Mirror Mirror on The Wall
Why don't i know this
face at all?
I've seen it a million times,
each time i can't look it
in the eyes.
Is this who I've become?
Is this me realizing the
monster has won?
Mirror Mirror on The Wall
tell me whose the
scariest of them all?
Could it be me?
Now that the inner
beast is free,
should I try
once again to it deny

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Tell me, can no one hear this call?
The call of my soul battling the beast Fighting to slip free from its clutches
Trying do deny that the beast has won
I want to decide who is in the mirror!

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Tell me, why should I not decide who is looking back at me?
It is not me!
It is not a beast unleashed, but a person
I won't give in to the monster, telling me who's the scariest!
I will not be afraid of looking at myself
I will not be the beast that has taken over
I will deny the scary creature.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
your nothing more than hanging glass
nothing but a reflection of what is in the past.
But my some twist of fate,
you seem to have a magical power i can't escape,
so tell me
Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
Who really is the scariest of us all?