Highschool. As if sitting in a classroom for four periods a day listening to four different teachers talk endlessly wasn't bad enough walking in the hallways is worse.

People shove you and they complain because you're not moving fast enough. And before I even move on from the point of people complaining because you aren't walking fast enough for their expectations might I add that when someone is walking in front of you, you can't move any faster than them; If you have superpowers maybe you could fly over them or if you were dead and a ghost you could just go right on through them, but let's be realistic here, you can't move any faster and those people just need to cool down and quit complaining. Trust me I know it's annoying to have to be behind a bunch of people who are walking slower than a freaking snail but it's even more of (mind my language) piss off when you're the one who's behind the slow one an people are blaming you for being slow. If your one of these people who complains, I suggest you take a chill pill, smoke some weed or just complain in your head because you just making everyone seriously dis like you. Moving on...

People shoving. Yes I get that you thinks it's funny to push your friend into the crowd of people walking on the other side of the halls but seriously I really don't want no smelly big gorilla of a dude being shoved at me and knocking me over because he's twice my size. It's even worse when the giant gorilla man falls on top of you; I know this from experience.

If Shoving isn't bad enough, there's fights that break out in the halls too. My school tends to have a lot of fights, mostly among the niners though; Either there are a lot of outspoken niners or they're just mad at each other because one hit puberty before the other. Whatever it may be, it's still annoying, especially when the fight breaks out right in front of you and your friends in the halls. Then you end up having to dodge fists and kicking legs to get around them and then push through the crowd that just formed so you can get the heck out of there.

And Beyond all of that there's all the couples in school that just randomly decided to make out in the middle of the halls like it's a part from the movie GREASE. Like do you have no shame? I may not have a boyfriend or ever had one for that matter, which most likely classifies me as a loser but I just find it a little uncomfortable to be walking down the hall and seeing people bumping and grinding in the halls. GET A ROOM! There is no need to be , or what is considered to be a slut in the halls. Trust me girl, you don't want to be giving no boys any cheap thrills; remember you might need that money for college when your daddy cuts you off from his bank account.

Then of course you have the "gangsters" or "Swag" walkers, more like people who look like homeless people and douche bags. You've seen them, more like you've seen their boxers, just hanging down for everyone to see. I've always just wanted to walk up and pants people who do that. Like do you not own pants that fit you? Like you're not obese or anything so why the hell are you wearing pants that are fifty times the size of you; just a heads up, you most likely can out run the fat doughnut eating cops if you pull up your pants and get a damn belt. And while we're on the topic of douche bags, let's move on to preppy girls who look like they belong in a store next to Barbie. You see them, they act like they own the halls. They walk right down the middle of the halls and expect you to move like the red sea for them; well I'm sorry but I don't even move my ass from the sofa or even get dressed for the day on weekends so what the hell would make you think I would move my ass out of your way so you can walk smoothly down the halls in your high red heels? It's funny when they fall though, like gosh your wearing high heels and walking down the halls not even paying attention and you wonder why the heck you fell. Like go buy yourself some shoes, and while you're at it go take the "gangsters" with you to go buy some pants because I'm sick of seeing their grimy dirty nasty ass boxers sticking out.

That right there is all the reasons why I think school hall ways are freaking annoying and a total piss off.

Note: This is just my opinion. If you seem to be offended by any of this (I don't know why you would be, considering you just read all of it and didn't click away) I suggest you take the advice given above because I'm sure you piss a lot more people off them just me.