Well it seems as though it's came to that time of the year again. The time of the year where it gets hotter out and you begin to see bitches asses hanging out of short shorts.

I could go on a begin talking about how every school year near the beginning and the last two months of school, bitches in school bring out the short shorts that they know show the bottoms of their ass and bring out the see thru tops, but I think we've all realized that hoes will be hoes, and greater yet, that girls will wear whatever the fuck they please regardless of what the dress code is.

Todays topic of interest is on what guys wear when it gets hot out.

Sleeveless shirts, tan cargo shorts, snapbacks, and socks with adidas sandals. Remind you of anyone? What was just listed is the basics of what guys at my school tend to wear. I understand the tan cargo shorts, ok so you want to look like Eminem did way back when, and I understand the sleeveless shirts, it gets hot and you want to stay cool. That's just fine! The snapbacks, ok that's all fine too, you don't want the sun beating down on your head and snapbacks are the new craze. That's fine too! But please, for the love of all things sugary and normal in life, someone explain the whole reason you must wear socks with adidas sandals… I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

I saw this "fashion trend", if it can even be classified as that, last year and I'm seeing it again this year.

Like why the hell are you wearing socks with sandals? You look like a fuckin tourist! Mix the socks and sandals with the snapback, the tan cargo shorts, sleeveless shirt, and a pair of dark sun glasses, and you have half the cast of the Jersey Shore.

Are you wearing socks with your sandals because you think you have ugly feet? I have ugly feet and I don't go buy a brand new pair of adidas sandals from Sports Check (a store we have in Canada, I think it's in the States too, not sure but just thought I'd classify that for those of you who didn't know what that was) and then wear long socks with them! I hardly ever see a guy wearing adidas sandals without socks, and half the time they aren't ankle socks either. Like do guys really think that us girls are going to look down at your feet in your sandals and be like 'Wow he has some fucked up feet'? I don't know about other people, but I don't look at other peoples feet, unless they have cute shoes, or shove their foot in my face. Guys, we've all seen adidas sandals before, so your foot wear isn't going to catch our attention. Your socks on the other hand…

Guy calls girls basic; the ugg boots, the black leggings and so forth. Guys are the same way, I walk down the hallway and I see at least 12 "basics" walking with their "swag" down the hallway. And you call us basic?

I'm almost positive I'm going to have people voice their own opinions on this, and go on about on about all the this I've missed and how I'm wrong. Well this is my opinion and you have yours.

I'm not saying the "style" is tacky completely, some guys can work it and make it look decent but some guys… you look like a douche. Plain and simple.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Shout out to 'The Queen of AWKWARD27' for suggesting this chapter topic! Next chapter will be post possibly tomorrow, and like always if you have any topic you'd like discussed leave a comment!

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