The Survival of a Species

The sun shone through the dirty, grime-ridden window, casting a golden glow upon the small apartment, cascading everything with a heavenly light. Shielding his eyes from the sudden light, Samuel groaned, almost in response to the golden glow. He had slept in yet again, mostly due to his late night last night. Sleeping in till noon was easy for the young man, and he enjoyed it greatly. Shifting his lanky, pale body to the right, Samuel turned his face towards the wall, happy that the light was no longer shining on his face. If he had the energy to, he would have smiled, but now, it was dream time.

But fate was never kind to the young man. A knocking unlike any other, resembling flesh on wood, reverberated throughout his small, one room apartment. Startling him at first, Samuel looked up and stared daggers at the small wooden door, the only portal from his apartment to the outside world. Grumbling and determined to sleep, Samuel covered his head in the same fashion a 4-year-old would while being yelled at by an authority figure. When the pounding did not stop, Samuel rolled out of bed slowly, growling as he did so. Donning a white t-shirt and buttoning his hole-ridden jeans, the young man-made his way towards the door, opening it quickly.

As soon as he did, Samuel regretted opening the wooden door. Standing in the doorway was none other than Mr. Reming, the apartment manager. Before he could even mutter a groggy greeting, Mr. Reming cut him off. "Do you have my rent money yet?" Samuel took a deep breath, and calmly replied. "I am getting paid tonight Mr. Reming. I will hand deliver the check to you myself." Before he could say anymore, Mr. Reming sighed hard and turned around, leaving Samuel in utter silence. Grumbling all the way to his front door, it slammed with anger and frustration, making Samuel wince as it shut. Turning back to his room, Samuel rubbed his face and sighed himself. He should probably clean the place, as clothes lay strewn about the floor, with rotten food piled up on nearby surfaces. But cleaning the room would have to wait, as Samuel threw his shoes on, getting ready to leave the apartment. He would need to visit the bank and then perhaps go visit his friend Jeremy before work, which started tonight at six. Quickly tying his shoes and leaving, the cold, October air struck Samuel hard, making his cough as he moved from the apartment entrance down the street.

The town of Milton, NY was not small by any means. It had a modest population of 10,000 people, with much of the local population making up the down-town. It was perfect for average income families, as it held a country appeal without being completely out in the middle of nowhere. It had several stores, restaurants, a large centralized bank, and two public schools, one north of the town and the other south. Mid-October meant temperatures would fall to 60 to sometimes even 50 degrees, with many people bundling up with jackets to keep themselves warm. It was at this point that Samuel figured a jacket would be a great investment, if rent was not as high as it was. The small loft apartment he had was expensive to say the least, even though it only held one room, which not only doubled as a bedroom but as a study and even bathroom when the time was needed. His breath clearly noticeable in the Autumn air, Samuel quickened his pace towards the bank, hoping there was no line when he arrived their.

Milton's First National Bank was the only local bank in the area, meaning it was used daily by the local populace. The owner, a wealthy businessman, had built the bank during the towns creation, hoping to capitalize on the town's growth. At the time, many called the idea foolish, but those same people said nothing now, as the businessman had made much since the banks start. Made of mostly white stone, the banks interior was gorgeous and well-built, obviously being built well within a 50 year period. Several people were inside, with employees helping customers and security guards chatting near the entrance. It had a warm and cozy feel to it honestly, and Samuel could see why it was used as much as it was. A roaring fireplace in the back really made the building seem homey, even if it was anything but. Getting in line near the front counter, Samuel took a deep breath and scanned the room for anyone of interest. A few families, some screaming kids but nothing out of the unusual.

When a loud noise goes off near you, and I mean a very loud noise, it can deafen you temporarily. Soldiers in war have an especially hard time with this, as they are oft near things that explode or go bang. Airport workers as well, as airplane engines are terrible and make some of the worst noises known to man. The deafening is followed by a high-pitched squeal, as your hearing tries to return to normal. Anyone not used to this sound or feeling usually feels horrid pain throughout their skull. This pain shot through Samuel's brain as his ears burst as a shotgun discharged near him. 4-6 men, all wearing masks over their faces, stalked into the bank, several of them unloading rounds into the banks populace. Holding his ears and collapsing to the ground, Samuel winced at the pain, looking up to see the men firing their respective firearms. The security guards, not knowing what had walked into their bank, could barely get their weapons in time before they were gunned down by the hardened criminals. Armed with pistols and pump-action shotguns, Samuel looked around the bank quickly, practically glued to the floor. Besides the guards, several people had been shot, including an obvious mother, her 2 kids crying as she bled out on to the floor. Shouting out commands to the people, Samuel's hearing was still shot, making it difficult for him to understand them. All he knew was that his day just went from bad, to much worse.