Spax vs. the Nether Dragon

My names Spax and I'm one of the 5 protectors of the Underworld. We patrol the Underworld in search of trouble. This is the story of when me and my spirit form needed to take out the Nether Dragon. Now before we continue, I'll explain briefly what a spirit form is. When you live in Hell, it's not an easy life. That's why we have spirit forms. With spirit forms, we can survive every hit we take as long as our respectful spirit form is safe. Most of the guardians will keep their spirit forms at their home base, but my spirit form is special. He has trained for the longest as I am the oldest of the Underworld Guardians. So that's why we never leave each other's side. Anyway, back to the main point.

Me and My spirit form Xaps (Spirit Forms names are always the reverse of their proper companion. The reasoning for this is unknown) were patrolling by the Sky Crater, or more simply put the entrance to the underworld. When we were generally close to the village that lived near the Sky Crater, Me and Xaps heard an enormous roar sound. We rushed over to the edge of a cliff near the village to see the Nether Dragon ripping the roofs off of the houses with its razor sharp claws and smashing the remains of the houses with its twin spiked tails. As unfortunate as it was for the village to be destroyed, me and him could do nothing as we were unarmed. We ran back towards home base.

Back at our base we started debating whether or not we should attempt to slay the dragon, or if we should report to Headmaster Maxus for assistance. "We can't go to Maxus for help," Xaps began, "He's probably been around for as long as that dragon has and he'll just try locking it away like he did with the Hell Demon."

"What's so bad about that, I mean the Hell Demon has been locked up for nearly 15 years, and the seal is still in good condition." Spax replied.

"Maxus needed a great deal of magic to create that seal, and it doesn't seem like the old guy has enough power left to do it again."

"I guess you're right, and with that being true, I guess it's up to us to slay the dragon ourselves." Spax said.

"I guess that's true." Xaps agreed.

"Well we shouldn't just sit here doing nothing until the dragon comes and finds us. Let's gear up."

Spax and Xaps ran along the bridge of an abandoned Netherhold. (Kinda like a castle, but underground and in hell) Spax held his chained war axe, which he could send flying without letting go due to the chain, tightly in his hand. Xaps immediately formed his own, gold like, chained war axe out of thin air. They heard a thundering roar sound from the distance.

"This way!" Spax called as he veered left onto another bridge. They ran towards where the roar came from. When they reached where the roar came from he suddenly realized that this was one of the five kingdoms in the Nether. He recognized it as the one Kara protected. Being high up from the ground was a disadvantage as it would be difficult to get to the ground and attack from the dragons weak spot. He looked up to see that the ceiling of this part of the Nether was relatively low to the ground. Looking at his Chained War-Axe, he thought of a plan. He unlocked the chain and then sent the War-Axe flying up into the ceiling. Xaps mimicked Spax. Spax locked the chain and pulled the chain to make sure that it wouldn't get released when he swung to the ground. He spotted a ledge about 13 feet below and 30 feet away. He closed his eyes tightly, ran forward and jumped. Xaps followed behind them. To his luck, the Axe did not release itself from the brimstone ceiling. Spax retrieved the War-Axe and tried to scout the area. He saw Kara down below, fighting with her scythe in both hands. Spax did the same thing as before and landed on the ground below. Kara was backed against a wall, the dragons head leaning closer and closer towards her. Spax unlocked his weapon and swung it at one of the green crystals, as he thought that they might have been one of the dragon's weaknesses. He pulled with all of his strength and pulled the dragons head into one of the walls. He ran towards Kara and held out a hand to help her up.

"Thank goodness you're here! We can't hold up much longer, and Fila and Spade have been injured by the dragon!" She said.

"Well this isn't the only bit of help I brought," Spax replied as Xaps landed behind him.

"Well, twice the help means twice the chance of winning." Kara said.

"Okay, we should spread out and try to attack from three angles." Spax said.

"Good idea." Kara replied, and then she ran off towards the dragons tails. Spax swung his Axe towards the dragon, but it grazed by another one of the green crystals. The dragon let out a horrible screech as black smoke began to pour out from the small cut. Then he realized what was going on. The crystals on the dragon's neck are Demon Crystals. Demon Crystals were crystals that give control over the possessor.

"Go for the green crystals!" Spax shouted. "They're controlling the dragon and making it evil." He swung his axe at a crystal that was rested on the dragon's nose. The dragon opened its mouth and clamped down on the Axe. It reared up and swung Spax at one of the walls with full force. Fortunately for Spax, he had Xaps, so the pain wasn't as bad as it could've been. Spax heard the dragon let out another roar, and he guessed that another 1 of the crystals had been broken. 3 down, 1 to go, thought Spax as he got back up. He studied the dragon in search of the last crystal. A sudden pain tore through his chest, and he fell to one knee. He looked over to see Xaps flying through the air. Xaps hit a wall chest first, and Spax fell to his hands and knees. His breathing became short and painful. He struggled to stand up. When he was up he used his hand to help support himself. The brimstone felt hot to the touch. He moved forward slowly. Once his vision stop being blurry, he saw Kara in the jaws. Yes the Underworld Guardians couldn't be killed unless they're spirit forms are killed first, but they can still feel pain. Mustering up all the power he could, he swung at the dragon one last time. Unfortunately for him it got caught on one of the stalactites. He noticed that the stalactite was positioned right above the crystal. "Kara," He called, "Throw me your scythe!" Without question, Kara threw the scythe towards him. He grabbed the scythe and swung it at the stalactite. It sliced the top part of it so that it released itself from the ceiling. He swung the stalactite and smashed the flat end on the final crystal. It shattered completely as an endless stream of black smoke billowed out of the crystal (Or more likely the spot where the crystal once was.) The dragon fell over onto its side with a thunderous crash. Spax ran down to where Xaps and Kara were. He ran towards the dragon and put his hand on its enormous stomach.

"It's still breathing, so it must be unconscious." Spax said.

"So I guess that's it." Kara said.

"Guess so." Xaps said.

"Well, we must be off then." Spax said.

"Okay, I hope I see you again."

"Me too." Spax said. And so, after that, the dragon was never a threat again.

The End.