Author's Note: As you read through this series you will see similarities to other books, movies, tv shows and video games. At the time when I originally started writing this as a teenager my story was influenced by what I read, watched, and played. Hope you enjoy. This is also my first time that I shared my story with public, comments are greatly appreciated.

The Orihumana Series

Book 1



I sometimes wondered what my purpose in life was. Many people would say the purpose of life is to fall in love, have children, be happy, and follow and higher power. I thought my purpose in life was to survive. I survived being abandoned by my parents, survived a brutal accident that took my adopted father, and survived World War 3. Part way through my life I found my purpose in life. My purpose was the harbinger of death for mankind.

I was no ordinary man. I was special no ordinary human could conceive, I was special as in having the gift of intelligence or have an inborn ability to be a master at something. I was special in a way that brought fear to people who didn't know me and fear to people who knew of me. I was a walking breathing weapon of mass destruction.

My purpose in life was to dominate over man. To reduce man back to nothing and rise them back than back to nothing. I was part of a grander plan than what ordinary man thinks. From the day I was born I became the key player in shaping what to become the future of the galaxy and the universe. You may wonder how this is possible and how I got this way. It's a long story that spans trillions of years. I'm going to keep it to my life.

My name is Ezekiel Levicus. I was born August 22nd 1984. I was born to parents who disappeared right after I was born. I was adopted the doctor who helped birth me. I was raised by him until I was 12 where I lost him in a brutal accident. From there I was shipped between foster families and group homes. I acquired close friends through my teenage years. In that time I discovered that had strange abilities. You could say superhero abilities but that's another story in itself.

Toward the end of my teenage years in the last group home I would ever be in and met my future wife and my friend that would be like a brother to me for the rest of life. After I turned 18 I was released from the group home to seek out a life of my own. I tried out my jobs but I found them all boring. I made the decision to become a military man. I joined the Air Force. Following my example some of my friends followed into service through different branches. My strange abilities accelerated my career through the Air Force.

Some years after joining the Air Force the world's terrorist problem began to reach new heights. The U.S. responded by opening a new military branch designated to hunt down terrorist with any means necessary. This branch was not openly known to public. This force was more top secret than Delta. I was selected for training and I passed with flying colors. My other friends that had joined the military had been selected and passed. For 3 years our force was very successful at what we did. All went well until one our force members shot the wife of another member, the husband than disappeared. This incident would spark a multigenerational family blood feud.

A year later our force was put in a tough spot deep in China a country that claimed to have no terrorists. I don't remember much of what happened but I was captured and our force was brought to the public light. I didn't stay captured for long as another division of my force came and freed us. This had very dire consequences, China declared war.

Within months the world became a battle ground. China with help of North Korea took most of Asia and the western part of North America. Both sides started to reach a stalemate around the 3 year of the war. Both sides were also afraid of unleashing their nuclear arsenal.

Our counter terrorist force during the war was finally given a name, Task Force Zeta. We were given access to experimental weaponry and vehicles. Our mission was to get behind enemy lines and destabilize them. Our mission didn't go well and we were reassigned to defend the homeland.

World War 3 came to an end in its fifth year when both sides realized the war was going nowhere and the world's population had been nearly cut in half. A treaty was formed and signed. But the world did not go back to the way it had been before the war. Asia, Australia, and some eastern parts of Europe were under Chinese control. China gave back the western part of North America.

There was peace, for a time. You're still wondering how I'm supposed to be a key player in the fate of the galaxy. I'm getting there.

I was in my early 30s when a major incident shocked the world. Several nukes went off in Chinese held territory. The group responsible for setting off the nukes was capture and at the head of the group was the man who lost his wife. He claimed he was acting on orders from the U.S. The U.S. denied the claims and China didn't listen. Than everyone's worse fears came true. China launched its nuclear weapons. I was home with my wife when the report came. My life became a countdown. The U.S. launched its nuclear weapons in response. The whole world held its breath.

I was holding my wife waiting for the nukes to drop but nothing happened. Reports across the world came in of lights in the night sky over Chinese and what looked to be space ships in orbit from the U.S. I grabbed a telescope and went outside to see what they were talking about. When I got outside I realized the telescope wasn't needed. As plain as day I could see a ship reflecting the sun's light.

For weeks the ships stayed hovering outside Earth's atmosphere. I was called in to head a response team if ships turned hostile. Majority of the team voiced that if the aliens attack our technology would be no match for theirs. I was an agreement but I was going to follow orders. Than first contact was made, made in the form of a phone call that was received on all cell phones whoever had one, on land lines, radios, and an audio broadcast on the internet. The first words the uttered by the aliens were, the all famous "We come in peace."

Something deep down inside me sparked and I heard a voice in my head. "The time on corruption has begun. Observe the world around you and take note. This corruption mush end." The voice disappeared.

Most people would think if the aliens came in peace that they were here to help advance our race become less warlike since we were just about to blow each other to hell. They did none of that. They did come down from their ships mingled with us humans and made speeches of helping humans but they did the exact opposite.

After about 2 months the aliens up and one day disappeared. Then the strangest occurrence happened nobody remembered they were ever here. Even my wife didn't remember. It took me a couple days to piece everything together. The aliens had come wiped out all the nukes that were in flight did something to our minds and wiped them clean of their present on Earth. After they had left for some strange reason all world government talked of joining together in a massive search for extra-terrestrials. No one remembered we had been at war with China and its allies. I ended up deciding to keep my mouth shut.

After a couple years a discovery was made. Using an ultra-powerful space telescope astronomers had found a star system with a habitable planet and an unmistakable outlines of ships in orbit. Most people would have debated that we shouldn't make contact because they could be a hostile aliens bent on enslaving us, but to my amazement the scientific proceed with plans to build a ship to travel the stars. After more discoveries were made in science I soon realized that the aliens had come to implant in our minds advanced technology and way to get to them.

I received news that I had been picked to command to crew of the ship UNSS Far Journeyer. Even after that stranger things happened. All my close friends had been picked to be part of the crew. I finally came to the conclusion the aliens had come manipulated humans to suit their needs for a grand plan and I was the only one who knew about. The drawback to this mission I was assigned was the mission wouldn't occur for another 150 years. Pretty soon hundred man crew that included the families of crew members were cryogenically frozen and tucked away in a secret base.

One hundred fifty years later we are were woken up to find the world way different than when we left it. Mankind had spread to the farthest reaches of the solar system. There were colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and ships exploring Pluto. We were all taken to the moon where the Far Journeyer had been built. When we arrived at the moon we found out the ship had been put inside a giant cannon. On later explanation the cannon was an accelerator to help boost the speed of the ship.

In the 150 years we had been under a more desirable planet had been found to make first contact, a planet 124 light years away. I didn't pay much attention detail during the briefing but the one thing that the journey for my ship and crew would last about years while 124 years would pass for people on earth. Scientists had discovered a way to tunnel through space reducing travel time for my ship but years would pass for people back on earth. A hundred and twenty four years just to hear from us was a long time.

We were all put on the ship and sent to the star with me in command. The 10 year trip and its ups and downs, when we finally arrived at our destination that's when things got interesting and this is were I will pick up from.