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Summary:A eighteen-year-old anonymous is sent to assassinate a young girl after pretending to be her guard for ten nights. What happens when you fall in love with your target? Will he finish the mission or will love prevail?

Chapter 1- When Was the Last Time?

I have no name and no heart; yet somehow I am still able to call myself a human? Anonymous; an underground organization specialize in assassination. We're nameless and heartless so that we have no trace of "human kind" left in us. We are monsters born to kill. Most of us are orphans who were adopted. Rumors have it that some kids were kidnap from their very own lives. Few people have joined by free will but they aren't given the same privileges as us.

"Hey kid," I heard someone yelled. "Kid in the black trench coat," I stopped and turned around.

"Admiral!" I said in shock. "Is there something I can do for you Sir?" I asked walking up to him.

"You're General Four's young brother, correct?" he questioned. My brother and I were adopted while I was still a new born. Brother didn't remember his name; not even his date of birth. He remembered mine but never spoke of it. When was the last time I thought about this? It's been sixteen years now and brother had become the General of the fourth unit. Since he has no name people call just him General Four.

"Yes, yes I am," I replied quietly.

"You're mission is to assassinate her," he said passing me a picture of a girl. I looked at him and nodded my head.

"Yes sir," I said saluting to him. He nodded his head and walked away. I sighed in distress. Everyone had high expectation for me; maybe too high.

"Hello, ma'am; I shall accompany you as your bodyguard during your stay," I said bowing down.

"Aren't you too young to be protecting me?" she asked.

"Aren't you too young to be a highly noble," I said tilting my head down so I could see her.

"For your information I'm sixteen," she huffed crossing her arms in a sassy manner. I stared at her. When was the last time that I've been look down on?

"Well, you look too short to be a sixteen year old," I grumbled. "I, on the other hand, am eighteen," I said. She stared at me her eyes huge with curiousity.

"Don't worry Lady Shiromi, I assure you he is good at his job as an as- bodyguard," Kurei, one of the few generals with a name, said. Shiromi nodded grabbing his hand in delight

"Thank you," she chimed merrily. "Assassination?" she whispered to herself, my ears the only one to have heard. "What's your name?" she hollered at me.

"Huh?" I jumped from the sudden question. I looked at Kurei from the corner of my eye. He gave me a quick glance. "My name does not concern you. Call me what you want," I said.

"Hmph," she mumbled. "I'll call you Kunoichi," she smirked.

"Isn't that a girl's name?" I snapped.

"So? You said to call you whatever I wanted, correct?" she laughed.

"Fine, do as you wish, I don't care," I sighed, looking at her with a blank look. I must've looked sad for she gave me a sympathetic look.

"How about… Koruku?" she piped up joyfully. The name struck my heart.

"No," I shouted; the room went silent. "Anything, but that," I inhaled leaving the room. I head towards the guess room before I was stop by one of the young maids.

"Excuse me, sir. You're to sleep in the young master's room," she whispered intimidated by me. I sighed and nodded my head. The moment I had open the door to Shiromi's room she had slipped off her white blouse.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what are you doing?" she blushed throwing her shirt at me.

"Sorry," I yelled shutting the door close. My face felt warm; I was blushing, I guess. I sank down onto the floor covering my face. When was the last time I had to kill someone so young? I sighed. The door swung opened as I fell onto my back. "Ugh," I moaned in pain.

"You can come in now," she whispered with a flustered pout. I let out a chuckle. Her skin was usually a rose pink but now it was a cherry red. She looked kind of cute. Her white hair wisped around her thin neck while dangling on her narrow shoulders. She wore a long creamy night gown. When was the last time I thought someone was cute?

"You look nice," I complemented honestly grabbing a lock of her hair and kissing it. Her face brighten, I merely laughed at her childishness.

"Just get inside," she yelled. I walked into the room, my hand on her shoulder. It was fairly empty to be a maiden's room. "Sorry it's so boring," she sassed. How was she such a threat that she needed to die? We had simple, yet weird, conversations all throughout the night. When was the last time I laughed?

On the fifth night we were to be present at a party. "Shiromi," I called opening the door to the outside. "Hurry up," I shouted.

"I'm coming," she yelled running down the stairs. She pulled on her cardigan and grabbed her hand bag. "Let's go," she smiled kissing my cheek. Every muscle in my body tense. Anonymous; assassins who are not capable of feeling or even obtaining a name. I opened the door of the car. She smiled at me. "Thank you," she chimed. I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

The party was at a giant manor on the south side of town. There were many people on Anonymous' hit list, but I wasn't to kill them. My job was to killed Shiromi Hikari; a very 'dangerous' noble. For a large portion of the party I sat alone watching Shiromi's caretaker introduce Shiromi to every highly important noble. Why was Shiromi a noble? Her parents were just normal citizens.

From then till the tenth and final night we had to attend parties. "Today is my last day here," she smiled sadly. "This'll be our last night together," she sighed holding my hand and placing her head on my shoulder. When was the last time I thought I felt love? I wrap my arms around her waist. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, I just want to hold you for a while," I whispered in her ear, she blushed but didn't object. Leaning against me she closed her eyes; she must be exhausted. "Shiromi," I cooed.

"Yeah?" she murmured opening her eyes.

"It's nothing," I sighed.

"What is it?" she mumbled cuddling up with me.

"I think, I love you," she shoot up and looked at me. Before she could even utter a word the car stopped. I opened the door for her and smiled. "Just wanted you to know," I smiled. When was the last time I said those words? The party was more crowded than all the others. This time I walked over to the balcony.

"Hey kid," I smirked I could never mistaken that voice for anyone else.

"Hey Brother," I punched him in the stomach.

"Ow… is that how you greet the man who took care of you for eighteen years after not seeing him in a while?" he laughed holding his stomach.

"Yup," I laughed. He always made me feel like a kid. After about an hour of talking I introduced my brother to Shiromi. Unlike me he had a fake name; Tatsuya. Shiromi was later dragged away by important people again and I just laughed at her misfortune. "Why do we have to kill her?" I asked.

"It's not just her, it's everyone here," he replied.

"She's so young," I whispered.

"But she can learn the truth just by touching you," he smiled looking up at the stars. "It's like mind reading, but she's able to control it," he added. I merely nodded. "The emperor wants her to work for the government, but obviously she rejected. Here," he passed me my dagger and throwing knives. In less than an hour the manor was filled with the stench of blood and dead bodies.

"She's gone!" one of the soldiers yelled.

"Who is?" Brother yelled back.

"Shiromi Hikari," he said. My body turn cold going completely numb in no more than a second. Something in my brother's eyes scared me. He punched the soldier's jaw causing him to bite off his tongue. I turned to walk away. I went up the giant spiraling flight of stairs. The first room I enter was empty; not a body in sight. The next room had no sign of life. As they say; third's the charm. Bodies infiltrate the room as I pulled the white transparent curtains opened. She was crouched down her hands cling to her head. Her entire being was shaking.

"Don't kill me," she whispered.

"Shiromi," I whispered reaching out for her. She looked up at me; eyes wide. Suddenly she jumped on me and cried. I wrapped my arms around her and we stood there for a while. When was the last time I had to kill someone I love?

"Only you can kill me," she sniffled. I froze.

"What?" All of a sudden she grabbed my hand and thrust my dagger into her thin frame; her white dress slowly staining red.

"I love you too," she smiled kissing me before completely losing conscience. I dropped down on my knees and cried. I got up, pulling the dagger as well. In one swift swipe all the blood splattered off. Brother entered the room and stare at me. When will be the last time that I have to kill someone I love?

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