me when she, herself isn't saying it to me. It means nothing to me when other people tell me, I just need to hear it from her.

"Well, like you, I'm not proud of what I did. And everyone says that Allison loves me but I never heard it from her mouth before."

"Give her time, she's shy."

"Did it take you a while before you heard it from her?" I asked and he nodded.

"I knew deep down that she wanted to say it, but she was just never good with the lovey words so I never really pressured her anymore after I found it out and soon she said it herself." Oh? I guess that's a pro to getting to know Jack more, love advices since he did date her before.

"Well, I guess I should keep that in mind."

"You should." He replied.

"Was Allison like how she is with me when you two were dating?" I asked, curious about their relationship now. He sat there and thought about it for awhile before he opened his mouth and spoke.

"I don't think that's the appropriate question to ask me," he replied. "When I dated Allison, she was not guarded or had a wall built in front of her. You had the difficult time trying to break the wall down, so of course that was the difference between the relationship I had with her and the relationship you have with her. But one thing I can tell you is that Allison is slowly becoming like the girl she use to be, before I messed her up." I sat there and thought about everything, although it's true that I did experience the worse of Allison and I had the hard time getting to her, but I managed. After all that's happened, I was blinded to see how much I hurt Allison and when I realized, it was too late and I barely saved us. But after everything has been cleared up, I finally see the real Allison, the happy, cheerful, outgoing Allison that her old friends mentioned, this is the real Allison.

"I suppose you're right." I replied and chuckled. Suddenly he got up from the sofa, stretched and heading over to the door, "I think we're done our talk now aren't we?" He asked and I nodded.

"I believe we should be cool now." I replied and he nodded.

"Well, I think I should thank you again. Although Allison saved me, you saved Allison." He replied and then he turned the door knob, and the door swung opened. "Sorry we took awhile," he started as soon as he opened the door. "Come back in." He continued and he moved aside, letting Cindy, Sandy, Allison, and James back in. I stared at Allison and she was staring at me, cautiously, probably wondering what really went on in here between Jack and I.

"I meant to say this earlier," I started. "You look different today, you're dressed differently than you usually do." Now, I want to get to know the real Allison so that I could be that much closer with her.

"That's how she always dresses," Jack replied. "when I met her and when we dated." I stared at Jack and I smirked at him. Is he trying to rub it in my face to make me jealous because I didn't experience this side of Allison yet?

"What were you two talking about?" Allison asked as soon as she was by my side and I just smiled at her, a secret is a secret darling.

"Nothing in particular. You look really beautiful today." I replied, changing the topic.

"Kyle." She replied, staring at me as she waited for me to give her a better answer.


"You're not going to tell me? Did you make peace with Jack? I mean Jack already exposed you outside when we were waiting, he said that you're quite fond of Jack's personality." I shot a look at James but he wasn't looking at me but I knew he felt my deadly glare, what on earth has he been telling Allison that I don't know about?

"Now is not the right time to talk about it okay? Can we talk about this another time?" Because it really isn't a good time to talk about this. I'm still trying to let everything sink in myself.

"Fine, but you better tell me okay?"

"Yeah, I will." I smiled at her, if I ever remember and she gave me a weak smile back. She isn't impressed with my answer but she knows that she needs to deal with it. I still can't believe that I made peace with Jack, especially after all that he did to Allison. I'm surprised that the anger I felt towards him when he first stepped into this room a while ago has disappeared. Does this mean that I am actually willing to be friends with Jack and get to know him better? To know that he wouldn't hurt Allison like before? Whatever the case may be, I will do anything, anything to make Allison smile that gorgeous smile of hers. I never want to see her frown anymore, from now on I will make her smile.

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