I thought this up after traveling through the woods of my back yard in late autumn, and the thoughts going through my head were: "What if someone died in the very place I am standing?" Creepy thoughts, as per usual.

This is the sad ending of the tale of a maiden who was lost among the frost bitten soil, this is the closing of an innocent soul.


The Crimson Wood

Autumn leaves falling all around,

As her body starts to rot within the ground.


Her anguished cries had once pierced the frigid air,

As dirt and twigs entwined in her raven hair.


The daggers silver shone in the moon lit night,

Reflecting on the strangers face, the victor of the fight.


Her obsidian eyes full of fearful tears of death,

As he savagely took her final breath.


Her blood so vivid, Her blood so red,

Smoothly trickled down the side of her head.


Her lifeless corpse, still warm, lay upon the leaf covered ground.

Not a whimper, nor a peep, not a single sound.


Deep within the forest, in the crisp autumn air.

Lies the remnant of Olivia Blair.


Who shall forever remain in the Crimson Wood.