In the morning usually I would talk to Adeline and so forth. But this time Sam shows up with disappointing news. He starts out with a depressing comment and Wanda wondering what happened.

" Hey Ada, I have something to tell you."

" Sure what is-?"

Wanda then steps in and starts rambling on and on about had happened and I have no idea what is going on. Wanda is talking about how this is it and stuff. Sam is pissed of when Raquel did something and Matt being sad and stuff. (We nicknamed M&M for Matt since Raquel chose Martin as Bf) Anyways Matt is depressed about not going out with Raquel. He was doing suicide attempts and for once Sam and M&M were having fun when Raquel brought up that subject. What got Sam mad was that Raquel had said, 'Smile Matt!'. Sam then gets pissed and is all mad at Raquel and M&M for that reason. I picked up alot of this information along the way about what they were discussing. After that all Wanda catched to her friends and starts talking to me.

" Sorry about that.", he said.

" No probs.", I replied.

" SOO, you probably heard alot back there, right?"

" Yup. Just in case I'll pretend not to know anything about this."

" Thanks. I am so happy that Zach has not been here for like the whole school day!" ( I failed to mention this because he was sick. He left with a cough terribly in the morning)

" Ikr! Its like we finally have peace and quiet." ( I also fail to mention that I was being mean,but honest.)

" Ya, and his annoying laugh!" Sam then breaks out to this laugh that sound ridiculous, but somehow does sound like Zach.

" Sam! That is so mean!" ( I mean it this time)

He just continues to laugh the stupid laugh and the bus arrives, right when we finished the conversation.

I was walking home with Sam, Zach, and this guy named George. Well, I just found out that Zach is in love Adeline! I grinned in satisfaction that Adeline fell in love! But she said that she didn't like anyone. And was way over Zach! Ha, his annoying laugh, mean attitude and lovestruck for Adeline. I have no soft spot for him. Even though I don't know why I liked him the first place. The thought of Adeline and Zach as a couple made me giggle. Sam looked over to me and asked,

" Why are you laughing?"

" I'm laughing because Zach likes Adeline!" I giggled hysterically, it was like I was possessed or something.

" WHAT!? And I did not know about it?! I thought she liked M&M!"

" I don't know."

Zach then took a step forward as he was going to kick me. I know he wouldn't though because he can't afford me telling Adeline. But I knew that Zach had gotten red when I started my giggling fit. In slow, deep, bark, he said,"I do not like Adeline!" He finished with a hiss. For some reason George trailed after him with his pants falling. I looked at Sam said," Adeline doesn't like him, I think..." I was unsure even though how many times she told me. But whatever, I was just glad that we hate each other, and I hopes it stays that way. I hate him and thats that.