Everyone says that senior year is the best year of your life, starting in September. It's November, and I'm still trying to find out what's so great about it.

No, I'm far from a pessimist.

You think I'm a pessimist because I don't like senior year? Let's try a different approach.

I'm an optimist. I believe in happiness, rainbows, and bunnies. Everyone should smile and show their pearly whites because everyone is beautiful and the world is beautiful.

Oh, whom am I kidding? I'm both, when I want to.

I should say more about myself.

I'm a 17-year-old openly gay student. I'm single, in my last year of high school, and I hate everything except for my friends. I really do seem like a pessimist, do I? No, it seems more antisocial. But I don't like people a lot, so why am I hiding that from other people?

However, I can tell you something that you would think is stupid because it's seen on the television. The truth is that, I have a superpower.

No, seriously, I have a superpower.

It's unbelievable, which is why I kept it a secret for many years. The first time I did that was when I was angry with my mother who slapped me on the face for failing a class in elementary school. I cried in my room for several minutes until I ended up in an unseasonably cold place in the wilderness. A large animal resembled a large elephant, but had fur all over since elephants don't have visible hair. It looked angry, and I screamed while closing my eyes. Suddenly, large footsteps were going an opposite direction, so I opened one eye and then I flinched, causing me to blink a little, and I was back to my old room.

Later in life, I realised the animal was a long ago extinct animal, the mammoth, and that I saw a glimpse of the First Ice Age.

It was only a coincidence, and that it happened once until I turned ten years old, when I kept a log of those coincidences. A year later, I read that log, and tried to blink one eye purposefully. It took me to the first time I entered my high school.

So I concluded that my superpower was going back or ahead in time, coincidentally.

It seems scientific, but fuck knows how this happened. The irony of it is, that history was the subject I failed in elementary school, and since I've made that conclusion about my power, my history is improving, eventually going from an elementary level to a college level in history. I still hate history to this day. Unless it's history of North America, or art history.

The only exception is that I can only go back or ahead in time and no one can join me. It is impossible for me to take someone else. I don't know why, though. It would be cool to take my friends back in time to when they were born. I did tell my mother that I saw myself as a successful person when I get older, and that I really saw myself, like I was there. She didn't believe that part and she thought I was crazy.

I don't live with my mother, fortunately. I live with my 20-year-old sister, Michelle. She barely watches after me, so most of the time, I'm in another dimension. Another dimension, I mean I'm either in the past or in the future. My sister goes to parties every night, and gets drunk all the time. Sometimes I wonder if she will ever learn the dangers of drinking. I hope that she will, because drinking is bad. Drinking killed my father, and made one of my best friends paralysed.

I mean, she's been doing it since she dropped out of college. It was bad. She was kicked out of the house, and she's been unstable since. I cannot really do much about it, since I am too young to know about these things. Being seventeen does not mean I know nothing about drinking. For fuck's sake, the people in my school are practically drunk everyday.

So today, I went forward in time to December 21st, 2012, since that particular day is supposed to be a day where the world would end. Actually, it's not going to happen and that I will be going to college the next day and everyone would be happy and live happily ever after in this world. I was kind of hoping for mass destruction…

So, I have two awesome friends and I don't think I'll lose them anytime soon.

First, I have my best friend, Benny. His real name is Benjamin Marshall, but he insisted on Benny so… we went on with it. I met him during my seventh grade year, but we started being friends a year later because I didn't like him and my old best friend Dylan insisted on us making amends before he moved. During his year as a freshman, he was hit by a car, which caused him to be paralysed for the rest of his life. Everyone thinks he's weird because he likes computers. People are stupid to think that liking computers are weird. Tell me, does it make you weird? I mean, he's cleaned my computer once when I received a virus on it. I don't think that's weird at all. It saved me tons of money. Also, he likes one of the popular girls, who doesn't like boys. How do I know that? It will be explained later. He's been my best friend since my eighth grade year, eventually being paralyzed the next year, which was unfortunate but he's used to the chair, and so am I. He wears glasses everyday, since I've met him actually, and he manages to wear plaid shirts with different colored skinny pants that ironically match at least one color from his plaid shirt. Then the wheelchair, that he decorates on many occasions. I helped him with one, which was last year's Christmas, and he looked like an elf with wheels on the day before Christmas Break last year.

Second and last, I have my other best friend named Cherry. Her real name is Charlotte, but she isn't fond of her name, and she dyed her hair cherry red, so I start calling her Cherry. Before, her name was Charlie, even though it's a guy name. She's been changing the colour since the seventh grade, but she told me she started back when she was in Europe for our sixth grade year to stand out in her mildly conservative school. I knew her since we were in diapers. We still managed to be best friends after some of the turmoil of our friendship, like moving away and her getting jealous of Benny. Her parents are business travelers, and she hates travelling for business purposes. She also wanted to join the popular group last year and it almost ruined our friendship. Now, she regrets it, and we are closer than ever. She has more fashion sense than the popular girls do, but she is sweeter than sugar and she does not whore around.

As for me, I'm Mackenzie Ann Thomas. I hate my name, a lot. It doesn't fit my persona, my look, or me. Plus, I think my mom was high when she named me so I usually insist on Macy. I knew that I was a lesbian since I was 10 years old, which is abnormally young to find yourself, but no one knew until my ninth grade year. I have no fashion sense, for a girl. My hair is really, black. Like, if you put me under sunlight, and you would see black and not a brownish or bronze color black. I don't wear fashion designer clothes or style my hair other than in a ponytail. So I'm a boring person in appearance. But in personality, not really.

In addition, Cherry, Benny, and I make the dynamic trio. I just noticed that all of our nicknames end with a y…

I go to Philomena High School. It is a particularly large school, but we only have fifteen hundred students. It's good, so we rarely have traffic in the hallways, which means the lateness percentage is close to zero percent, and most of the students get along with each other. However, I manage to be half a pariah. Just like every other school, we have teams, clubs, and the whole nine. We have a football team that has not won a game since 2004, and we have a show choir club that has mediocre singers. Our mascot is the phoenix, unfortunately. And guess who the mascot is? Yeah, it's me.

And in every other school, there are the popular girls. I see them every day, much to my dismay.

Wait—where's the queen bee, or as I like to call her, the queen slut? Her name is Diana. I first met her in primary school, when she almost was hospitalised because the teacher thought the glue she was eating was toxic. She was a glue eater, turned into toy hoarding in the third grade, when she took the toys into one corner and not play with them. She was a spoiled brat, and contributed to nothing in class, from teasing socially awkward students to tears and immediate withdrawal from school, to giving a blow-job to her first boyfriend in the girls' bathroom in the sixth grade. Then, she had this exclusive 13th birthday party and she's suddenly the girl every person wants to date. Yeah, right, I would not think about touching that with a 10-foot pole.

Then there's Jessica, the only student in this small school to be openly bisexual and not have other students beating you up for it. Maybe because her other partner is just as popular as she is. She's also the only popular girl who isn't Latina, or even part of it. The first time I saw Jessica was in middle school before Diana's party, and she spoke complete Irish Gaelic. Everyone hated her language, but I was the only one who understood her, since Gaelic is just broken English. I mean, really broken English. She met Diana and her life deteriorated, in my eyes, because Diana is a whore and turned her friends into a whore. Anyway, her Gaelic is gone, but she gains it back when she's angry.

Last but not least, Sophia, who I, and Benny apparently, basically have a crush on. It's been that way since my years as a freshman, which is when I first saw her. She's the only girl in the bunch who doesn't bother me or anyone else, and the partner of Jessica, for about a year. They were seen inseparable for the first two years of high school, and then last year, I saw them making out in the bathroom. They didn't see me, partially because I walked out immediately after to preserve their privacy, but because I was really… I don't think I should explain.

That concludes my description of the popular girls, or quoting my favorite movie: the worst people you've ever meet. Beware of the plastics.

Well not all three of them are bad, just Diana. She's a brainwasher.

Yeah, that's my boring life so far.