Annoying music and their fucked up music videos. It seems as though that lately musical artists have decided to ruin a good song by making a fucked up video to go along with it, but sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes, the songs are just as annoying and fucked as the video. And with that being said I bring us to the list of videos for the first chapter of a little segment I like to call: That's just far too F'd. So basically I'm going to put a link to the song which will then send you to Youtube so you can watch the video. After you're done watching the video (if you want to watch the video that is; I suggest you do so you can fully understand what the heck I'm saying), just switch on back and read my opinion on what I thought of the song and the video. If the link doesn't work or whatever the heck, just go to Youtube yourself and look it up. Well here we go …

Christina Aguilera – Your Body

Here's the link: watch?v=6cfCgLgiFDM

Now I kind of like the song, like I can jam out to this in my room or more like jam out to it in the shower. Anyway the song I find is ok, but after awhile it gets pretty fuckin annoying. The music video on the other hand, I'm pretty sure the saying 'what the fuck!?' says it all. So the video starts off with this warning telling you that no men were harmed in the making of the video, you know that might be nice to know if I actually gave a shit. Like then she's like playing this shitty computer game on this ancient computer, for a rich person she sure the fuck doesn't show it. And what the fuck was up with her asking this old fat Asian dude what her week was going to be like? Then she's like living in a trailer park dressed like a freak, and eating cereal; then she's hitch hiking and POP out of nowhere some hot guy pulls up in this car and she gets in the car. Then she's singing about how she wants this stranger's body, like umm did u not just meet this guy? You dirty little hamster Christina. Just when you think it can't get anymore fucked then it is, she gets her hair braided like a black chicks and takes this guy into the guy's bathroom at this bar. Then she starts killing guys and there's fuckin paint and sparkles flying everywhere. The ending of the video to me was a big WTF moment because it ends with her in her trailer watching old cartoons eating cereal. In my opinion the song is better than the video, the video is just utterly stupid and to me pointless.

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Getting Back Together

Here's the link: watch?v=WA4iX5D9Z64

Let me just start off by saying, what the fuck do people dressed up as woodland critters have to do with not getting back together with your ex? Like holy shit, if Taylor Swift hadn't lost it before she sure the fuck has lost it now. First off what the fuck is up with her wearing those tacky p.j's and who the fuck designed her apartment? It looks like the grandmother's room at her nursing home. I think it's funny when her "ex boyfriend" basically closes the door on himself. Then when you think the video's going to get normal and you think she's going to like burn pictures of them together or be upset or something, she walks into her living room and there's a whole band of people dressed as woodland critters singing and playing instruments. WTF? Where the hell did they come from? And Taylor Swift, just letting you know, when your ex says his indie record is cooler than yours, he's not kidding. Any record for that matter is cooler than yours, and sounds a hell of a lot better too. I think if you add up the whole minutes, there's a least 5 whole minutes dedicated to showing the poor insane people dressed as woodland critters dancing and not really playing instruments. At least half way through the video I seriously just wanted to jump into the video and scream 'Ok Taylor we get it, you are never ever getting back together with your ex! Shut the fuck up now!' I think my favorite part of the video was when it ended.

One Direction – Kiss You

Here's the link: watch?v=T4cdfRohhcg

I kind of like this song, well more I should say liked the song. It's catchy and is an ok song I guess but after hearing it constantly everywhere, it's been dropped down to the list of piss offs. The video is just so extremely stupid it's astonishing. Like don't get me wrong, I'm sure they had fun making it and yes I found it enjoyable but the whole time I was watching that not only was I entertained by the stupidity but my mind was screaming 'What the hell is this!? What the fuck are you watching!?' At the beginning when they're like driving in a car and on motor cycles and shit, I got kind of excited, I was like 'Holy shit maybe they're going to crash and die!' Basically the whole fuckin video is of them shooting the random sences for the actual music video; it's as though they just decided to make the music video out of all the behind the scenes shots and the bloopers. Like one minute they're driving down the road, then they're taking random ass pictures, then they're dancing in jail, and then they're pretending their skiing; like what the hell kind of shit is that. To me they just looked like idiots most of the time. End of this one…

Rihanna – We Found Love

Here's the link: watch?v=tg00YEETFzg

Dear Rihanna,

I hate to inform you but, girl you did NOT find love in a hopeless place. Bitch you found love in a homeless place. Just a little spit of advice, you might not want to be grinding and "doin' it" all over the place because I am almost positive that, that right there is a good ass way to get yourself a sexual transmitted disease. Unless that's what you're going for, in that case, go grind with your who ever the fuck that is or better yet since you're back with Chris Brown. Just take who ever the fuck is willing and go grind in a public bathroom or a city bus, because those are two of the nastiest fucking places yet and you can defiantly get a good nasty life threatening disease from there.


The bitch who just watched your fucked up video.

P.S. Since you're back with Chris Brown, does that mean you're going to stop making music about how you like getting hit and getting the shit beat out of you?

The whole beginning of this video is of her talking in this weird fuckin accent that I never knew she had. Like shut the fuck up bitch, I want to see the music video not hear you talk and sit in a bathtub fully clothed with some dude that looks like he needs to take a major league shit. All the video is of her and this dude being idiots, them partying, doing drugs and grinding. I don't know if anyone else noticed but the dude I'm guessing Calvin Harris, looks a hell of a lot like Chris Brown. This video was honestly just totally fucked; it was a waste of time and money. And on to the next one …

Mercy – Kanye West featuring a bunch of other freaky mother fuckers

WARNING: this is not the clean version, there is swearing.

Here's the link: watch?v=7Dqgr0wNyPo

So basically they're all dressed like Muslims (No offence to any of you who are Muslims, but seriously that's what they look they dressed like) in what I'm guessing is a car garage because there's a car in the background. They're dancing like the fuckin idiots of the Jersey Shore when they're in the clubs. Most of the song I don't even know what the fuck they're even saying, it's just a bunch of random fuckin jumbled up words shoved together. That is unless they're raping or singing or whatever the fuck you want to call the bullshit in a different language, in that case anyone mind informing me of what language that it? Because I got no fuckin clue. Little note to Kanye West, go home and be with your pregnant whatever the fuck you want to call Kim Kardashian and stop making fucked up music. I believe your "star" has burnt the fuck out. The title of the song is very accurate though, half way through the video I was begging for mercy that it'd be the fuck over soon.

Well this concludes today's chapter. After doing this chapter I truly noticed how many fucking annoying ass music videos are out there on Youtube. I think every Friday I'm going to do a segment of 'that's far too F'd' where I'll find totally fucked and annoying videos, and put my opinion on them. Think I should do it? Lemme know. If you have any more requests on topics you'd want me to write about just send it in a review. Next chapter shall be on people ignoring your calls and texts! Big thanks to MusicIsLife57 for this chapter idea!

freaks and geeks,