The bank was a scene of complete chaos, with men screaming and children crying. The leader, wearing a rabbit, latex mask, was standing nearby, shouting out orders to the hostages that lay on the ground, their hands over their heads. He was a broad man, tall and strong, and it didn't take long to figure he had been a criminal all his life. His hearing slowly returning to him, Samuel could still hear that screeching echo in his brain from the first shotgun blast. Screaming that they only have so much time, he was rounding up all the hostages, dragging them over to a nearby corner in the bank. Samuel could see two other masked men near the vault, dragging large money bags out. The police still had not arrived, but Samuel could see that people outside were avoiding the bank like a plague. As the leader was dragging people and shouting out orders, another shot went off towards the back of the bank. Everyone looked over to see what had happened, eyes widened with shock and fury.

One of the children of the mother who had been shot and laid to bleed on the floor was now on the floor, bleeding out as well. The leader, shocked by the image as well, then screamed an unholy tirade at the person responsible. "Jefferson! What the hell are you doing?!" The man, smaller and scrappier then the leader, was standing over the child's body, pistol in hand. He was staring at the boy, not saying anything as the leader marched over to him, shotgun in hand. "Jefferson" was wearing a mouse latex mask, which had a terrible grin on it. It only fed to the horrible image, as more hostages cried out in horror. Rabbit-Face, obviously pissed over the child killing, moved towards Jefferson and then belted him in the back of his head, causing him to fall forward. "You idiot! I said minimal casualties god-dammit!"

It has been said that the body, when in times of great distress, goes through an emotional conundrum. Faced with certain death, it had to make a decision between fight and flight. Whether or not to turn and face the attacker head on, or to flee and hope to survive. It is also said that during this time of great stress, that the body activates adrenaline, a chemical completely designed by the body to ramp up ones strength, dexterity, and intelligence, just so that the person can survive the attack. When adrenaline is activated throughout the body, reaction times are quickened, heart-rate is sped up, and tremors take the body.

Samuel knew this, but even then, at that exact moment, he felt different. Empowered by some unforeseen thing, his breathing slowed, and his curled his fists into a tight ball. The criminals were a good distance away, especially Rabbit-Face and Jefferson. At least 100 feet away, if Samuel were to rush them in anger, they would both blow him away before he had a chance to inflict any damage whatsoever. Even still, the criminals in the back were even farther, still unloading bags of money from the vault. Staring daggers at the child-killer, Samuel would not let them leave this bank, not without him doing something about it.

Slowly getting up on his feet, Samuel raised himself up slowly, his legs quivering from either fear or adrenaline. Rabbit-Face and Jefferson were arguing back and forth, Rabbit-Face holding Jefferson by the collar of his shirt. They argued back and forth for several seconds, until Rabbit-Face looked up to see Samuel starting to stand. Both quieted and Rabbit-Face struggled to bring his shotgun to bear, hoping to aim in directly at Samuel. "Son, I warned yo-"

Samuel wasn't sure how he did it. It just happened honestly. Staring at them both, anger and rage building up in his body, he just screamed as loud as he could. A shock-wave of pure energy shot from Samuel, flying through the bank and smacking the two robbers like a speeding train. Both were flung like rag dolls towards the back of the bank, both hitting the back wall with a horrid smack. Bones were cracked as both yelled out in utter pain, as Samuel starred on in complete shock. Hearing sirens finally approach from behind was a good thing, but Samuel was frozen in place. Hostages, unsure of what to make of the scene, were left gaping in awe.

The two robbers from the back of the bank yelled in response, firing random shots as they moved out from the vault door. Samuel, feeling the bullets whiz by him, blinked and the large vault door merely slammed shut with the robbers still inside. What was going on with him? Trembling and fiercely sweating from all the power being drained from him, Samuel turned towards the hostages, many of them more afraid of him now than anything.