It's So Lonely

By: Ersiffa Narman


Darkness engulfed the small bedroom, so dark it was palpable. The room was deathly silent, the only sound being the occasional night owl screeching by or the hum of an air conditioner. The bed was empty; it looked as if it had never been touched. The furniture was covered with a thick layer of grey dust. It appeared that no one has been here for many years.

The rest of the house was in the same condition. Dark cerulean curtains hung on the windows, blocking whatever light that might've penetrated into the rooms. The kitchen was empty, its cabinets full of dust-coated dishes. Everything was in pristine condition, as if it were a photograph. It seemed eerily tranquil; it was like the setting wasn't supposed to be this way…


A small SUV drove through the nightly interstate traffic, sloppily executing maneuvers to pass cars that were going too slow for the driver. The driver was a young girl with bleach blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. Her blue eyes twinkled in the lights provided by the cars in front of her. Her eyes may have been on the road, but her mind was elsewhere.

She soon found herself on a bridge, and her eyes filled with determination. She pulled to the side, ramming full-speed into the concrete guard-rails and into the ice cold waters below…


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