Jayden's P.O.V

Jayden, please stop" my mum begged, laughing evilly I walked up to her "why should I mother if that's what you are? What have you done for me? I looked up to you for ages and you disown me throw me away like trash" I spat at her.

"You don't have to do this Jayden, we, we can sort things out be how we used it get you help with your problem" her irritating voice spun through my head. "Help, HELP!" I shouted at her "I don't need freaking help, there's nothing bloody wrong with me, I like guys their nothing I can do to change that, I thought you would be there for me" I said smirking, I picked up the knife which my mother was using, I slowly traced the sharp side, cutting my fingers I laughed "oh, how was I wrong, but now, now I can get my revenge"….

I sat up cold sweats running down my face it was just a dream I thought to myself. A strong stench travelled around me, quickly I turned the bed-side lamp on to see my body, hands and bed are covered it blood, there were footprints which lead to my bed, I slowly followed them praying this was still my dream and I will wake up soon.

The footprints lead to my bathroom I slowly opened the door to see the light flickering I slowly walked into the bathroom, there was a shadow behind the shower curtain, I slowly pulled it back holding back a scream as a guy I think was Sean one of Jesse friends laying their his neck and writs slit his blood was flowing over the bath onto the floor slowly. I turned away panicking what was I going to do. I took a deep breathe in looking at the mirror, seeing red on the opposite walls I turned around, a message it read:

"You think your mother was the only one, this is not the end"

The blood from the text was dripping down, panicking even more I took a deep breath and did what I had to do. I slowly lifted his body out of the bath, quietly I dragged the lifeless body outside, luckily there was woods nearby, picking up my pace I got to the forest tears running wildly down my face, my body was in shock the only thing I could was get rid of him and so I buried him, badly. I made my way back into the house seeing that it was 4 am, I cleaned the bathroom and bedroom and hallway and it was just coming up to 6.30 am.

I slowly stepped into the shower the water burned my skin as the blood which was on my skin slowly wash off and down the drain, the tear were still coming and I'm head wrapped around what has happened, dreaming yeah that all it was it didn't really happen kept saying over and over in my head as I replayed everything.

"Jayden hurry up its 7" my dad shouted from the hallway which broke my train of thought, I turned off the shower and hurried to get ready. My dad dropped me off at school after breakfast.

I walked into the building people were running around going to their classes or just hanging about. I walked quickly to my lesson and taking my seat, some students came in and were waiting for the bell to ring, I didn't even notice as the seat next to me became filled by one very good looking jerk.

"Hey" I said letting out a deep breath which I didn't realize I was holding.

"Oh yeah hi" Jesse said with no emotion

"I, err I just wanted to say thank you for taking me to the nurse yesterday I really appreciate and I shall pay you back " I said smiling at him my heart beating fast as I starred at the hopeless, lifeless boy next to me. For some reason knowing he is hurting hurts and I don't know why.

"Whatever" he replied as the teacher walked in and the rest of the lesson went silently by. After class I quickly caught up to Jesse

"Hey, what, what's wrong?" I asked really concerned

"Look yeah just leaves me the fuck alone okay? I don't want you to talk to me anymore or anything we aren't friends so don't think that go and bother someone else "he shouted at me. I froze after that pain shot through my body, tears ran down my face and all I could do was run and that's what I did I ran out of the school and kept running until I found an ally. Punching the wall I slowly slid down and everything went dark, again.

Leo's P.O.V

Pain, that's all I feel I have nothing else I can't feel anything else, this is the emotion that drives me

"Are you lost son?" an old man asked

"piss off" I warned him but he didn't go more pain and anger and sorrow travel through me I had to get rid of all these feelings the only way I could..

Jesse P.O.V (after class)

"Look yeah just leave me the fuck alone okay? I don't want you to talk to me anymore or anything we aren't friends so doesn't think that go and bother someone else" I shouted at him, God why did I shout at him. I didn't me to I'm just so angry and confused and sad. I got a text from my mum this morning tell me that no one has seen Sean I was going to hang out with him yesterday but my mind wondered to Jayden and I forgot to go, I was just so worried about him and now look my best friends gone.

I need to tell Jayden I didn't mean to shout at him though as I got in to the class he never showed up. Where is he, you can't be gone to I thought to myself. The rest of school went by slowly, I just wanted to get home, actually no, no I didn't want to go home I want to go anywhere else but home. I put my head phones in blasting Metallica- enter sandman through my headphones as I walked home.

Jayden P.O.V

Where am I? Who was that? These thoughts ran through my head as this cold blood stuck to my skin. Soon it started to rain heavy, I didn't know where I was going, I just let my feet take me somewhere or to someone.

"Jayden!" someone shouted my name but I couldn't stop walking. "Jayden" Jesse said as he caught my arm "Jayden, what happen why are you covered in blood" he asked and all I could do was cry as he pulled me closer "it's okay I'll take you home okay" he whispered softly to me.

The car ride was quiet and I just got out of the car and walked in not saying a word because I to be honest couldn't tell you if I am able to talk at the moment. Luckily no one was in I walked upstairs and had a shower getting all the blood off my skin. The night went by my dad told me him and Alice wouldn't be home tonight so I had the house to myself.

I walked around the house looking at my dad's photos of their wedding Alice white blonde hair was up and had flowers in her pale green eyes where sparkling bright and her white dress flew with the wind she looked quite magical. However my dad looked more like he belonged in the mafia he had one of those old but awesome hats on, his skin was kind of tanned whereas Alice's was pale and he wore a black suit. His brown eyes pierced though you. Overall I think they looked awesome together.

The rest of the night went by I caught up on some work and finished all my homework while listening the black veil brides album set the world on fire. Soon it was 12am and I knew I need sleep to get me through another weird day.