I was calmly talking with my friends; Jackie, Noorm, and Kavin. I was waiting for my mother to pick me up from an photography lesson. So this girl came up and said, " Hey y'all!" I knew right away who this was, Jasmin. Jackie and I knew her, and so did Kavin. Noorm was just standing there clueless and silent. Since Jackie was "weird", Jasmin decided to rub it in her face.

" Hey everyone!"

" Hi Jasmin.", Jackie said calmly.

She was not expecting that at all, Jasmin hates Jackie! Jasmin gave her this weird look and turned back to me and the others.

" Jackie, girl are you still a whiny girl and loser?"

" I was never that way and I have changed.", she replies calmly.

" No girl, you're still the same."

Well, Kavin who kept bending his knees in this teabaging way. Which I always thought like... never mind. Anyway I told him in a joking way,

" Kavin! Stop teabaggin!"

Jasmin then steps in and says, " Girl, don't tell someone to stop teabaggin you if you ain't being teabagged. Okay? Its where a guy puts his dick in your mouth and you lick. Its happened to me several times, but we's were wearing clothes, or it would be akward. So, don't tell someone that you're being teabagged if you're not." By the time she finishs, Noorm has crept away by the dick part. Kavin and I are staring at her and frozen and Jackie is slipping away. I grab her and she shows a look of defeat on her face. Luckily my mother arrives and say good-bye. Noorm tells me to tell him. I quickly sum up the ugly conversation and he leaves in a straight upright system. I tell my mom what had happened and she rolled her eyes.