One Direction, Mindless Behavior, Big Time Rush, The Wanted...

Any of these familiar? Do you know what they all are? I'll give you a hints; They sing songs about love and finding their perfects girls, their faces are posted on almost every front cover of every damn magazine on magazine racks in a store, girls obsess over them, girls cry when they see them and almost piss their pants, and we hear their songs being played on the freaking radio constantly. That's right, they're all boy bands! And guess what else!? They piss me off completely.

I thought boy bands were honestly dead and gone, but nope their still going around invading the minds of girls and annoying the hell out of the rest of us.

I honestly will say that I don't completely hate every boy band out there or the ones that I mentioned. So there's no need to become all defensive and have a spaz like a little child who just got told they weren't allowed to eat candy anymore. I like some of their songs, but not all. I honestly don't give two shits about what the names of the people in the band or when the hell they first corrupted the minds of young girls or when they were born. I don't care...never have and I'll be surprised if I ever will.

Now let's move on from the boy bands and on to the crazy bitches that everyone calls their fans, I call them the crazy psycho pathic stalkers.

These bitches find out anything and everything about these poor boys. And by everything I mean every little creepy ass thing they can find, they now know.

Now I'm going to list all the creepy things these stalkers find out from less creepy to the creepiest...

1. Their birthdays

2. Their real private Facebooks

3. Their clothes sizes

4. Their blood types (I have no idea how the hell you would find this out but these crazy mofo's do)

5. Where they live

6. Their cell phone numbers

7. Their unlisted home phone numbers

8. Their "junk" sizes

9. Who their first time was with

Number 8 really disturbs me. Does it disturb you?! Well it should; I don't know about anyone else but if I were in a popular boy band I would not want the whole world knowing the size of my "junk". That is just creepy, and the person to find this out has some serious problems and should get some help.

Not only do they know creepy things, they act as though they own them. Some of the bitches will freaking attack your ass if you say they suck and that you can't stand that band or whatever the hell. They're viscous, they're like little freaking Chihuahuas.

On top of everything else they play their same damn songs every damn day! I can't even keep count of how many times I have heard One Directions What makes you beautiful playing on the radio. Every damn store I walk into I hear 'your insecure, don't know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the door'. Ya I'm turning heads when I walk through the door because I just screamed 'Are you serious!? Must you play One Direction again! Why not play something different for a change!?' to the ceiling. Yes I've done that before, which is the main reason as to why I don't like going shopping. Well I never have enjoyed shopping so I guess that really doesn't count.

Ever watched One Directions or Big Time Rushes DVDs they have out? I have; I laughed when they showed all the fans in the crowd who were screaming and crying hysterically. I honestly don't understand why you would cry at a concert? Are you crying because the concert is such crap and you just realized you just blew your college fund on tickets? Did you hurt yourself or have someone smack you in the face? This by the way could happen because some of them bitches are jumping around and just going insane. Like I don't know why the hell you would be crying over them, they're people too. They aren't going to cure cancer or give you money so there is no need to get that excited. Now if they were on stage throwing money out to the fans, then I would get excited and most likely bash everyone upside their heads to knock them out so I could get a majority of the money.

In the end really all boy bands are really doing is destroying the minds of young girls. They make people insane. Ohhhh and a big thanks (not really) to the ones who decided it was a good idea to get these certain boys together that have talent and shove them together to make a band. For example The X Factor and Simon Cowl for creating One Direction, without them I might be able to turn on the radio for once without hearing the same damn song every freaking time, plus I might be able to sit in class and not hear all the latest gossip on them ( which I really don't give a crap for ).

Ohhh and another thing, if you are one of these crazy psycho pathic fans I've mentioned or think you are or have people TELL you that you are, I suggest you take a freaking chill pill, smoke some weed or just calm the hell down. If you do go to their concert and really want to be noticed why not try acting normal and not freaking out like everyone else; it's always easy to find the normal not insane one in a group that way.