I came out the bathroom and dropped to the floor whispering, "I'm so sorry Connor. Please don't hate me I'm so sorry." He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the my bed. He laid down and stroked my hair, attempting to stop me from crying. "I could never hate you, Isabella! Now get some sleep. When you wake, I'll be back." And the last thing I heard was him grabbing his car keys and my bedroom door closing.

Connor drove to his mom's because he didn't know what else to do. When he got there, he had tears angrily spilling down his face. He arrived at his mom's house and she opened the door. "Connor? What happened?" She took his wrist and pulled him inside. By now, he was huffing angrily, his eyes glassy. Connor gently pulled his wrist away and ran his hand through his hair. "She's pregnant." He blurted out. His mom's eyes bugged, "She's-?" He nodded before she could finish the sentence. He threw his head back and screamed, "What am I gonna do?!" She grabbed both of his wrists. "First before you go back over, you have to calm down." He focused in on his mom's eyes and slowly calmed himself down. "Now you have to talk to her and figure out what you're gonna do." They had moved to the living room and were sitting on the couch now. Just then he got a text. He read the text and felt anger build up inside him all over again. *I'm sorry hun but I think I need to get an abortion*