My Best Friend's Boyfriend is My Brother

My best friend and my little brother.

The man I loved and my little brother.

I couldn't stop him.

He was gay. There was no changing the fact that he liked other men. I was pansexual. There was no changing the fact I preferred women though. However, I became more aware of him as my brother closed in on him.

He had come out of the closet almost a year ago. It was hard on the both of us. All of his friends deserted him. The girls only approached him out of curiosity. Only a few were willing to become friends and deal with the harsh teasing. I was not prejudice; rather, I was apathetic. I myself was pansexual. Love could come from anywhere; it wasn't my place to judge. However, our parents disapproved. His parents hated the fact that he had come out. I don't think they would've cared if it had been kept a secret. My parents didn't want others to assume I was dating him by being near him. They were stupid. A girl can be friends with a guy she isn't dating. However for them, the rules were different. Also because of this incident, they were aware of my own sexual orientation, though it's not significant. They believed I was influenced by him, the homosexual. Once again, they were stupid.

If it was just his parents being upset, this could have blown over more easily. However, they decided he needed counseling. They were even more stupid. I don't know how ignorant and rigid they could be. He went for the sake of his parents, but he called me every time before he left how pointless it'll be. I was pretty sure he called to get moral support. He hated the shrink; as he should. They were horrible to him, as though he was an experiment or a mutant. His parents were all for the tests they ran on him; anything to cure their son of his "mental disease". I had to, on many occasions, break into the building and escape with him. It was getting dangerous. One of the girls who knew about everything was brave enough to help. She offered to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while. His parents gobbled it up like starved wolves. They treated the girl as though she was their daughter-in-law.

They did the little things; going on "dates", holding hands, hugging, and exchanging gifts now and then. From anyone else's perspective, they were merely friends. Friends went out together, they hugged, and they gave each other gifts. They only strictly held hands in front of the parents, or when they knew they were being monitored. However, they broke up, to the devastation of his parents. But they couldn't help it, she was going abroad. To appease the parents, and for the sake of their friendship, they did promise to keep in touch. And they still do. Luckily for him, she didn't fall in love with him.

That was for almost five months. It didn't hurt his social life though. He had just come out, and it wasn't like other gay guys would just line up for him. Even though homosexual guys were the minority, they still had standards; they didn't just bang up everyone else who was gay. I don't know what happened in his behind-the-scene love life while he was dating the girl. Though I'm pretty sure there were no other guys; mainly because he didn't have a person to like.

There was a case I do know of. A boy younger than us came up to him, innocently. He was flushed and this was all in secret. He approached the both of us; he knew I was harmless. He pulled my confused friend aside. I knew what was happening. It became clearer when my friend started to blush. However, I could also see his apologetic face. I returned back to my lunch. It was in moments that he came back. His face was returning to its normal color.

"You said no?"

He nodded curtly. "I think he was earnestly confused. I guess he's new to the whole concept of being homo. He sought me out because I was the only gay guy he knew. I apologize, but I think I was a little harsh."

"How harsh could you have been if you were apologizing?" I finished my meal, and he took a swish of water.

"Well, after I apologized he kept being persistent." I knew where this was going. He had a history of snapping under stress or when people pushed his patience.

"What did you say to the poor boy?"

"'Then, would you be fine if I fucked you up your ass?'"

I burst out laughing. I hadn't been paying attention after I saw my buddy's apologetic face. I didn't think anything would happen.

"I wish I could've seen the boy's face!"

"It was something to see. He paled, alright. Then he started to tremble a bit. After a while, he calmed down and thought about it. He smiled, flicked me off, and left. I think I made another enemy." I fell laughing. Now I was upset I hadn't seen it. I promised myself I would watch carefully next time. However, next time was not worth watching; it was my younger brother confessing.

I was in high school with my buddy. We were the same age, in the same class, going for the same major. He came over a lot after the whole scandal of his coming out died down. The rumor of his engagement to the girl abroad had reached my parents and calmed them down. My brother had just started high school when the news broke. It was another ten months before my brother confessed. He had just started his sophomore year, and us, our senior year.

I was painfully aware my brother liked him. There were days he would ignore me until I told him I would invite his crush over the next day. My brother never said it, but he considered me as something of a rival. When we had our senior skip days, my brother would refuse to go to school. He was appeased only after my best friend walked him to school and promised to pick him up, without me. This was around the time it all started.

My brother and my best friend were getting close. He still hadn't replied to the little rascal, but he promised to. When we were alone in my room, I would stare at him endlessly. I sincerely tried to figure out why my brother liked him of all people. I didn't even realize my brother was gay until the day he confessed. I wasn't saying my friend was a bad looking person. Even as a guy, I respected his appeal. He was a bit quiet, but that made him sweet, as the girls say. He definitely had the height and a bit of the build. He wasn't a genius, but he wasn't stupid either. If you didn't know, it was hard to tell if he was gay as well. There were multiple hilarious cases of time when girls came up to him at night looking for a good time. Of course, they were always the perceptive guys out in the streets. Both, however, he declined politely.

"W-what do you want?"

I guess I was staring for a little too long.

Good god, he was blushing.

"N-nothing! I was just trying to see what my brother was attracted to." I murmured.

"That's mean. Are you saying I have no appeal?"

"You know that's a lie." We both remembered the many people trying to pick him up and laughed. Then it got quiet.

"What are you going to say to him? You can't keep pulling it off." He nodded. It was the first time we spoke about my brother and his confession. But it was closing in on the second week of his declaration of love.

"Hell, I'd just accept. My brother may be a brat, but he's a good kid. He's full of energy, and I know he'll love you like crazy. I mean, just look at him now. Not knowing whether or not he's going to be rejected, but still sticking to you like glue. He's got guts. I don't need to worry about you hurting him. It'll be good for the both of you. Tough, yes, but great." I couldn't look at him. I didn't know how to. I was giving my brother and my best friend away. If I had looked then, I probably would've seen a pained face.

"Are you sure you're okay with it?" His voice trembled. Was he really that scared of my disapproval? I thought. He wanted a clear answer, not something half thought out. I thought some more. It hurt. I could already feel the two of us drifting with my brother latching onto him. It was much different when he had been fake dating the girl a while back. I knew it would only get worse. He'd be hanging out with my brother over the weekends; I would see the little brat getting ready with anxiety. He would come over but linger near my brother. However, I knew they'd be happy. It was so hard for a homosexual couple to find someone who loved them back.

I couldn't rip that apart from them. I couldn't stop them. I was going to lose my best friend to my brother, but it was okay. Plus, I didn't love my friend in that manner.

"Go ahead. I'll give you my blessing." I chucked and slapped him on the back. He nodded and stood up.

"I'll go pick him up now." I smiled at him and nodded in approval.

"Go get him, tiger." Those were the hardest words to say, even more than my brother's 'I love you'.

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