Parent teacher interviews, at some point in your life, well maybe learning life (whatever the fuck you want to call it) you've experienced the joy of going to one of those with your parent or guardian and had to listen to the teacher's bullshit.

I can seriously say that parent teacher interviews are a total waste of fuckin time. I hear the exact same shit from every single teacher. Like what the fuck is the point of going to the damn school so we can go around seeing all the teachers to have them say the same shit over and over again, it's a waste of my time. This is what is always said by every teacher I have every damn school year: 'You're daughters too quiet' (Isn't being quiet a good thing? You always tell the class to be quiet) 'Your daughter doesn't smile very often, is there something wrong?' (No bitch, I just don't feel like smiling all the fuckin time like some damn psycho path. Is that a problem?) 'Your daughter always gets her work done in class but fails to get homework done, why is that?' (Because I don't give a shit about homework, I don't do work at home)

Like most of the time all the teachers have to say is nice things, like I'm not a "bad kid" in class. I'm guessing that's what my mom's expecting because I know for a fact that she doesn't just go there to "meet my teachers", no she goes there because she thinks the teacher's going to tell her about the shit I do in class. She drags me along with her too, which I really don't know why the fuck I have to be there quite frankly. I've met every single one of my teachers, I see their damn faces every fuckin day and I hear them blab their damn mouth about shit I could give less of a fuck about EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY! Like bitch, it's called PARENT TEACHER interviews for a reason; parents go meet the teachers and go find out about the shit their kids been doing, not parent bring your child to go meet the teacher for an interview!

The whole meeting the teacher I can see being important I guess because hey, I'd want to know who the fucks teaching my kid too, but the whole talking about the shit I do in class and other crap. Like if you get sent to the office or skip a class the damn office is going to call home to let your parent know. Some teachers sometimes email your damn parent and let them know shit, shit like 'Your child stuck gum under their desk in class today, gum isn't allowed in MY classroom' (first off bitch, it isn't YOUR classroom, it belongs to the school board; second, I don't give a shit because I'm going to chew gum and stick it under my desk whether you catch me or not) 'Your child was sent out of the room and to the ALC (Alternative Learning Center) for back sassing me' (Bitch I wasn't back sassing you, I was clearly explaining my point. Not my damn fault if you can't tell the difference between someone texting and someone looking at the time on their phone) 'Your child had homework last night and it was not finished' (Big whoop I never do fuckin homework so why the hell would I start now?)

So basically in my opinion, first parent teacher interviews are a waste of time and second, there should be a rule that parents can't take their kids with them to said interview.

Well there it is folks! Sorry for the wait, I have a very good reason behind it; you see a unicorn came from the sky and attacked me. No not really, I've actually been updating some of my other stories! The first one who can tell me which one of my stories the little quote "a unicorn came from the sky and attacked me" came from, I shall send you a cookie in the mail! Just kidding, I don't think cookies the come from the mail would be very safe to eat, but anyway… I recently updated Ray Hut vs. Life after what? Maybe 2 or 3 years, so yes I finally have chapter 3 posted. I also updated Mango the Psycho Bird after maybe a year, so chapter 5 is posted finally! As for my other story that isn't finished yet by the name of The Wall, well that would classified as a dead end; I haven't updated that in forever (2 or 3 years), I'm most likely at a dead end because that story is an adventure / scary thriller type ordeal and I'm not all that good at that stuff, I'm more of the humor type writer I guess. I am working on another story that I don't happen to have posted yet that is quite different then what I normally do so I guess we'll see how that goes. Well anyway, I updated the stories so go check 'em out or not, doesn't matter. I think for the next chapter of The Funny Thing Is, I think I'm just going to do a bunch of parodies, a lot of people seemed to have enjoyed the one I did for Little Things (I think that's what it's called) by One Direction; so why not do more!?

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