On fair winds and smooth seas she sailed,

Far and away from the land which she hailed.

A voyage of discovery and exploration

In the name of her great and glorious nation.

Her quarterdeck under a strong and steady hand,

Whose blood bears more salt than any from land.

A captain of many years and sun tanned skin,

A better master than any have ever been.

No need for a compass or sextant to guide him,

A new course can be calculated on a mere whim.

By the twinkle of stars and the smells of the sea

He piloted the ship to where she needed to be.

But lo and behold the hands before the mast,

Motley and rotten through to the very last.

Surly temperament and without regard,

All they wanted is grog which marines guard.

Anarchy, entitlement, vittles, and lust

Filled the mess deck with a scent so fust.

Their crime punishable by hanging unto death,

They still wanted life with rum on their breath.

So on a sudden they committed mutiny,

The consequences never reached their scrutiny.

They took the captain and the deck was theirs

Along with the coveted grog and other wares.

A ship so beautiful it was a work of fine art,

A move so villainous it broke the captain's heart.

Cast adrift in a lonely launch and left to die

As his crew jeered and for the horizon began to ply.

Homeward for justice the captain would row,

Infamy they would reap from sins they chose to sow.

They'll sail to the Gates of Hell 'till they run aground

And dance the hempen jig 'till their hearts fail to pound.