Hello everyone! Here is a poem that I wrote for my Science class in 6th grade. It symbolizes the chemical compound Silver. Hope you like it!

Angeline Grettle

I am Angeline Grettle, a widow of forty-seven.
I live on Fifth Street, house eleven.
My house is decorated in a lustrous, grayish white.
Even the stars on my ceiling glow through the night.
The jewelry I wear and the tinsel on my tree;
I love this metallic color since I was three.
In my teenage days, I ran track and received an award; placing number two.
I'm lucky it's better than third in blue.
My husband has died, not leaving me poor.
My house fills up 1, 078, 862 coins to the door.
Now that my story ends in precious bliss.
This ductile, chemical element is what you won't miss.

Angeline Grette- AG
Fifth Street- period 5
house eleven- group 11
widow of forty-seven- Silver is number 47
1, 078, 862 coins- atomic weight is 107.8862