Miriam's story

Staring out of the cracks of the wooden door Miriam searched for the face of her father and brother but to her

devastation she was meet with the terror of the present days. Being seven years of age the outside commotion tore

at her compassionate heart, suddenly a group of solders walked up to the house across and kicked open the door,

making it break in to pieces, sending shock that ran through her like electricity. The screams that sounded through

the other house made the hair stick up on the back of Miriam's head. Hearing sobs behind her Miriam turned to see

her mother's tears. Walking over to her trembling mother Miriam wrapped her hands around her mother, letting her

own tears slide down. Just then something hit at their door making them jump from where they were sitting.

Hearing voices behind the door made Miriam's heart race. Another bang sounded but this one left their door flying in

to pieces. Making Miriam scream as though it was her being kicked and not the door. Two soldiers stormed in to the

house their evil glaze meeting with Miriam's terrified one. As though two hungry dogs they barked at Miriam's


"where is the thing!"they said,

their eyes looked as though they would bulge out of their sockets.

Jochebed took a deep breath and in the calmest voice said

"I don't know what you are talking about, there is no baby here.

My husband and son been gone working on a project for the king three years ago, I haven't heard of them since

and if you still don't believe me, I'll tell you that I'm a Christian and I would never do business with other men."

Miriam prayed that they would believe her. But not satisfied with Jochebed answer one swore and grabbed her by

the hair making her quench from pain. Miriam not being able to stand what she saw came to the rescue, but to her

heroism she got thrown against the brick wall. Pain shot through her body as fire making her black out. Waking up

to a quiet house, she found her mother picking up things around the house.

"Mother?" she questioned,

Jochebed turned and looked at Miriam, making Miriam gasp from the nasty bruise she saw on her mother's face.

Tears sprang down Miriam's face, forgetting her own pain Miriam run over to her and wrapped her hands around her

mother, with loud sobs she said

"oh, mama… how could they!"

Feeling her mother weaken in her hands, Miriam loosened her grip,

Jochebed lowered to her knees, trembling she joined Miriam's sobs of pain.

"I can't do this anymore, I can't"

shaking her head Jochebed closed her face with her hands and sobbed hard. It made Miriam's heart hurt to watch her mother.

"God will help us mama, he always have"

Miriam said to encourage her mother.

"Your right He will… He will"

Jochebed said while looking in to Miriam's eyes,

"I prayed hard, and I feel that God is directing me in a different

direction."Miriam looked deep into her mother's eyes "how so?" she questioned,

Jochebed got up wiped her tears turned to Miriam, and with sad eyes all she said was

"you'll see."

Turning again she picked up the work she was doing earlier while Miriam lay upon the bed knocked out.

Waking hours later after the terror that happened Jochebed walked up to the basket, which she had prepared

early. Looking at her sons face as he peacefully slept she rubbed at her throat where the pressure of the burning

tears were becoming intense, Picking up her son she wrapped him warmly in a fleece cloth. Cradling him in her hands

tears rolled down her cheeks, sighing she placed him carefully back into the basket. Walking over to Miriam,

Jochebed taped her shoulder softly and pulled her to her feet and handed her the torch that she had lite hours ago.

Miriam stood confused rubbing at her eyes. Finished getting all the necessary Jochebed turned to Miriam with a sad


"Let's go"where her only words.

Miriam dropped her eyes to the floor, she didn't want to look to her

mother's face, for she realized what was going to happen. Forcing her eyes up, tears formed at the ridges of her


"Can't we keep him, mama? We'll just keep hiding him." she forced herself to say.

Letting out her breath that she didn't know she was holding Jochebed went down to her knees before Miriam and

looked at her with sad eyes, she knew her daughter felt heartbroken as she, for she saw it in Miriam's eyes.

"we can't, you have to understand,darling" she whispered " the bigger he gets the louder he will be then for sure

they will kill him, you don't want that do you?" Miriam shook her head, hugging her Jochebed said "now let's go

before it get to light outside."

Rushing through a labyrinth of streets Jochebed slowed her pace, catching her breath she stepped on the warm

sand, that had not yet cooled down from the hot day. Tears filled her eyes as she watched the river flow up stream

in its rigidness. Hugging the basket to her heart sobs escaped her throat, dropping carefully to her knees with the

basket at heart, she wept bitterly from the pain that cut at her heart. Placing the basket on the sand she opened the lid,

not caring anymore if someone were to see them. She took the sleeping child from its place of rest and studied his

precious face using the tips of her fingers and gently feeling the softness of his face. Rocking back and forth she

closed her eyes and sang her lullaby that her mother used to sing to her as a child. Hearing footsteps not far from

them, Jochebed placed the child back and secured the lid,

"what is this?" a solder barked from behind Miriam.

Wiping her tears on her sleeve Jochebed turned and said,

"Sir, were just going to wash our laundry, you know how it's crowded

from dawn to dusk. I'm worn out and my back hurts from day's work so excuse my tears. Come Miriam lets wash

before anymore comes,"

Miriam walked toward her mother as the solder left in a huff. The minute the solder

vanished Jochebed took the basket, not wanting anyone to find out the real reason they were there, she

walked into the cold river.

Miriam stood in choked silence, tears rolled down her cheeks, how she wanted to protest to throw her fist at the

people that hurt them, but couldn't say a word or move a muscle. Watching her mother place the basket in the river

while hugging it for the last time, broke her heart. As the basket started its journey down the river ,she forced out a

muffled scream,

"no!"was all that came out.

Sobs over taking her, she fell to her knees grabbing the sand with her

hands and tossing it with all her might. Picking up her tear filled glaze, she looked in the sky and cried out

"Lord, help us"