It was a normal day in Butler middle school. But no one was going to prepare us for what was going to happen. Me, Johnny, Marco, Raul, Selene and were going to have an after school meeting like every friday. We meet at room 222 like we always do. After we finished our afternoon meeting we all packed our stuff and we heading out. It was weird none of the teachers were living like always. Neither did we see the janitor with his blue shirt and pants and black converse. We tried opening the doors to head out home but they did not open. "WHY DON'T THEY OPEN" Marco screamed. Raul and Johnny tried running into the other doors but they were locked. Selene said "Are we surely stuck in the cafeteria" We all were freaking out. There was no one in the school. said "Guys I have the solution "Selene screamed at him "SO WHAT IS IT" "My IPhone 5 remember." He said. We all took out our smart phones out except Johnny his deling with some echoes with his phone right now. Raul was the first one to send a text message and it said "Sorry we cannot send this message do to no signal." Then Mr. Lemus tried calling the principal. No signal again. Me, Selene and Marco tried too but no signal again. We all backed away from the doors and sat on the cafeteria floor. I said "Well it looks like we're going to be here until Monday." What are you crazy?" Raul said "No I'm just being realistic Raul "I said back with a smart sound to it. Selene stood up and said " People come down we're going to be fine we have water, food; a lot of food and a bathroom see" I said well I guess it will be ok and besides I've always wondered how would it be to sleep overnight in the school. "Yeah 3 days I don't think so" said Marco. Raul said "where are we going to sleep " I said "well our backpacks can be our pillows and everyone has a jacket and a coat so keep your jacket on and put your coat over your hand and stomach or your feet. "What about food" all the boys added like if they were in choir. "Well me and Selene will prepare something for everyone ok" I said. Selene said "hahaha very funny me cook in your dreams" "girl please" she added. "Ok fine I will cook "With an I can't believe this sound. I looked at what they had in the fridge and freezer I managed to get a few cookies some frozen pizza that I put in the oven and found some milk and apple juice and some apples. "So I guess this is what we're eating today "I thought to myself. I told everyone what was the menu and they were fain with it. But I don't think they were listening because they were just hungry they wanted food and it didn't matter if it came from the garbage can. Finally the pizza was ready and I gave everybody one of each. We ate and then we prepared to go to sleep. Nobody could sleep because the floor was very very cold. The next morning I was the second one to get up Johnny was the first .I asked him' "Did you have something to eat" he said "no" so I went to the back and got some orange juice and two muffins I found. Soon after Raul woke up. He looked horrible; like a tsunami rolled over him or something. Then he finally opened his eyes meaning he was awake. Then he notes that me and Johnny were up and said "Girl what you doing at my house' with a jag voice. We both laughed and I said with an attitude "Boy I'm not near your house we are in the school if you don't recall." After about 15-20 min Selene, Marco and woke up. Selene woke up by saying "Dude I had this horrible dream that we were stuck in the school."We said at the same time in perfect harmony "It wasn't a dream"and she jumped up. About 10 min after that I went to use the bathroom and after I was done I could swear I saw someone by the doors. I started freaking out and runned to the guys and Selene. I was too scared and freaked out to say anything. All the guys and Selene were getting freaked out too because they did not know what was going on. Marco was like" come on Cherry" Then I finally got the words out to say it. Then for the rest of the evening I couldn't do anything I was like a stone. I did not eat or sleep. Johnny stayed up with me. I thought it was really sweet. But I knew I was not crazy I saw something but what is it? Who is it? Is it evil? Is this a joke? I soon fell asleep but got woken up by a nightmare I screamed so loud I thought they could hear me in Japan. But nobody got up except Johnny and Marco. After that I couldn't go back to sleep so Marco and Johnny took time staying up with me. When I finally fell asleep again Marco fell asleep 5 min later. I woke up and I saw Marco's lips almost touching my own. I got up and then 5 sec later he got up as well. We both smiled and got up to get breakfast. None of the guys or Selene were up get. Marco asked me "Are you still scared?" I said "Yes just a little" Then he got up and hugged me. We both smiled and I asked him "What was that for" He said "Nothing I just wanted to make you feel better. Then I said "Thank you anyway" He said "no problem" and smiled. Then Johnny got up and saw us laughing together and he looked at Marco with a mad face.

To be continued…

By: Cherryberry1015

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