Five Steps

Five steps from the edge,

Below, a solid ground.

No one's gonna miss me,

He thinks and looks around.

Four steps from the edge,

Growing closer now,

To the sweet release of pain,

But now he starts to doubt.

Three steps from the edge,

And his heart skips a beat.

"It's too late to turn back",

The boy begins to think.

Two steps from the edge,

One closer to the fall.

Now that he's looking down,

The sidewalk seems so small.

One step from the edge,

It's all or nothing now.

He begins to lift his foot,

But from his pocket hears a sound.

He pulls the cellphone out,

Heart pounding in his chest.

On the screen it reads,

That he had one new text.

"You're worth more than you think",

The mysterious message read.

The sender's name unknown,

The receiver hung his head.

A wave then caught his eye,

Way down on the ground he saw.

A person clothed in white,

An angel in that crowd.

Sorry it's just one poem... I'll update this chapter and add more later. I hope you liked this one!