A little pastel tugboat chugs through the sky
Puffing out stardust from the mini chimney
Toot-toots echoing through the clouds
Signals the start of the Star Catcher's day

A net spun from fairy silk
Is cast over the boat
Skimming through the clouds
As the stars get tangled in it

Pulling up the net once full
The threads sparkling from the starlight
The Catcher tossed out some of the stars
To lighten the load
Only to make shooting stars arc across the sky

Pulling up to the cloud docks
With a full net in hand,
She anchored down and went to her stall
Sorting out what to sell

Once the stand was open, all lined up to buy
Angels, pixies, and magic users alike
Everyone bought what the Star Catcher caught
And none were turned away

With her stall empty and her jar full of salt-water taffy
The Catcher closed her stall for today
With a little yawn and a rub of her eyes
She went to her cloud cottage
Dreaming of the next night's catch.