A project for English, I was told to write a poem about the seasons, and here is my first work on the topic, It needs a little polishing so I would love any comments on how to improve.


The Seasons

The seasons, so different yet so alike.

The colorful and unique personalities that are brought to the surface as they change.

This is a poem about the Seasons.


The fair and light complexion of winter, an everlasting beauty encased in ice, waiting patiently for the warm gaze of the sun to grace her delicate figures.

The cold and emotionless face, the mask seen on one who reminisces on the dark past.

Winter, the days of an unchanging world surrounded by a blanket of downy snow.


The shy budding flowers of spring with their wind-chime giggle as the cool breeze whispers of a warmer day.

The young and trusting child, wondering if the cold will come and whisk them away again into the dark night.

This is the time of spring, when the world awakens to start anew.


The carefree fireflies of summer, dancing in the balmy night air craftily avoiding the jars of anxious toddlers that run around on the inky green grass of a pasture. The stars are out and shine brightly as if diamonds in the onyx sky.

The warmth of summer, when the earth is at its fullest, bloomed and blossomed.


The forlorn trees of autumn tremble as the harsh November wind tears what little leaves they had from their rough branches.

They brace themselves for another violent gust of frigid air knowing winter is sluggishly creeping across the land, putting all the furry creatures into yet another seemingly endless slumber.

Fall, when the trees fall idle and the animals hibernate; the world is getting ready for a rest, to recuperate for the cycle.


As winter starts again, an era comes to an end. Yet in this ageless cycle, as one year comes, another begins in the spring, with new chances and beginnings.