Chapter 1: The Slit Mouth Woman

Ravin groaned as I shook her shoulder, "Come on wake up sister of mine!" I said loudly in her ear. She groaned again and rolled over in the opposite direction. "Really? You can't be serious." I huffed shaking her shoulder harder, "Ravina Jane LeRoux get up now!"

She moved almost faster than light and grabbed my wrist shooting me down with imaginary arrows. "Kyrie…" she threatened lowly, "What did I say about using my full name?" I shrugged and yanked her up, "Not too."

"And what did you just do?"

"Used it."

"Are you making any connections at all?"

"Not really."

"Then you drank too much Saki."

"I wasn't the one sleeping on the dance floor."

Ravin huffed and yanked open the doors of the night club and staggered through the parking lot. Her blue eyes were hazy. I tried not to laugh as she fell down.

"Where did your boy toy run off to?"

"Boy toy?"

"Mitskuni." She grunted zipping up her jacket against the crisp night air. "He left an hour ago." Ravin whipped around angrily, "He was our ride home you baka!" I shrugged and headed down the sidewalk, "Our flat is only a few blocks from here. We can walk."

"You're making me a sandwich when we get home." She grumbled pulling up her jacket hood and walked like a zombie down the pathway. "No I'm not." I replied catching up with her. "Yes you are."

"No Ravin, I'm not."

"Kyrie yes you are."


"I will use my mind control powers on you."

"You don't have telekinesis."

"I said mind control, not telekinesis."

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"No Kyrie telekinesis is when-.." Ravin never got to finish her sentence as a voice yelled from behind us. "Hey you two over there!" Ravin and I froze and glanced behind us. Four tall men were running towards us all with snarls and unkind faces. "Kyrie run!" Ravin screamed. I froze and Ravin ran on oblivious to my stupidity.

Hands grabbed me before I could snap out of it. I tried to scream but hands that smelt of sour alcohol clasped over my mouth and yanked back my long brown hair. "Don't fight now beauty." They whispered dragging me down an alley-way.

I whimpered helplessly as they threw me against the wall drenched in graffiti at the end of the pitch black alley-way. I couldn't see a thing but I heard the men's whispers and jeers. It didn't help that another figure was thrown beside me.

The woman had dark black hair much like my sisters and ice blue eyes as well. The woman had on a tan trench coat that looked to end around her thighs. The woman also had a surgical mask that covered half of her face. The thing about her that stuck me most about her was that her eyes portrayed no fear, only pure confidence. Whilst I, on the other hand was petrified. Our hands were tied together and gags were put over our mouths.

The woman slowly turned her head to look at me and then turned her gaze back to the shadows. The jeers of the four men continued until one stepped out of the shadows and into the dim moonlight. His face carried five o' clock shadow and he had bags underneath his eyes. His black hair stuck up in all directions while his purple-ish blue eyes held a firm gaze.

Two more shadows appeared and grabbed me forcefully holding me in front of the 'leader'. "Senpai," one of the shadows whispered, "What should we do with this one?" Senpai gazed at me for a moment before saying something slurred in Japanese I couldn't understand.

The next thing I knew I was being thrown across the alley-way again, only this time I didn't land so well. Let's just say I saw stars and my nose started to bleed heavily. The next few moments went by in a blur of color and sound. All I can remember is hearing a voice that was heavy and scratchy asking, "Am I beautiful?" A bunch of voices exclaiming 'yes, yes you are' followed. Then came a snapping noise and screams.

I blinked a few times before trying to stand. The woman that was a captive along with me stood in the center of the alleyway. Her bonds lay in shreds a few feet away and a pair of scissors dangled in her hand. "Miss? Are you ok?" I called out in Japanese to her. The woman didn't answer. "Miss?" I called out again. I started to walk over to the woman before I stepped on something. It was the woman's surgical mask she had on earlier. I picked it up and started to walk over to the woman. There was a nagging feeling something was wrong but I ignored it and continued walking.

Nothing was wrong in wearing a surgical mask in Japan. This place is so over populated that people who are sick are required to wear the masks as a protection from an outbreak of diseases spreading over the massive population.

"Miss you seemed to have dropped your surgical mask. If you come with me we could call the emergency services and I'm sure my sister, who's a nurse, has another mask you could use." I said in Japanese comfortingly. I reached out to touch her shoulder but something stopped me. I smelt blood. It wasn't mine either. "Are you bleeding miss?" I asked concerned. I gained the courage and grabbed the woman's shoulder and turned her gently around so I could see her face. I tried my best not to scream.

Where her surgical mask used to lie, scars marked across her cheeks. Her pearly white teeth played peek-a-boo with her flesh as it seemed to rip all the way to the tip of her ears. Exposing her gums and wisdom teeth. The scratchy voice sounded deep within the woman's throat, "Am I beautiful?"

I stared at her for what seemed like an eternity. "Am I beautiful?" The woman asked again her voice sounding even more sinister. I blinked a few times before snapping out of it. "Did they do this to you?" I asked astounded. The woman shook her head and raised the scissors that dangled from her left hand. "No, but I did this to those men."

I didn't have the stomach to look in the shadows.

"Kyrie? Kyrie where are you?" a familiar voice yelled as bright yellow beam of light glared in my eye. I turned my head towards the exit to the alley way and glanced back at the woman but she wasn't there. Neither the mask I had in my hand.

"Kyrie? Oh thank goodness you're alright!" Ravin cried as she wrapped around me in a hug. I couldn't return the hug, I was weak and dizzy. My legs felt like gelatin as she led me to the row of police cars. The flashing lights and sirens blared my senses, and my head was swimming. I felt the world fade away into darkness.

OoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOooOoOoOoOoOo OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo OoOoOo

I now know who the woman was and I know that she will come for me no matter what I do. The woman's official name has been lost, but she goes by a new name now. Kuchisaki-Onna, or AKA The Slit Mouth Woman. I know she killed those men in the alley, slitting their mouths to make it look like hers. I also know where this all started.

Kuchisaki-Onna was once a beautiful wife of a very rich and powerful samurai. Almost everything about her was perfect; she was intelligent, had musical skills, beautiful black hair, and blue eyes that could make any man melt. The only thing that kept her from being the most perfect woman was the fact that she was vain and ignorant to people that no use to her.

Soon Kuchisaki-Onna stopped worshipping the Japanese gods the samurai was so faithful too thinking that she was too beautiful to worship ugly gods. She even cheated on her husband deciding that she was too good for him. When, after being away for a long time fighting a noble war, the samurai returned.

Seeing his wife with another man and hearing of the woman's treachery to the gods, the samurai took his Katana blade in hand and killed the man. He decided to spare his wife, but at the cost of her beauty. He took his noble sword and slit the woman's mouth to her ears screaming, "Who will think you are beautiful now?"

The woman disappeared after that and only reappeared to a surgeon who could not help her but gave her a mask and scissors. Now, she roams Japan as a vengeful spirit asking anyone who dares answer her question about her beauty.

Nightmares now plague me as I fear that she is near. Her face haunts me, appearing every time I close my eyes. Ravin now fears for her life also, seeing as I might draw Kuchisaki-Onna to our home. I'm so afraid Ravin and I only have each other left for family and I have no intention of leaving my sister behind.

So I kept watch late at night and soon Ravin joined me. After, nine months we thought we were in the clear from the curse.

I watched with amusement as another zombie chewed another limb off of a character who none of us liked. Ravin sat the bowl of popcorn on the table and sat on her cushion in front of the T.V. For three hours we watched the rest of the movie, that's when the lights flickered off.

"Ravin?" I whispered reaching out in the dark my heart quickening. A screech as my reply. "Ravin?" I asked more panic seeping in as I searched the dark room wildly. Sobs sounded off through the flat sending chills down my spine, "She's here we're dead all dead. Kyrie why did you let Mitskuni leave us? We are going to die Kyrie. Dead. Dead. DEAD! I don't want to die Kyri-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh!"

"RAVIN!" I screamed running towards the god awful screech. Something wet made me slip and fall, earning me a splitting headache. "Ugh. Ravin?" I whimpered standing up slowly. Something out of the corner of my eye moved and my heart beat thudded in my ears. Thud ud thud ud thud ud thud ud!

I ran tears streaming down my face blindly towards whatever exit I could find. Ravin had a license plate from Florida she mounted on the exit when we moved here. Need to find it need to find it! Ignore the moving shadows Kyrie just find the license plate door and call Mitskuni. Ignore the shadows Kyrie ignore the shadows. I told myself over and over again.

I ran into another door and felt the smooth surface of the license plate. I nearly jumped for joy. I threw the door open and screamed. In the dark stood a shadow and the shadow had a smile.

"Am I beautiful?"

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