I ran down the dark street, cold rain pouring down on me. My feet pounded the pavement at a fast rate, but it couldn't match my heart beat.

Don't stop.

One side of the road was lined with unlit houses. The other side was the edge of the woods. I didn't dare go in there unarmed. I was already in enough danger. Animals were the least of my concerns, but still shouldn't be ignored.

Move faster.

My brain was screaming at me to run faster, to find a way out, to escape. As much as I wanted to oblige, I saw no way out, and I was slowly growing tired.

They're going to catch you.

I felt myself wanting more and more to just give in with every passing second. But I had to keep running. Being captured would mean certain death. Something I couldn't let happen.

Too many secrets on the line.

I could see the road ahead coming to an end. One last house, then more trees. Not only the end of a street, but the end of me. My story would be prematurely ended.

Time to say goodbye.

I should've screamed out. I should've started crying. But my throat was dry. My eyes were stinging, but no tears could flow. I was empty.

You're going to die.

I felt the last piece of hope shatter and leak out of my still beating heart. There was nothing more I could do.

It's a dead end.

My feet stopped beneath me. I sank to my knees, feeling the cold, wet ground, and embracing it.

Come get me.

I felt death coming close, but I didn't fight it. I've been fighting for too long in a battle that was impossible to win.

Take me.

I gazed up at the starless sky, seeing night one last time. Then, I shut my eyes and felt the waves of death wash over me.